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Jackhammer 1.0 Public Alpha - New Level Editor
Jackhammer is a brand new level editor for games with a quake-style BSP architecture. The aim is to develop a convenient cross-platform tool capable of incorporating the best features of existing editors, such as Valve Hammer Editor, Q3Radiant and others. Despite Quake and Half-Life having been released a long time ago, the large community have arisen around, still developing mods and games on their bases. However the existing editors suffer from fundamental disadvantages their users are well familiar with. Jackhammer does aspire to be the universal level design tool for classic games. But not only the classics! The editor shall become a key development tool for the Volatile3D II engine, that is why its second name is Volatile Development Kit.

Jackhammer is being developed since August 2013, that means the editor is very young. But the team of professional programmers and testers is ready to present the public alpha within four months. Despite not all the functions being implemented, not all the planned games being supported and only a small extent of the new ideas being realized, today you are able to download, install and evaluate Jackhammer in action. Please don't forget that alpha is the first, quite a raw version, and may contain some issues. We are interested in a vast testing of the editor and grateful in advance for your comments and suggestions! In addition, you can provide Jackhammer with financial support, donating funds for the further development.

This version supports Quake, Quake II and Half-life.

Web page

DOWNLOAD - Win32 now, Linux in future.

Quoth FGD for Jackhammer

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Tyrann's Tools 
support Valve 220 and multiple WAD files, don't they? 
Never Heard Of Them 
But if they do, then that's a good choice. 
Ok. I guess that I was looking at the wrong models (specifically the player, wall torches and flames). My mistake.

Tyranns tools seem to be working ok. You might want to ask him if you can include them in your install package. They are open source so I would imagine that as long as you don't charge money for the editor package that he wouldn't have a problem with it.


One thing that's handled better by Jackhammer are the compiling flags like -extra4 for light. Hammer 3.3 doesn't like adding those type of things but so far Jackhammer seems to handle them just fine. 
Nice! But I Don't See Linux Versions Of Tools... 
Why do people disregard this OS? VHLT tools (latest compilers for Half-Life) don't support linux either. :(
Btw, in Jackhammer, you can add command-line parameters directly to the tool path, after the file name, in Game Configurations->Build Programs. Or, you can use "Expert" mode with your own presets. By default, "Extra" mode of LIGHT adds "-extra", not "-extra4". 
Tyrann's tools built on Linux just fine! But that's a good criticism, the website does not mention it. I'll mail him. Grab the source from git and it's done. ;) 
Had A Go 
After an initial failure with compiling( i screwed up something with the wad and or fgd files). I reinstalled yesterday and made half a small map. With a funny basic idea, but have to redo it since i came across some things i didnt think about at first. But OMG almost like worldcraft! Great even an idiot like me can get soemthing together!
(and atleast as important seems my system can handle it) 
I'd like to send you an updated .fgd that works with your editor (tested by myself so take that for what it is...) that includes things like detail brushes, some of the advanced lighting options in Tyranns tools (not models because quite honestly I'm not seeing the difference) and so on but I don't read Cyrillic so your forums are essentially useless for me.

If you want to take a look at it I'm at zombie dot abe dot vigoda at gmail and I'll send you a copy. 
WAD Saving Prob. 
Dunno if this is related, but I'm having problems keeping my custom texture WADs in the configuration (every time I re-open Jackhammer, I have to reload them and delete Quake.wad under the Game Profile tabs), and always end up with the message "Failed to write: C:/Program Files (x86)/Jackhammer/VDKLayout.dat Access is denied." after closing the .jmf... 
Configs Are Read-only 
Please install Jackhammer to the directory where you have write permissions. 
Many Thanks. 
All your configs are belong to me, now ;D 
RE: WAD Saving Prob. 
This is solved in Win7 by running Jackhammer as administrator. (Rightclick->Properties->Compatibility->RunAsAdmin checkbox.) 
Admin Covers A Multitude Of Sins 
Tried The Update... 
Much better. A lot of the little annoying bugs are gone now. Still a minor annoying bug with flying around in the 3D view. Don't fly for too long or it will kick you out of it.

