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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian!
Hey folks! Retro Jam 6 is finally ready!

2017 starts with one Egyptian jam theme and whopping 17 contributions from the following mappers: bloodshot, breezeep, Danzadan, doomer, dumptruck, FifthElephant, ionous, Khreathor, lp, MJB, MukOr newhouse, OTP, PuLSaR, Skacky, Shadesmaster, Naitelveni

Screenshots / Download

Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a huge success! And I have a new-found appreciation for people who arrange jams! :)
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Can't get these to play. What source port are you using? 
You Mean Demos? 
Place them to your id1 folder, them write to your console "playdemo demoname", I assume most of us used Quakespasm while testing maps. Some of these might even work in darkplaces. 
@newhouse & Topher 
Got the demos working. Was launching to the wrong game dir. 
Any ETA for when this will be sent to Quaddicted? 
yes, the gamedir is retrojam6. as well as the previous demos that i uploaded.
played in quakespasm, demos checked in quakespasm and markv 
It's now on Quaddicted. 
Skacky's Vulva Mega Super Secret ! 
I finally found your obsession with females. Was that a Vore's vagina !?

Shooting right into it doesn't do anything. WTF !? It should at least trigger a sound !

I have a suggestion for your super secret room :

Change the lonely flying bubble-gum for a vicious Vore standing on the altar. When the player kills it, a freaking number of white scrags starts to get out of that "thing" (from the lower hole, that is). This way, it will be very quaky, disgusting, and ... funny as hell !

Finding the three buttons was pretty hard. So that "spectacle" would be much more rewarding ! ;-) 
I've found a bug in doomer's map: the stairs that raise when kill 3 vores in the end go down shortly after that and one can't exit the level without noclip.
DOOMer provided a fix for that in post #29. Anyway, even without the fix it's possible to reach the exit from the sides with some skilled jumping. 

As others have said, the opening was great. Amazing visual with the pyramid(s) and the pillars in the sand, and the surprise opening. I don't think the falling damage at start was necessary though.

Some very stylish texture combos, apparently mostly rogue textures but rogue itself didn't look anywhere near as good. The colored lighting was okay but sometimes overdone, or in bad combinations - the red runes and green skylight was pretty garish.

Somehow I survived the map, but I shouldn't have because of many bad plays before, you'll enjoy this demo I guess. I think the SNG wasn't needed in the final ambush (I similarly opted out of a SNG in my map and just placed more nail ammo), a megahealth could have made it more balanced, especially for skill 3.

All in all, a really really good first release, if not first map, hope to see more mappage from you soon!

PS. Good traps. 
If I Had One Complaint Though 
Your combat tended to be quite arena based with not opening the doors of a big room before everything is dead. 
Skacky (I'm Going In First-last-first-last Order Because I Can)

Ugly demo for a gorgeous map. Probably the finest visuals from all 17 entries, the lighting works really well (especially in that particular spot I stared at in the demo).

Layout pretty unusual for a skacky map, with this being a more horizontal and sprawling than the verticality we're used to. Gameplay-wise though, hardcore combat with lots of infighting potential shows up again.

I wasn't a big fan of 3 secrets being inches away from one another (and all of them accessed in the same way??), could have done some more inventive stuff given the layout and the texture theme.

Now go make that runic episode I keep pestering you about! 
Umm, Oops! 
Just realized I used the bold tag instead of the quote tag in my previous post... It was a reply to post #39 by PuLSaR. 
that's one thing that i want to do. water as a mechanic to move in vertical spaces. and it's weird seing water like that. very nice.

wow. this map must have taken a lot of time. i want an ad version. this is the best map of the pack in my opinion. i really enjoy it.

nice outdoor areas, well placed ogres in high places. the zombie part is a little confusing. i killed the two shamblers from an advantageous position

i liked the traps and map, but not the placement of the two vores in the silverdoor room and the three shamblers. the void part, with scrags, it's also very good. i want to do something like that for my map for QUMP, fighting scrags with little space to avoid their shots. the vores at the end... are we suposed to run right? i did that, but later i returned to kill them.

