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Shareware Episode Distribution - Legal Issues
So, I'm pretty much close to publishing my iOS engine port in Apple's App Store - it looks like publishing an app based on GPL code is not a problem anymore.


Publishing an app without actual content is pointless. I would like to include vanilla's shareware episode (and dopa, maybe?) into the .ipa (the executable file) so it automatically decompress it in the Documents directory on first time run. I know by now virtually everyone has a copy of the shareware episode, and many many web sites publish it on their own servers.

Do you guys think I would get into serious trouble if I include the shareware episode in my app?
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By the way, all this talk is about the Quake engine and the Quake shareware episode. Just in case that wasn't clear (sorry :) 
From the SLICENSE.TXT file:
6. Permitted Distribution. So long as this Agreement accompanies the Software at all times, ID grants to Providers the limited right to distribute, free of charge, except normal access fees, and by electronic means only, the Software; provided, however, the Software must be so electronically distributed only in a compressed format. The term "Providers," as used in the foregoing sentence, shall mean persons whose business it is to provide services on the Internet, on commercial online networks, or on the BBS. Anyone who receives the Software from a Provider shall be limited to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Further, ID grants to you, the end-user, the limited right to distribute, free of charge only, the Software as a whole. 
Pretty sure you can't include the shareware.

It also specifially states you're not allowed to run custom content with it. And that's beside the fact that including user levels is kind of debatable to begin with. 
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