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About The 25th Anniversary Of Doom
Hey there.

On December 10, 1993, Doom was released as shareware and became a massive phenomenon. Without Doom, we would probably not have Quake and its successors. Are there any plans to celebrate its 25th Anniversary?
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Quake Was Already Planned Before Doom Was A Thought 
That'd be the character named Quake in the never released The Fight for Justice yeah? But Quake as it is today is thanks to the failure of the original idea and the change to a shooter.

Quake and its successors refers to the shooter it became. Which is why I'm asking this question in the first place. 
The Fight for Justice isn't a failed idea. And the Quake franchise as it is today is not what the original 1996 game was going for. This doesn't mean that the original game was a failure either.

Ideas can't fail, only their execution can. And id never actually tried to execute the original design idea of Quake. 
Simple Answer 
This isn't a DooM-related forum. DooM is still a ton of fun but folks around here prefer Quake. I prefer the atmosphere and technology over DooM.

But then again, I like every id game. Yes, all of them.

There's room for all of them. But on this board, you'll get more Quake love than any other title. 
What's The Difference Between A Terrorist And A Quake Player? 
You might be able to convince the terrorist that there are higher aims than blowing the shit out of civilians.
A Quake Player can never be convinced that any other game than Quake is worth playing. 

what's this "doom" thing people are talking about? Is it some kind of quake? 
Using Wikia? 
Come on Kinn, you can do better. 
I just typed "history of guake" into the google and that's what came up? Did I do it wrong? 
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