I have a question. The viewport is sluggish. If you hit "O" (oh as in doe), it displays the FPS in the top right corner of the 3D view. Why am I only getting 20-30 FPS? For some reason it slows way down to 4 frames/sec if I fly out and see the whole level at once. Why is it so slow? There are only 41007 faces visible, 82673 total so far. I can play Crysis 3 at max settings with my dual NVIDIA GTX 450's and still chuck out around 15-20FPS. Why is the viewport so slow? 
FPS Limit Is Intentional 
30 fps is usually enough to preview HL model animations. There is a complex update/FPS management to save CPU usage (especially when you enable power saving option).
By the way, there is no need to run Jackhammer as admin. Just install it into any writable directory, e.g. "My Documents", and everything will work fine. 
Hammer To Jackhammer 
I have the 1.0.155 version. I have a large map, I get the too many visible objects error with Hammer 3.4. So I load up the rmf from Hammer in Jackhammer. Every works fine. I export to map and it will not compile.

Next I export to map from Hammer load in Jackhammer every looks fine. I export to map, will not compile.

Is there a setting I missed to enhance compatibility? 
You Probably Use Wrong Compilers 
Since you didn't tell me enough information (game, compilers, errors), I try to guess.
Original Half-Life, Quake and Quake II do not support large maps, and the compilers shipped with Jackhammer don't support either. 
Re: Compilers 
Jackhammer comes with a stock set of Quake BSP, Light and Vis (circa 1998 I'm assuming). Go get some more recent ones such as Tyranns Tools or the ones that BJP has made instead.

This isn't a fault with the editor proper but hopefully they can fix that with their next downloadable package. It really is a simple fix. 
Sorry Clarification 
Quake1 map using TyrUtils. The map will compile without error from the Hammer map export.
Loading the RMF and then exporting to map in Jackhammer with the same compile tools does not create a correct bsp.

I did try setting the map type hl/tfc same result. World size is 8192.
I could pack it all up (compilers, wad, rmf and batch file) and email somewhere if that would help. 
"does not create a correct bsp" - what does it mean? Does test box (the one created automatically) produce a correct bsp with your tools?
"comes with a stock set of Quake BSP, Light and Vis" yes but they are modified for mapformat 220 support, the only format Jackhammer works with (and the only format that supports all JH editing features). 
Run As Admin 
I installed to the program files directory which is why I need to run as admin. Windows doesnt like power users who want to use program files like any normal folder. In case anyone else has done the same, admin will solve your problems with saving user preferences. 
TyrUtils Only 
I have been using TyrUtils. I have not used the compile tools supplied with Jackhammer. Valve Hammer works, TyrUtils support Map 220. My guess is somewhere between loading a RMF (or .map)created by Hammer into Jackhammer something is changed. My impression was you should get the same output .map as Hammer. 
Well, then please send me compilers, wad, rmf and batch file as you suggested before. The compile log with errors is also necessary.
Email: support a hlfx point ru
Issues can be related either to floating-point coordinates JH exports map in (unlike VHE that rounds all floats to integers), or with TyrUtils themselves, I'll check it.
I can't output the same .map as Hammer because JH editing algorithms are different. 
Fixed 1 Broke Another 
I see now the after comparing the .map files. My assumption that VHE and JH used the same system was wrong.
XaeroX Fixed the error. Used a different version of compile tools.

Found I was able to crash the editor by exporting to map. I can load the rmf from VHE into Jackhammer fine, works/compiles. If I load the .map and then export from Jackhammer crashes.
I sent that in to support.

Thank you for your help. 
Wow, Huge Map! 
Thank you for the archive. There was no crash on export, but a crash on import, and I've fixed it. You should check the new version of JH when it's available for further consideration.
Yes, because of the complexity it's impossible to compile your map with a JH's Q1 compiler. 
Excellent, But Small Issue 
Just tried this, found it to be excellent.

