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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
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Mukobile Games 
Try googling "list of mobile games for SteelSeries bluetooth controller". Returns plenty of results. 
Bluetooth Controllers 
Mostly the emulators (My Boy, Nostalgia NES, MD.emu, etc).

I also have a couple dual-stick space shooter games: PewPew and Particle Arcade Shooter.

And there's Wayward Souls.

It's kind of hard to find decent games that support controllers.... 
Sonic The Hedgehog Does For 3 Bucks 
and if I understood correctly, Sonic 2 is also included. 
"Of Tea"... 
Pogo Piggle Can't Stop... But I Can! 
Played some more of this game by Gunter. I thought it was kinda fun at first but quickly the luck factor became highly irritating: it prevents any strategizing. Some may like it but it's definitely not for me. Uninstalled. 
Ah well, that's the nature of dice and card games. There is some strategy, but luck is always big factor.

Thanks for trying my games anyway.

Here's a video of someone playing my games: (shaky low quality video warning)

Enjoy watching him suffer >:D

(And he started playing Can't Stop without reading the help screen, so he didn't know what he was doing at first.) 
Cthulhu Virtual Pet 
Personally not a fan of tamagochis so I haven't played this but I thought the concept of a Cthulhu tamagochi, complete with 8-bit monochromatic graphics, would be outlandish enough to be mentioned here, in case anyone's interested. 
Played this very short but free puzzle game yesterday on my Android phone (not sure if it exists for iPhones or WP) and found it pretty cool. 50 puzzles will keep you busy for one or two hours tops. The motto here is minimalistic design and original gameplay mechanics.

Most puzzles are very to moderately easy, though some are a bit of a headscratcher. Then again, I've never been very good at puzzles: I lack the patience for it. Which is probably why I enjoyed this game. Each of these 50 logic-based puzzles can be solved in a handful of seconds and if you get stuck, a gradual hint system can help you understand how to beat it.

I've been playing this (formerly titled Mage & Minions) mobile free-to-play Diablo-like over the weekend and found it pretty cool for a free game. It's not perfect but enjoyable enough without becoming a pay-to-win as you progress. Noticed some z-fighting visual glitches where bridges connect with terrain. Note that said terrain apparently uses a voxel engine, something I haven't seen since Outcast. Not sure about the game's replay value: unlike Diablo, the campaign maps aren't procedurally generated - yeah, I know procedural generation usually makes crappy maps but it was one of Diablo's strengths. 
Is that on Android? Might check it out now the ChromeOS can run 'droid apps. 
Cheers Dude, 
Got it already on my chromebook. Spent 5 minutes playing and the rest of the evening flicking between cohh and fifthelephant streams.... 
I did say it wasn't bad for a free-to-play. If you know of a better free Diablo-like on Android, please share. 
I've put about an hour into it and so far it's annoyingly easy. I feel like in Diablo and Torchlight and other games like that, there's actually *some* grinding and strategy needed to be able to progress, but I haven't encountered that at all yet in Eternium.

Still, it's a competent take on the genre and not a bad way to kill time while you shit / stand in line at the post office / wait for a bus 
Sorry I didn't mean it that way. It actually looks spot on for the sort of thing I was originally after for a mobile game, and I'm grateful for you pointing it out. It just happens that I never get that motivated for mobile stuff. I have about 10 games on my phone and 8 on my Chromebook, and the only one I've ever played is Warhammer Quest. I just get distracted by the interwebs instead. 
"free Diablo-like on Android, please share."

Try Darkstone.

It's a free port of a PC game from 1999. 
@Blitz Yeah, the first 7-or-so XP levels are a walk in the park, it gets tougher later on.

@Shambler I know the feeling, the internet can be a time blackhole. I've literally spent entire days doing nothing but surfing the web, didn't even stop while eating...

@Gunter Thanks, I'm gonna try it. 
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