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New Q1SP (AD) Forgotten Sepulcher

The next big release for Arcane Dimensions is finally here! This a technical masterpiece and a monster of a map with roughly 60k brushes. All beautifully realized by Simon, and made possible through the engine updates by Eric. Please take note that you need AD 1.5 and the new engine provided in this thread to play the map. I would also recommend reading the ad_sepulcher readme for further information.

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5 **

New Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike Engine

Map file:


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Also try out 'r_scale 2' if you really want pixel vision! :D

Make it stop. 
Music in Sepulcher is set to track 0. When you do the final release, would you mind setting a proper track number? Thank you. Also, is it possible for users to ajust the sound volumes of stuff like footsteps and rain? 
Alright! So I'm barely 1/5th in and it's already one of my top 3 AD maps alongside Smelly Sockbottom and Leftist Mania - gotta find a funny nick for this one too! Will continue later, need at least a few hours' sleep. 
I agree it was good to have lots of ammo. For me the challenge was just finding the way to progress - adding a strict ammo management element on top of that would only have been frustrating. 
A Masterpiece 
Then again, sock must be kept in a state of constant pressure and self-doubt, otherwise he may decide he has achieved perfection and moves on. So tbh this map is kinda okayish, yeah, hmm... :D

Very enjoyable, so much to explore and impressive details everywhere one turns. Brush porn and level props scattered all over, and lots of destructible things, especially in combination with those sticky or walking bogeys, create a very vivid environment (for the lack of a better description).
Imagine a whole game with levels like this one - would take only the first episode to create an epic journey through all sorts of places and probably something that could stand its ground among games today, at the least in the indie department.

Great connectivity, getting lost/remembering the way is part of the experience; and crazy secrets. I only found half of the marked ones. Bit random, though. Sometimes cleverly hidden items are not counted as secrets, other times easy stuff or things in the open are. Slightly inconsistent on a few occasions, too. Normally, the yellow windows and book shelves are unbreakable, except a selected few can be destroyed for passages. Not a big deal of course, just mentioning it before someone brings up the "axing every surface" criticism.

Even though I ran out of ammo once, there's plenty of supplies, especially since everyone's bound to find at least some secrets.

I really like the optional goals, finding the sacrificial fiends, books, bog lord, crypt etc. They add mileage and interactivity to the level. The rusty key reward came in handy in the end, although I was at a miss as to where I could use the key (easily missable message btw) and gave up looking for the door soon after getting all the corpses. Didn't find the planets room sadly.

It seems there's a lot to say about this, but I dunno - speechless probably. At any rate, very enjoyable experience, another masterpiece in the history of Q1SP, and certainly worth replaying! Good job Giftmacher, sock, and engine guys.

Demo: part 1 part 2 
Brush Porn 
More like brush hardcore gangbang bukkake !

this map is kinda okayish, yeah, hmm...
Are you a young JPL?? 
sock is just trying to bring Rococo style to Quake. ;) 
Quake + Disneyland 
Time 354:41
Secrets 49/50 (!)
Kills 309/309

No Fast Passes here, either! I spent a most of my time admiring the scenery and searching for secrets, obviously. This was an epic level that dwarfs so many mods of recent memory! So well executed! So perfect in every way! Thank you! Thank you all! 
Congratz On QS-Spiked 
It's been a while since I wanted DP effects on a decently working engine.

Just one question: How do I set it to 60hz through the shortcut? 
Lost And Wandering 
@negke, thanks for the demos and feedback. To be honest, I was not expecting a comment from you about this map as I did not think this would be your kind of cup of tea! Shambler on the other hand I assumed would be loving it because of the crazy amount of secrets!

The pit of death by the bridge is something that was in the original Henrik map. I designed the combat (flying monsters) to make sure the player would be looking up and not really paying attention to the floor. So I suppose it sorta worked as planned!

Imagine a whole game with levels like this one
I am still not convinced Quake maps need to be this big. It certainly involved a lot of time and effort to create and there is always technical issues to solve because they are often breaking limits all the time.

Normally, the yellow windows and book shelves are unbreakable, except a selected few can be destroyed for passages
All the bookcases which don't look obviously breakable were not player interactive and only breakable by monsters. Eventually I decided this can be frustrating because the monsters don't always break things with a good impact. So I let the player break them as well, which as you said does lead to inconsistency.

The rusty key reward came in handy in the end, although I was at a miss as to where I could use the key (easily missable message btw)
This is essentially Quake, when locked doors are opened, there is just a small top left message (and console) and nothing else. It is not always obvious you have the right key or even have used it. I think this is a flaw of Quake TBH, it still expects the player to keep an eye on small irrelevant messages and the console.
I have added a text based Inventory screen for the next patch which might help some people keep track of Arcane keys more easily.

It seems there's a lot to say about this, but I dunno - speechless
Probably explains the lack of feedback, oh well, next map then! 
I have added a text based Inventory screen
Sock, you rock!

lack of feedback
Well, some of us haven't played/finished it yet. 
Need To Budget Time For It 
Too big to just jump into when I have an hour, which isn't often. I want a continuous demo for you! 
Just Started This Evening.... 
About halfway through in numbers of monsters, and secrets. My butt is going numb and my eyes are going gozzy from playing so long.

So far, so amazing. Everything I could hope from this sort of map. 
This One Is Amazing! 
I played it about a week ago I think, in the middle of the night, therefore I didn't go back to explore more. I'll leave it for another time.

PS I enjoyed every bit of it.

But here are the demos: 
Haven't had time to play it yet. I want a good couple hours so I can finish it in one sitting...if that is even possible.

Like the text inventory idea. Ooh that screenshot! Ok, now I have to play this....sick day? 
Again The Same Error 
Couldn't spawn server maps/ad_sepulcher.bsp

This error occurs for some maps. Especially with those, whose file name are in the form of "ad_*.bsp". 
Again The Same Error (continued) 
Sorry for mentioning the technical details.

Engine: QuakeSpasm 0.92.1
Tool/Installer: Quake Injector 
Learn to read.

From the OP:

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5"

New Engine Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike 
@Mugwump, play nice, Han did say he was using the QA injector, which probably does not update clients! I know some people here at func are abusive to anyone new, try not to join them!

@Hans, its likely you need the new QS client (links in header of this thread) and you will also need AD 1.5 and ad_sepulcher. It is not something easy to setup with the Quaddicted injector. I will be doing a new zip file with all patches and maps together soon. 
Speedy Gonzales 
Too big to just jump into when I have an hour
I want a good couple hours so I can finish it in one sitting

The map can be completed easily in 30mins, just don't keep going back for secrets, just search as you go. There are even speedruns of the map in less than 3mins. Also either side of the map can entirely be skipped, if you run straight for the exit. 
I Admit 
I could have been nicer, though to be fair the warning about the new engine(s) is also stated on the Quaddicted page, which indicates that Han didn't read the instructions completely.

BTW, I totally missed that Sepulcher was originally an ode to E1M3! Now that I know, I can definitely see it. 
Ha, no us completionists probably need 3 hours to find all secrets and kill all enemies. 
3 Hours?? Pshhh, That's Nuffin' 
During my first playthrough before my quicksave corruption problem, I probably spent at least 5 to 8 hours in it and explored only about 2/3... So much to see and do, that's crazy! Delightfully crazy.

Best part of Sock's post is speedruns in less than 3mins. Huh... 
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