However there is a small issue, for some reason the texture browser is only displaying white instead of textures, see this screenshot:

Everything else works fine so far... 
Newer Texture Formats 
Great stuff so far, with one roadblock at the moment. Modern q2 clients can load in alternative texture formats (png, jpg), so it would be nice to be able to access these resources from JH.
I've modified the gamecfg.ini to bring these in, and the files are enumerated in the folder list, but they aren't accessible from the texture browser. 
JH Supports Only The Classic Engines 
If the authors of alternative clients want their support in JH, they may contact me and tell what they exactly need. There are billions of different Q1/2/3 forks, but I personally use none of them. :)
Or, alternatively, wait for Plugin SDK, because such support can easily be achieved via plugins. 
Fair enough :P

One non-extension request, then:
When pasting a brush in the x/y window, it should inherit the z of the origin brush. Right now, pasted brushes align to the center of the camera axis you are not pasting in. The same logic can apply to brush creation. 
Love Being Able To See The Monsters 
Seeing the models is quite awesome in the 3d viewport. I like how as soon as you type a number on a "skin" key that it auto-updates the model. I wish the monsters could be animated though. I tried "frame" as a key but it didn't do anything to change it. The weapons spin though which is fantastic!

The only thing major feature missing now from this awesome editor is lighting preview in the 3d view. Ahh then I would never have to compile again lol. Dream on Qmaster, dream on. 
Lighting Preview Will Probably Appear... One Day 
>>I tried "frame" as a key but it didn't do anything to change it.
Use "sequence" key. But animation is not available, because frames are changed by game logic. Internal sequences, i.e. "frame groups" (particularly, flame models) are animated correctly. 
Someday, Mebbe... 
A torus tool, or skew function? As it is, I have to go from GTKRadiant to Jack to work on curves pipage and the like. 
Well, torus is better implemented as a model.
What do you mean by "skew"? There is a third editing mode, "shear" (click the selection two times to activate it) - isn't it? 
Can't Load Models. 
Not seeing the models in the 3d port, and the console is full of "can't load *.mdl". What am I doing wrong? Otherwise, having a blast with Jack otherwise thus far. 
Minor Compiling Problem 
Hey I've just tried Jackhammer today for the first time and I must say I'm very pleased so far. Finally an editor that's not crashing every 10 minutes hurrahh. :)

However once I tried to compile a map , any map I get this:

>> There was a problem compiling the map.
>> Check the file D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\Firestorm\mapsop4f20.log for the cause.

It's compiling without making signaling that the maps folder is a folder \ <<< that sign is missing. What can I do as it appears I'm the only one suffering from this.

game exe: D:/Steam/SteamApps/common/Half-Life/hl.exe
base game folder: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\

mod dir: D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\Firestorm

source dir: D:\HL Editing\current mapping\Jack

I'm using Vluzacn's ZHLT v33 compilers 64bit for Half-Life1. 
Nevermind I've solved it myself. I had to disable "copy file $path/$file $bspdir/$file.$ext

It's still weird as I have to click on that everytime I wanna compile something. Otherwise the error returns.

Also 1 request: Make make it possible to increase the camera turn rate. Perhaps build a new button within the options where you can accelerate the turn rate speed of the camera. At the moment it's so slow and steals time. 
Jackhammer And Map Compilation 
I'm posting this here as a request to reach out to XaeroX, or whomever is the main developer of Jackhammer, for a one on one conversation in regards to Jackhammer, and a potential problem it seems to be having.

The details of this problem are big, and I don't want to copy and paste all of that onto here, which is why I would like to speak privately about it. If you could get in contact with me via email which is in my profile, or whichever way you are comfortable with, it would be highly appreciated. 
For those who may know what I'm talking about, I'll say it here. I'm leaving out a lot of details, so I'll just give the really condensed version and hopefully that will be enough.

