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New Q1SP MOD - Arcane Dimensions
Download! Link

Readme! It's in the damn download zip obvz

Screenshots! It looks fucking amazing what do you expect?

Latest Patch! Here

The MOD is designed to work with QuakeSpasm 0.91.0 (Must use this version or higher). Download here:

and remember ...
share your experience!

Please note that there is extra console commands being set in quake.rc, you cannot run this MOD using the game command! Always create/use a shortcut!
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Knights: 4 axe hits, you save 4 shells per kill. 
That was one of the things that really bothers me about AD. Dropping grunts in one shot just feels wrong. That's really what I've been trying to address, compensating for the increased damage the SG has by making lower health enemies more similar to how they're "supposed" (read: usually are, not necessarily better) to be.

The RL grunt issue is a bit different. Their purpose obviously is to be used at a long range, as that's where their weapon's tracking ability is most obvious & useful. But my map is small and enclosed, but I want to get the most out of the base-themed assets as possible... hence, tweaking them to be more effective at close range.
I do worry that I am scratching the edge of sponge there, but if they do turn out to be troublesome then I can always ctrl+f my .map file and change all my edits... 
That is also why some maps should try out different things how to introduce new enemies. How much shells, how many rockets etc. some enemies takes, especially if some enemies are immune to specific weapons. If I remember right defenders are a bit more immune to rockets and they take 2 shots.. and was the eliminator more immune to cells/plasma.. There is more enemies that are immune to certain ammos, and I think that is only a good thing. 
Health should be consistent. Slight tweaks for one enclosed area might be ok if it helps achieve a certain fight length or prevent an RL Grunt from killing himself too often.

Yes. Immunity to certain ammo is a good thing. Kinda miffed that droles are immune to shells since its so dang satisfying to blast them with the DB Shorgun and watch em fall in the most satisfying death animation ever. Still makes it fun when one corners you and you switch to the Widowmaker and pow you lose. 
And yes grunts should really take 2 shots with the shotty. Oh well. 
Arcane Dimensions 1.5 
Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You ... 
Never cease to amaze me :) 
What A Fantastic Sunday Morning!! 
Thanks sock!! 
Oh Boy 
Time to update my map to see what breaks! 
Christmas Came Early This Year! 
Considering giving this a try in the latest Mark V site

Paste this in the console in Mark V:

> install

It'll download the ad installation and unzip it where it is supposed to go. Easy installation without the Quake Injector, may be helpful to those who are Quake illiterate.

/Congrats on the release! .. Baker exits thread ... 
Right Page To Suggest Something? 
Me and my friend discussed about the different types of secrets, and he meantion "what about multi-part gun secrets? like the unmaker in doom 64"

Surely it sounds very interesting, giving more motivation to look up secrets, especially if maps are larger and often have so many secrets. That is why it is good to have variety.

I have no personal experience about that gun, whether or not it is even worth of talk about under this topic, just wanted to mention it as an option for the future updates. 
Though The Cannon Is Not Multi-part At All. 
But look at all those gibs* That would be really fun, right? 
Swampy 1.5 
Replaying swampy in 1.5 this time. Nearly done, got purple key, RL, 22/25 secrets. But I haven't found a single book . They're still there, right? 
You need to activate/trigger the book thing first by finding a secret room. 
Thanks For The Hint! 
Not sure how I missed that one. Thanks. Been a wile since my last play through :) just 2 books left to find! 
Don't Forget 
To also hang out with the hanging zombie. Careful not to get your socks wet. 
Hi all! Great mod and maps, started to enjoy Quake yet again after all this years. One problem thou... i get terrible low fps on ad_swampy when i use Quakespasm. Could any1 of you tip me on how to adress that? The stuttering starts when i'm overseeing the whole map from ledges and such. Something with the drawdistance or what? 
* Create a new folder called "ad" in your Quake folder
* Copy the Zip file into the new folder
* Extract the contents of the zip file
* Create a shortcut to your preferred Quake engine
* Add the following to the command line

-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad

* The above command line is only needed if engine runs really slow

that may be it

also, check that you have the last version, wich is 1.50patch1 
@bugsy, check that you are on the latest QS release, 0.92.1. What are your gpu / cpu specs?

-heapsize 256000 / -zone 4096 are already default in the most recent versions of QS. If you are running an older version where they are not default, and not setting them, that could explain the low fps. 
My cpu is a 6700k i7, and my gpu is a Nvidia GTX 970, so i was suprised that it was slow. But i upgraded my Quakespasm-client and that did the trick apparently. i had an older version. But the framrate is around 100, is that low? Or is it just a big map. Nevertheless, now it is playable :) Thx guys. Btw, i didn't had the patch either. So one of the two upgrades did the job. 
Quake's framerate is capped at 72fps by default; gameplay/physics break at high FPS.

If you're curious you can uncap it for benchmarking by entering "host_maxfps 1000" in the console, but make sure to set it back to 72 after. I am on a i7 3720QM / nvidia GT650m / macOS and get 130fps looking over the main swamp area from the roof, so I'm guessing your system will get 200-300fps. 
Well i use Win10 64bit and Quakespasm 64bit-client. And when i'm facing the main swamp area i'm getting around 100 fps. But then again i have all eyecandy switched on. i will fiddle around with it later today :)

Btw, at last: 
I Salute You 
hope you had fun bugsy.
Hows cockeye btw?!? 
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