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Tyrutils-ericw V0.15.1
Hey, I got around to setting up a website for my branch of tyrutils: (complete with lots of screenshots of different settings of AO, sunlight, etc!)
and making an "official" release of it.

Nothing major changed compared with the last snapshot (may 1st), but a couple new things:

* .lux file support from Spike, for deluxemapping
* gamma control with -gamma flag and "_gamma" key
* rename -dirty flag to -dirt for consistency
* fence texture tracing is now opt-in only with the "-fence" flag.
* light should run a bit faster

This doesn't have lit2. Not sure what to do with that, tbh.

If there's a demand for it, I was thinking I could make a tool that upscales all textures in a wad by 2x or 4x, and adds a "-2x"/"-4x" suffix to the names. You could then manually get the higher-res lightmap on certain faces by applying the upscaled texture, and lowering the texture scale to 0.5 or 0.25 in your editor.

The only real disadvantage of this hacky method over lit2 is more face subdivision by qbsp. This isn't great, but it shouldn't be an issue if the hack is used sparingly (and bsp2 can be used if needed for higher face/vert limits.)

Anyway, enjoy, I hope this is pretty bug-free.
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for the experienced user. 
Nice cold shadow with warm lighting done for exteriors super easy.

That is one of my favourite setups, but i've also found other cool combos like Yellow light and green shadows (eg: the interstellar skybox) 
I was suspecting as much. Nice to know that works! :) 
Light Styles 
Is something changed with the way 'style' is done on lights? I have a bunch of lights in my map with no targetname, but I have manually set them to use style 12. I then was changing them in QC by directly referencing style 12 instead of doing the typical target/targetname shtick.
However, this no longer works with the new tyrutils (I was using aguirre's light before). I've checked my code and I'm still modifying style 12, but it seems like the lightmaps lost their styles..? 
weird, that should work. If it was broken in the tool, I'd expect the regular flicker styles 1-11 would also be broken.
Try version 0.15.4 from if you're on a different version? 
Ohh Ok 
i see, for some reason, delay 4 lights cannot have lightstyles in tyrutils?

can we revert that so that it works with all lightstyles?

also, it appears that delay 4, 'local minlight' is broken? it looks just like a normal light. 
Ah, good catch, delay 4 lights don't support lightstyles. They are handled in a different function that applies minlight, and it just assumes the style is 0. Should be easy to fix.

As a workaround, delay 3 (infinite) should be almost the same as delay 4, especially on styled lights, because the engine will be blending the base lightmap with the styled one, so you wouldn't really get a minlight effect even if the styled light was using delay 4.

Delay 4 is working correctly for me otherwise, though. Maybe send over the map if you can't get it going? 
nm about the delay 4 not working. i think it was the dirt mapping making it look like it was attenuating. :P 
Brush With Duplicate Plane 
Trying to find problematic brush atm. Log blames line 66597.
Using notepad++ to edit .map file (manually cut bunch of entities and see if problem is gone) and through described process I found that compiler and notepad probably count lines differently, because given line was commented one (entity number) few times or part of a light entity.

What's the catch here? How can I find actual line that compiler refers to? 
Smooth Shading ? 
I remember seeing some screenshots and talk of smooth shade surfaces using textures with a prefix or suffix of some sort included to tell the compile that they should all be smoothly shaded together... It was this lovely set of tools correct? Still in development or another offshoot somewhere else that I am missing?
Feel free to correct my madness if I am imagining such things. :P 
Ah that looks like it.... but the download links dont work anymore. 
You can always email me and I will send you my compilers later from home? They have the smoothing 
i've lost track actually... but is the smoothing stuff not in the normal version we pick up from github? 
More Final Release Planned? 
No rush right now. I would rather wait for a more official release I guess with some notes in the text file I can refer to. I can keep myself busy with the monster update for now. 
It would be good if the compiler outputted the whole brush to the console when it causes an error. 
I'll wait for a release with smooth shading and lit liquids put together. 
lit liquids

Wait, what?

Which engines do/are gonna support this? 
I would be happy with entity and brush numbers. 
IIRC, Spike said something about FTEQW supporting it.

Retroquad also supports it, but there's still a lot of work to be done before it gets released. 
Phong shading is not in the releases on github yet.
Fifth has a build with it that is working, and I hope to post a new dev build soon that has phong shading too.

DeeDoubleU: weird, I don't use notepad++ but it should have a "goto line" feature that should take you to the right line. Anyway, I don't think "Brush With Duplicate Plane" is a serious warning, it's more a warning that the editor saved some redundant data. 
this document never gets old. 
Lit water yeeeesss I look forward to that one because my level has murky water like a swamp / bog and I would love it to be dark shader fluids. 
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