I have a map, fairly complex. I save it in Worldcraft 1.6. Compile it, no leaks.
Same map, save it in Jackhammer. Compile it, multiple leaks passing through solid brushes (as well as many off point warnings in the compile log).

So what's the story here? 
all i can think of is floating point planes in the map file 
That would be my guess as well. Maybe upload the two map files somewhere so that we can take a look? 
How's it going?

Is there a plan for any more updates, or is the current plan to work work work and get it ready for full fledged release? As it stands, it's almost ready as is. Honestly, the only thing holding it back for me is the hotkey for Deselect (should be *SHIFT* plus Q in my opinion, not CTRL) but if a full release has support for remapping hotkeys then woohoo!!

Anyways, Jackhammer is now my goto editor for Quake mapping. I love it!

(P.S. There is some mysterious bug that causes the CTRL or SHIFT keys to become stuck on, at least as far as Windows is concerned. I've noticed it on both Win7 and Win8. How to reproduce: map like a fool. How to fix: *shrugs* it seems to fix after hitting the key a bunch of times while typing something in Notepad) 
Is Open Source Or Closed Source 
And if the latter, what long term value does such an editor provide since the Quake community tends to outlast the lifespan of closed-source projects.

[Sure I hate to ask, but is very valid question looking at graveyard full of closed-source map editors of yesteryears's ...] 
>>How's it going?
Delayed a little, because I have recently switched to some other projects. But there will be new releases for sure. ^^
>>should be *SHIFT* plus Q in my opinion, not CTRL
Why? Ctrl-based hotkeys in "Edit" menu are standard de-facto. I don't understand why Valve (or whoever) decided to use a shift-based one.
>>graveyard full of closed-source map editors of yesteryears's
Opensourceness is possible. But actually I don't care. :)
The primary goal of the editor is to support my own game engine. But I'm grateful to the Quake community for the testing, of course. 
Very neat to see this!

Are there any plans to support saving .map formats older than v220 in the future, or is this unlikely to happen? (I've seen the v220 compilers for Quake1, but not for other Q1 or Q2 engine games) 
The Problem There Is... 
that the older .map formats don't support texture rotation in a way that works well, or at least not with accuracy. It takes a lot of fiddling around in a pre-v220 editor when you try to get alignment right in the more complicated parts. It's why QuArK was made from the start, to address texture alignment.

That's one of the reasons that I think explain why the original levels in Quake (and Quake II for that matter) were so blocky (and even then the textures weren't always... right). Try and do a simple five section 90 degree curved wall or arch in the original .map format and you will see what I mean. Sure you can get it to align simpler textures (or at least make it unnoticeable to the casual viewer) but it's not intuitive and what works one time may not work the next time.

I once abandoned an entire Egyptian themed map because a central area just wouldn't line up texture-wise no matter how much I tried to tweak it (hieroglyphics themed textures pointing to areas that you needed to go to next) and it just really messed up the entire feel of it. The WC 1.6 .map format just can't handle that fine level of detail. It wasn't written with that in mind. 
Best practice would be avoiding rotations or flips while using texture lock, and not modifying the world/face projection. (As these are the two spots that cause issues.)

It could be a nice feature to have for those who want to use the editor for a variety of older games though. (Like myself! Currently I use to build levels in Hammer) 
Re: Best Practice 
I agree, however sometimes even that doesn't work out so well with the pre-220 .map format.

As long as you stick to the grid and keep it somewhat limited in angles, 99% of the time you won't have any issues at all. It's when you start adding things like arches, curved walls and so on that the older texture methods used pre-220 start to get misaligned. You can of course tweak them in most cases (or hide them by using flatter textures or textures where, by their organic nature, allows for mismatched faces) but I can't tell you how many times I've had to stretch, skew, rotate or otherwise tweak an angled surfaces texture to get it to match the one next to it and look right.

