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Map Jam 2 - Deadline 27th July
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over a couple of weeks using a certain theme and texture set. Check the readme file below for further details of what the Jam is about. Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Deadline - 27th July 2014
Theme - IKBlue + IKWhite inspired maps

Guidelines for Map JamTextures Wads + Map Prefabs

UPDATE: Released! news thread is here.
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Progressing OK 
It's at 7.. after having spent almost two hours. I'll make sure it syncs properly to Dropbox after finishing, and Tronyn can take it from there. 
mfx took a look at it, and said to use more func_details. I had been using func_detail as a glorified func_wall, basically for details, but he was like "make the whole map func_details except bounding walls," I was like "that doesn't make any sense to me", muttering some dumb objection based on my meagre understanding of how vis works and he was like "it's magic, just do it," and voila, seems like he was right. So big thanks to Pekka and also to mfx for helping out on this. 
VIS Level 
It sounds like a build worth waiting for, we can delay the build for a while longer. I still want to release today, so lets see what it is like in 8 hours time. 
my map underwent some changes, after no start map was needed i was bored:)

I�m mailing you the updated files this afternoon, ok? 
** Update ** 
* tronyn/pekka inprogress vising his map
* cocerello currently vising his map
* mfx adding more crazy details
* I currently have 2 maps un-vised (tronyn/coce)

I would like to stress that everyone please check your maps before sending them to me. I will only test that I can fly to the exit trigger and that it loads correctly without missing art assets.

Cut off point for sending me updates, 2hrs from this post. I want to release the pack between 5-6pm euro time. 
Don't Forget 
To watch the jam premiere on Daz's stream. 
Ok Update Sent 
me ring is stingy innit 
Blue Jam 
I will only test that I can fly to the exit trigger

mine is an info_notnull that doesn't become a changelevel until you kill a bunch of bros FYI, but I tested it on three difficulties in two engines. 
Time To PACK! 
I am off to do some testing, building and packing!
Sorry Tronyn, Coce, times up no more map updates.

@Lun, yeah I have tested your map already :P 
ol' novis tronyn 
i withdraw my map in protest of tronyn's map not being vised. also gaza 
too late Lunaran

(ps fuck you) 
(pps, JAM) 
Jam The Ramones ! 
I'll play these maps nigthmare mode with The Ramones playing out loud, while having a full rock hard erection. Shablers and fiends, beware !

Be afraid, ... be Very afraid ! 
Too Late I Guess 
Vis finished just a couple of minutes ago. File is in the Dropbox folder. No idea why it spent so much time on the last dot, but I guess that can happen. 
....sending to sock.... 
By The Skin Of His Nose! 
Tronyn is busy testing as we speak, he has a fully VISED map!?! Keep calm while we give Tronyn some time to test.

Jam2 on hold for Tronyn Vis goodness! 
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