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The NetRadiant Level Editor
NetRadiant-custom is continuation of NetRadiant, based on GTKRadiant, which supports numerous games, with some emphasis on Quake.

win32 build
win64 build

Simple install instructions are included in q1pack\q1pack.txt
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In my previous version I could select serveral brushes with shift and left mouse button. How it worked now? 
I Already Figured It Out. 
Another question. I now move and highlight the brushes with the right mouse button. This creates complexity, because if I accidentally clicked the right mouse button with CTRL, then all the surfaces that were highlighted are canceled and only one is selected. Can I somehow disable a selection of CTRL + right mouse button? Now the selection works as a left button and this is enough 
ctrl + m2 is tunnel face selector, allows selection of face behind face and to avoid hitting 'deselect' all the way.
It's not optional.
This is expected problem, when adding new actions to combinations, which were doing nothing before; afaik it's not too costly to get used to.
Mouse shortcuts are documented btw, help->mouse shortcuts. 
Yes, I'm just used to navigating with m2 and Ctrl + m2. Therefore, I accidentally select something. I hope that I will get used to it. Thank you 
For the future (if possible): please add to the map info the number of clip brushes.

Now I do map for 100brushes, and can't see, how many clip brushes I have 
Ic; m2 alone does navigation in Ctrl + m2 style atm.
Hopefully this solves the problem. 
Yes, But Not Yet Customary :) 
I will be retrain 
Clip Brushes Info 
is quite specific.
I think about 'show selected objs count in statusbar, when selected; total when not'
Atm you can use 'm3 on clip face, shift+a, i, z' combo to get this info. 
Wow! Cool ))) 
Regroup Entity 
Did you break or change the former regroup (now "move pritimives to entity") function in the latest WIP build? Originally I would select the brush entity with shift+a, then the world brush and hit regroup in order to add the brush(es) to the entity, but this doesn't seem to work anymore?! 
Old one had some bug so was replaced. Now you select brush, select entity and link. 
Regroup is replaced by 'move primitives to last selected entity', requiring no shift+e and determining target entity by ultimate selected primitive.
Also EntityMovePrimitivesToFirst command is added to be used, if old logic feels more convenient.
Entity menu->worldspawn does 'ungroup selected primitives'.
Entity menu->worldspawn rmb does 'ungroup whole entities'. 
Free vertex editing and uniform merge for your best pervertion! 
Good stuff as usual. I found the "Trenchbroom lines" a bit overpronounced at first, but I suppose I'll get used to them. They are helpful. And I like the new brush size display in camera mode.

Odd, though: suddenly the textures in the texture browser window are overly bright vs. the camera window where they are fine. 
Can't Wait To Give This Update A Whirl 
NetRadiant is the fine leather Chesterfield of Quake editors. 
Blown Out Gamma 
Has something to do with new nvidia drivers negke, 399.24 is the last version without the issue, unless latest is fixed 
@Kinn, what does NetRadiant have over say JACK or Trenchbroom? I'm super curious now, after having recently switched over to Trenchbroom, to see what other amazing tools are out there. 
For someone who has not used NetRadiant before, I doubt it has anything other those other editors.

However, the thing is, I've been using it for years, and I can make stuff in it with incredible speed and efficiency, just tapping away at my keyboard with every function on shortcut keys. (Before you ask where all my shit is, these aren't Quake levels, in case you're wondering). In fact I'm at the point where the editor sort of "disappears" as I work, being replaced by a transcendant feeling that I am using some sort of ethereal "Minority Report"-esque interface, swooshing my hands around in grand gestures as massive, cyclopean Gothic architectural forms explode into existence in almost real-time.

My personal history and experience in using it is the reason it's the best one for me. If you're a hardcore Trenchcoat user, then I imagine the same feeling applies for that. 
LOL Trenchcoat User 
Perfect description of good UI and UX flow tho.
Go map. 
Lol I'll Believe It When I See It 
That is a good description of how I felt about Worldcraft/JACK/Hammer. Even now after only 3 weeks in Trenchbroom, I feel the creative juices flowing stronger, faster, as my world opens up with brimming possibilities as I start thinking further and further 3D.

I took me years to even TRY to use TB....and ONLY after it had 2D views.

Still, there is now a niggling itch for more. More! To see what is out there.

What is one feature you simply love about NetRadiant, your absolute favorite? Or 2? 
What Kinn Describes 
Getting into the flow and the editor getting out of the way is exactly what I remember feeling when I switched from WC to QERadiant way back and what I tried to replicate with TB‘s UX design. 
Feature Requests 
- Ability to select back-faces of brushes in 3d view
- Clip tool use in 3D viewportal
- Clip tool allowing brushes to be split without removal of clipped side
- Smart selection of brushes in 2d viewports (selecting the ceiling all the time is a nightmare), perhaps have selection of face/line over-ride centre of brush
- Abilty to select and move caulk faces even when caulk mode is on
- Object orbit in camera mode
- Ability to drag and drop entities 
- Clip tool use in 3D viewportal
- Clip tool allowing brushes to be split without removal of clipped side

Both those things are working fine. 1) I think is new(ish), 2) has been a feature since the tool was released - it's just a shift (or ctrl) modifier of the usual "clip" shortcut.

All my shortcuts have been re-configured so I couldn't tell you what the default shortcuts are. 
What version is the 3d clip tool working? I'm using the build from May 2018 
Other Feature Requests 
still couldnt figure out 3d clipping btw, tried all manner of button combos.

- moving objects in 3d view locked on the y-plane and have z-axis as a modifier (and then locked on the y-plane) 
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