I suppose I was just too anal about that stuff to let what the player would probably never notice anyway to slide. 
Sorry, The Only Export MAP Format Will Be 220 
For the reasons explained above.
The conversion from 220 to pre-220 formats is not straightforward and in certain cases lossy, resulting in texture alignment bugs. This will also ruin one of the most brilliant Hammer features named "seamless texturing" (Alt+click).
"Brush primitives" used in some Q3 editors are also quite limited.
But, it is extremely easy to add 220-format support to any pre-220 compiler! Jackhammer comes along with 220-capable Q1 and Q2 compilers. Their source modifications will certainly be available. 
The More I Use Jackhammer, The More I Love It! 
Here's why:
Say you cut up the floor into tris and then select 3 of these wedge brushes that share a vertex in the middle. Enter vertex mode--time to make a hill. In Hammer or Worldcraft you have to drag a selection box around that point to select all 3 verts from all 3 brushes. (okay 6 verts unless they're tetrahedrons(recommended!)) NOT SO IN JACKHAMMER!! :D Just click the vertex that's shared and TADA! all are selected. This is a huge time saver when working with tri-soup (trisoup? tri soup?) or anything really that requires multiple brushes in vertex edit.

Eat your heart out Valve. Jackhammer is already better and more stable than your precious Hammer with it's downdates and downgrades and hacktches. (see what I did there, I hate it when an update breaks something)

Puhshaw! Who needs displacements (or a displacement to brushes converter)? 
Is it possible to save your map as a .MAP file in jackhammer? 
Yes, But 
only in map 220 format.
No way to save a generic map, because specific texture axis handling in Jackhammer. 
Is Jackhammer still in active development? If so, could you share any new features or changes planned in the next version? 
I'd be interested in this too. 
>>Is Jackhammer still in active development?
Yes. In the next version there will be Quake3 support. With patches, realtime shader script rendition, wysiwyg shader editor, and so on.
And some other additions, e.g. fully functional Path Tool. 
If you understand Russian, you can monitor some progress here:
And even download pre-release Linux-only versions. 
Thats Great News :) 
I'm only interested in the Quake 1 aspect of Jackhammer, but that's good to hear Jackhammer is still being worked on. You guys are doing terrific work with it. 
So cool, always wanted an editor for Quake 2/Quake 3 engine games with hammer-like interface.
But please, add the Alt-E (vertex scale) tool from hammer, it's a VERY useful feature.
Waiting for Q3 support! 
Is there a way to hide all entities? When i push the button "hide entities" it doesn't hide all entities
The monsters/lights still remain

And one more time, how to navigate through the level via built in camera, is there a way to place more than only ONE camera?! 
>>add the Alt-E (vertex scale) tool from hammer
It is already there, in 1.1.320. :)
>>When i push the button "hide entities"
Where is this button?
>>is there a way to place more than only ONE camera?!
Nope, sorry. 
This Is From Hammer 
but jackhammer menu is the same

multicam from hammer

Nope, sorry.
it is very handy and useful feature 
>>but jackhammer menu is the same
Items means items, weapons, etc. :)
Well, you can hide all entities using Entity Report tool, by selecting all the list and hit "mark", and then "Hide selection".
At least, in JH.
>>it is very handy and useful feature
Yeah, I know. But not essential as many other features. Maybe, some day... 
I Can Tell You A Really Essential Feature 
That would have saved me about 45 minutes of extra mapping time...

Autosave is already present. Version 1.1.320. 
That's Fantastic :) 
And my apologies, but is version 1.1.320 not released yet? On the website the only available version to download is 1.0.155.

Do you plan on releasing this new version soon? 
It Is Not Released... But It Is Available :)
The reason it is not published on the website is that this is a Linux build only. There are still some minor bugs. 
Ahh, Gotcha 
I do look forward to the Windows version when it is ready. You guys are doing excellent work :) 
Nice To Use, But.. 
Is there a way to have spacebar move you around the 3D view and also allow you to pan around in the 2D views as in Hammer? I don't know if that's been added since. Also have some issues with it not registering spacebar is held down when attempting to move in 3D window and it clicking/selecting brushes instead which is a pain! 
I didn't try this when it got released and I now regret that. After watching Daz map on twitch yesterday I decided to try it out.

