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Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series
My new tutorial series has begun. This is appropriate for total beginners or experienced mappers who want to give TB2 a try (or just a look.) Links and a cheat sheet are available in the description.

Watch here
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Episode 20 
Thanks again! 
Just Awesome 
dumptruck, I just watched the texturing tutorial, and it's awesome. Just great how you manage to pack so much info into these short vids. In this tutorial especially, you covered many (if not all) of the ways to manipulate textures in TB (some of which I had long forgotten about, thank god for the manual), and I think it's very commendable that you don't just show your personal favorite way of using TB, but give options to the users.

Thank you again for your great tutorials, I'm sure they help so many people out there, and of course, they help to bring more people to TB and Quake mapping! 
I appreciate the feedback. Sometimes it's very tough to know what to include or leave out but I though these shortcuts were very well thought out and I didn't know about some of them.

Thank you and ericw and the other contributors for such a cool application. 
Episode 21 
Another awesome video! Do you have any plans to do one on scale? As in the scale of architecture? 
No, I wasn't planning on addressing scale but it does remind me that I had issues with scale starting out myself. And occasionally I make my layouts WAY too big. Do you have any specifics you want me to cover? I can put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with. 
Just more in line with best practices for scale. I am just starting out and I find I either build to small or to large. 
@Ilpadrino Re: Scale 
Take a look at the id maps. I cover how to set them up and view them here:

A good approach is to get your floor size decided first and if you feel like you've made things too big, encroach on the space with pillars or corners etc. Stay away from boxiness, add shapes to break up the room. Because most of us are familiar with the original game it's good to go back and see "how big was this hallway or room in e1m1?" or "how high up are the ogre's in this section compared to the player?" 
Episode 22 
Episode 23 
Episode 24 
Episode 25 
That Was Cool! 
Keep em coming these are great. I think it is important not to release WIP maps as news on func too. Lot of new mappers have done that lately...makes me avoid their maps until the thread is stale so I know it is safe to play. 
Episode 26 & 27 
Thanks a bunch dumptruck! 
Episodes 28 & 29 
I Am Using Those Features A Lot Since Then :) 
That's awesome. I was a bit foggy on the matching clip plane and always forgot about it. But once you get the hang of it, it's pretty amazing. 
Shambler maps? 
GG SleepwalkR! 
Its Shambler Maps All The Way Down... 
go follow him on twitch and yeah,
Blerbler is mapping some good stuff lately.. 
Trenchbroom 2 Issues On Install 
I am looking for a different quake map editor, I am using worldcraft 3.33. I tried to install the newest trenchbroom supposedly that was trenchbroom 2, run it but after installing missing .dll files it gave me an error message saying that it could not be ran. I am using windows 7. I have run into a lot of problems with worldcraft when using other shapes besides the cube, which makes map building harder to do due to the limitations of the cube shape. 
Hm well trenchbroom shouldn't install any dlls itself, which ones does it say it is misdsing? If it is "api-ms-win"something or other then it means you don't have the Microsoft c++ 2015 redistributable which tb2 needs to run, if you are on a 64 bit system I have a zip that has a copy of the dlld you can use but it would probably be better to just get the installer from microsoft's website here 
Here's the link from the TB2 Github release page if you want to go directly to the recommended Visual C++ install. 
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