i didn't expect grunts or enforcers. good map, and a little variety in monsters for the jam. the secrets are placed too late, the buttons don't have feedback and it's not clear what they do.

nice ambushes. i liked the selection of textures and the cleanness (or something like that, don't know how to portray it) of the map. and more grunts and enforcers.

nice little indoor map. the area with hell knights don't work because they won't walk in the middle of the room. a func_wall with clip textures and 1 unit of height may help. at least i managed to do it that way. the vertical areas have good gameplay. It's similar in gameplay to the map of Ionous.

that map name! lol.
excellent visuals, excellent lighting. but that was expected. solid gameplay. i found a full dark box in one part. it was a button or something like that.

my top three are breezep's, mukor's and bloughsburgh's maps
(wtf, i uploaded the file in the demos folder)
all demos uploaded in one .7z . played and recorded in quakespasm, gamedir retrojam6. tested with markv too (rewind and all that). 
Yes, you're suppose to run at the end. 3 shamblers is interesting challenge, but it depends on how you fight them, one of tactics is run backwards and keep the distance while laying nails precisely, other one is to find secret and saving cells to your LG, plus other tactics as user cover I provided. In silver room you have two choices a) don't touch large golden switch, instead use it as a cover b) shoot button that is on ceiling, which opens door you came from (beginning). 
lmao 5 demos

I think your evolution as a mapper has been quite interesting to watch, from your earliest struggles with TB to this little wonderful map. Though architecturally there are still shades of sock, it's clear that you're establishing your own style of Q1 quite fast.

Everything came together very well, with the skybox providing a sublime setting and the colored lighting being just right. I played on skill 2 and kept getting owned at the SK fight, all of which were me making a mistake. It's been a proper while since a Q1 combat situation made me stop and think about how to approach it the best way.

If I had one complaint, it would be about the secret, which I think was unproportionally hard for the reward given. Personally if I were to go with only one secret per map (which should be alright given the size) then I'd make it something else than something of which there already is plenty. A floating, rotating item would also attract the player's attention more than a box.

Now go map! 

Quite a small map so not much to say, but I enjoyed it. Judging from the lighting you were going for your own idea of honey styled egypt?

Quite difficult secrets, I found the MH on a playthrough after recording and I have no idea where the second one is. 
Played Them All... 
...liked Skacky's the most. 
Played through all of them, liked every map. Some of them are very impressive and inspiring, even though I didn't believe in the theme at first.

Lots of rough-around-the-edgeness, but that is to be expected.

I even decided to search for secrets afterwards. Some levels were more satisfying than others in this regard.

Hm. That came out wrong. 

Better late and all that.. 

I liked how you used rocket jumps to nab the rune haha, but you never used it!

Skacky: I like when the player talks in the demos, it provides another layer of communication. Glad you liked it!

scrbr: Thanks for playing, it was disappointing to see a rage quit but I understand the frustration of having no ammo. There were some packs underwater in the room you quit in.

Thanks to all else who played! A demo is highly appreciated however! 
yeah. recording these demos changed a little the way i play the maps. the first run i don't hunt secrets too much, nor do i try to kill all monsters.
i will make a second full run at these maps, with no quicksaving except when hunting secrets.
probably next month i'll bump this thread, the jam has 17 maps!

i want to make and record a full easy run only with axe in arcane dimensions, too. if it's possible.
and i have to play all the fine maps of other years. so far i only played travail, czg insomnia, rubincon 2, rrp, retrojam1, ad, mapjam6, explorejam1 and than's plumber (apsp2)

so much to play 
Sorry I forgot about that. I was rushing through the maps so I'd remember to share demos for a change. New demo if you want..

1. I didn't fix the wateralpha until I got to the GK room, stupidity or laziness? you decide.
2. I forgot to grab the MH secret.
3. I skipped the first regen.

Your map was the most unique by far, I liked using the water for traversing the level but I think it could be more focused. The rooms were boxes and the fights were on flat ground while the interesting stuff mostly happened in/near the water parts.

Don't take my ragequit to heart, I'm just an idiot. 
Video Play Of Bloodshot To Mukor 
It starts about 1 hour in for this jam -

I stopped at Nait but I will pick it up asap. 
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