This editor is good. REALLY good.

I have a few things I'd like to see changed or improved but what there is already is outstanding. 
Except for this shit which seems to pop up with regularity:

Bad texture axes on face:
face point at (608 128 32)
face area = 512.000

Which brush is it? GUESS. 
are the numbers incorrect? because it sounds pretty specific. 
Coordinates are accurte, yes, but I'd rather know which specific brush was having the problem. The problem is that faces look fine in the editor, so I basically have to delete brushes in the area until I find the one it's talking about.

It happens when you use SHIFT+ALT+R_CLICK to copy textures and attributes to entire brushes. That feature leads to sadness. 
does jackhammer put in line comments for brush #s? i always liked that method for debugging. 
Just had a look ... no. 
Super fast question ...

I know what these handles do:

There is another similar state though. What do the yellow handles do? 
Sorry, still get used to Google Drive settings ... I think this will work. Just the yellow handle version: 
Just use some normal host like or quaketastic that works without forcing a shitload of random JS down your throat. ;) 
Just answer the damn question. :) Why is there a set of handles where the middle handles turn yellow? 
The Yellow Handles 
It keeps the brush on grid when resizing, most noticeable when a brush is skewed or otherwise in an odd shape. Sort of like a quick alternative to using vertex manipulation, allowing for resizing one side of a brush, without manipulating the other side of it. 
Ahh, I see it now! Ok, it only drags the verts in the half of the brush closest to the handle clicked on. Kinda cool .. OK, thanks! 
Jackhammer Issues / Thoughts 
I'm using Jackhammer to build my Quake level for map jam 3 and have come across a few issues and annoyances that should be (heh) easily remedied

1) if you select a brush (or brushes) and then start drawing a new brush, that new brush should be the same height and start at the same point on the z axis as the selected brushes. Hammer does this and it feels really weird for JH not to do this :)

2) There is some strangeness going on with vertex manipulation when you have multiple brushes selected. JH will not let me move verts on a brush when I have certain other brushes selected. I am guessing that JH checks the entire selection for concave brushes when a vertex is moved and this is what could be causing this? If I select 2 or 3 brushes next to each other then the v-manip works just fine but if I continue selecting brushes along the chain of brushes in the map the v-manip stops working. I can provide pics / map file if you want to test this further.

3) placing entities into the map by clicking in the 3d view will place the entity off grid and it is a nightmare to get it back on grid. Some sort of grid snap for entities placed in the 3d view would be very nice!

4) Another grid snapping issue but this time with brushes. When duplicating the current selection (shift+drag) the new selection can sometimes be nudged off-grid by an amount equal to half of the current grid size.

5) When placing entities using the 3d view it would be nice if the editor could place entities on the surface by finding the bottom of their bounding box. For example currently if you place a shambler by clicking on a level floor the shambler will be placed half in the floor on the z-axis.

6) No face splitting while in vertex manip :( (see trenchbroom editor)

Aside from these issues the editor is very nice and I am enjoying using it! Very easy to setup and go. Feels very familiar to Hammer/Worldcraft. I think I experienced a single crash when duplicating some brushes but that is the only stability issue I have come across. 
Thanks For The Valuable Feedback 
1) already fixed
2) just disable vertex restrictions, they are disabled by default in latest releases
3) ctrl+B
5) this is achieved via FGD file, there is a new keyword "offset", you can see an example in PlayerClass definition in the FGD.
6) Ctrl+F
Some of these features don't work in 1.0.155, please upgrade to 1.1.320a if you are on Linux. 
Spawnflags Settings 
This is certainly a fringe case that many users probably will not come across but I thought I would bring it up anyway.

It seems you cannot manually change entity spawnflags value from the entity window in JH? It seemed to me that JH hides the spawnflags key from view because if I manually entered a new key/value pair called "spawnflags" with a value of "64" (what I required to get specific behaviour from an entity in a Quake mod) then it would create a key called "spawnflags#1" "64".

Is this an editor issue or something that can be fixed within an FGD? Exposing the manual editing of spawnflags would be a very useful feature!

Thanks for the response to my earlier post. It is nice to see that some features are in/added and others have shortcuts. Thanks :) 
Daz, you could always click on the "Flags" tab in the entity properties window. :) 
Yes, Spawnflags Key Is Hidden 
Never thought someone will need to edit them manually. :) Why not set a flag using a checkbox, as WarrenM suggests? JH accepts the checks even if they are not described in a FGD. 
I could swear I tried that and it didn't work. I could be mistaken however. It's quite possible that 64 was an incorrect spawnflag as the mod documentation for Zerstoroer is possibly the worst document I have ever read :)

Anyway. JH is a really nice editor. I will definitely do a video for it when I get a free moment 
To test whether it works, simply open an exported map file in a text editor. If the "spawnflags" keyvalue exists for your entity, and has a correct value, then it's not a JH problem. Otherwise, it might be a bug. 
It should work. My mod uses a bunch of spawnflags and they all seem to work from within JH... 
Textures Not Showing Correctly In Editor 
I'm sorry if this has been posted but I didn't see this problem anywhere...

I installed "" on a Pinguy OS Distro which is based off of Ubuntu 12.04 located at "/home/dano/jackhammer". I ran and went to "tools>options" to set up the Quake game profile. The settings are all the correct locations for the .fgd, .pal file, quake101.wad file, game executable, directories etc etc.

Now, with all that if I load a map I simply get white brushes everywhere OR... if I delete the use of the .pal file(location in profile) I get some super low-res version, that's black and white, of the textures!!!!

Also on some maps I get the pink/black squares but I assume that's a texture in use that's not in my .wad file.

Even though I use Linux I'm basically an EX Windoze user with zero 1337 skills ;)

I have no graphics problem with any other game/program with my setup, nVidia gtx660 card.

Any idea's on how to solve this?

I dual boot with Win7, and JH works fine there, but I was hoping to one day find a non dual boot, native OS, editing solution.

Continued From Above. 
Custom Palette 
Is this the return of Quake Noir? 
Seems like a palette problem.
When palette file is not defined, JH uses an internal "black-and-white" palette.
Are you sure your pal file is correct?
You mean the same file does work under Win7, but does not under Linux? 
Yes, Same .pal File Copied From Win7 
At first I went to quaketastic and d'loaded the quake palette from there. But the file size difference between it and the JH supplied file was suspect. So that's when I booted up Win7 and installed JH under that OS. After seeing it function correctly I copied the .pal file from Win7 into my Linux install of JH. No difference :(

Anyway, just looking to see if there was a quick fix that you had come across. Not really a big deal if I'm the only one ;) 
And what if you specify the palette that comes with JH for Quake 1? Yes the colors can be incorrect, but are there any colors, or the default palette also fails to load and renders textures to solid white? 
Yes, using the palette file supplied with JH renders the texture's to solid white. As shown in the first image in post #143. 
And what about models? Are they also white? 
My Apologies 
After extracting the models the test I see I had chose my "Game" directory as my "Base Game" directory, grrrrr....

Everything is fine now :) Sorry for the time waste. 
I'd like to contact the guys writing this editor but their website has defeated me. I don't speak Russian so the forums aren't useful to me.

Anyone have an email address or something I could use? 
Their Moddb page has a link to contact info, but I think you have to be a member to access it. 
Thanks ... but I created an account and this is what it unveils:

"Email : Hidden"

Are these guys actually CIA agents or something? FFS... 
Russian Leet Hackers 
Vodka Crew Moscow, Department "Burn your own and don�t die" 
Neat ... does that come with a contact email address or something? :)

I sent a private message on ModDB but I have zero expectations of getting a response. 
You May Ask Me Here 
if you must. 
FFS ... What's with the cloak and dagger?

Anyway, I have some time this xmas vacation to work on something. I think Jackhammer is VERY close to my ideal Quake editor but it's missing a few convenience features and has a few bugs to knock out first. They aren't huge and I'd be willing to contribute my time, for free, to work on the code.

If that's something you'd be willing to let me do, please shoot me an email.

I Never Thought It Would Be Hard To Establish Communication With Me 
1) Well, the fact is email communication is not convenient for me, I personally prefer forums. Why not post your suggestions right here? Most people do that..
But, if there is something you don't want to share with the community, you can easy find my email address out, just click the PayPal "donate" button at the website, the PayPal page will be opened, and you'll get the email demystified (large bold text at the top of the page). :)
Crash reports are sent to "support at hlfx dot ru" and you can mail to it also.
2) My apologizes for not publishing the email at the website, this is not a conspiracy, this will be fixed along with a new public release and website update.
3) And I probably did not comprehend you right at the point of "contributing time to work on the code". JH is currently not an open source project, albeit I do my best to take all the requests into consideration. 
"JH is currently not an open source project, albeit I do my best to take all the requests into consideration."

I know, otherwise I would just work on it. :)

I didn't use your forums because, well, I don't speak Russian. It didn't seem productive.

Anyway, I'm offering my time is all. I know making Jackhammer ideal for Quake editing isn't necessarily at the top of your priority list. It's more of a side effect of the work you're doing ... I was hoping to polish it up some, if possible, and take that work off of your plate.

If you're interested, let me know! 
Thank You For The Suggestion 
Actually I'm not interested in trading for "free time". Although I have not much I don't hurry up.
The second reason is quite straightforward. One project = one coder, that's my point. Until it is complete, released in open source, then forked, and then I personally won't care a bit.
But anyway, thanks for paying attention to the JH project. :) 
OK, thanks for the response. 
Don't Flip Brushes With Texture Lock (TL) On 
#99 posted by Amran suggests a best practice right now with Jackhammer is to avoid flipping brushes with texture lock on. There is a horrible bug that causes textures to have their World and Face boxes unchecked meaning that their alignment mode is undefined to the bsp compiler. They will still compile, but any face that has an undefined alignment will cause its lighting to be split along the edges, particularly diagonals. Please see example photos:

Please note this issue only seems to affect Tyrann's qbsp.exe but I haven't tested all compilers. Txqbsp treats them just fine. to fix all the flipped brushes out of my total of 18179 solids whose textures might have undefined face alignment in my map. Fun fun.

If I do them all at once, then they will have their faces ALL flipped backwards on the x-axes. 
My Bad... 
Arbitrary alignment is generally not a proplem. A good compiler must handle it. 
Warcraft 4 
Check warcraft 4 informations: 
3D Model Placement Issue 
I've been having issue with precisely locating enemies when the 3D model is visible. The selection box wraps to the size of the model rather than the defined bbox in the fgd. This makes placement difficult as I can't tell whether the enemy is partially inside a brush or not, especially for non-symetrical enemies like the ogre. I fimd that its better to turn the 3D models so I can see the bbox for proper placement. Would be nice to have the selection box match the bbox. 
Turn The 3d Models Off I Mean...darn Phone, Can't Type 
This Thread Is For The Old Version 
There is a new thread for the new version here:
Might be worth posting there instead. 
But I Agree With Your Issue! 
Ahh, Right 
Sleep well old thread. 
Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy Support ?? 
Hi, really neat engine you've made here. I'm hoping to use it instead of GTKradiant for jedi mapping.

So my question is wether you're planning on adding official support for Jedi Academy in your editor?

I don't think it should be that difficult since it's basically built on the Q3 engine.

I know that there's unofficial support on moddb to add JA to the editor, but it isn't as good as official support, the maps take a long time to load and the editor gets stuck often.

So if you could please add official support for the Jedi Academy game, that would be awesome!

Keep up the good work :) 
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