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Q1SP Mod DevKit - Progs_dump
progs_dump is a QuakeC compilation intended to give Quake mappers more creative options than “vanilla” Quake, while retaining the look, feel and gameplay of the original.

Features include:

* trigger spawned monsters
* custom sounds (ambient and triggered)
* custom models and sprites with optional animation frames
* multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets
* custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)
* enhanced triggers (start off and is_waiting flag to delay triggering)
* enhanced plats (toggle, start at bottom, etc.)
* trigger_setgravity (on player and / or monsters)
* trigger_usekey (trigger volume that requires a key to fire)
* tele_fog (play teleport effect e.g. disappearing monsters)
* Rotfish fixes

Sample Maps by Ionous, Mclogenog and dumptruck_ds

Please read the manual for full details.

NOTE: If you use this DevKit, your map should be released as a stand-alone mod and installed into its own folder in the Quake directory. This is not intended to be a mod that people make and release content for.


Ionous' map
Yoder's map
dumptruck's map
Ionous' 2nd map

There will be some bugs. I'll do my best to keep this updated regularly. I hope you find it useful!

4mb download on Quaketastic.
Or on Dropbox

Source on Github
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Version 1.1.2 
progs_dump Version 1.1.2 is live

Download it here

This release includes a new sample map pd_lightning, that displays the lightning trap entities in more detail in addition to the trap_shooter_triggered entity.

Here's the changelog:

* Added newflags.qc (iw)
* Added new spawnflags (iw)
4096 Not in Coop
8192 Not in Single Player
32768 Not on Hard Only
65536 Not on Nightmare Only
* Fixed collision issues in trap_shooter, trap_spikeshooter, trap_switched_shooter
* Added workaround for if(string) engine bug (iw)
* Added function SUB_UseAndForgetTargets() to subs.qc (iw)
* Fixed sight_target firing targets multiple times (iw)
* Fixed pain_target not using targetname2/3/4 (iw)
* Fixed messages not displaying with sight_trigger (iw)
* Make weapons fire their targets in Coop and DM2 modes (iw)
* Prevent keys firing multiple targets multiple times in Coop (iw)
* Fixes to func_bob (iw)
* Fixed messages not displaying with func_counter (iw)
* Fixed "delay" making func_counter not work (iw)
* Added SUB_DislodgeRestingEntities to subs.qc (iw)
* Fixed func_breakable debris sometimes floating (iw)
* Added pd_lightning demo map
* Fixed func_laser audio issue when used with func_counter
* Added GNU License and source to my_mod directory

pd_lightning screenshot

More updates will be coming in the weeks ahead but we wanted these bug fixes available as soon as possible.

A HUGE thank you to iw for all his hard work improving this mod! 
Documentation Missing 
In my enthusiastic rush to get version 1.1.2 of the devkit out the door I neglected to document the new spawflags iw has generously coded in. Here are the comments from the newflags.qc for everyone's reference. I will update the manual with this same info soon and share it.




This file was created for progs_dump by Ian "iw" Walshaw, August 2019.

It defines functions which can be called to implement the following new

4096 Not in Coop
8192 Not in Single Player
32768 Not on Hard Only
65536 Not on Nightmare Only

(Spawnflag 16384 is not used here because it's already used for
something else in progs_dump.)

The new spawnflags complement and complete the set of built-in
spawnflags provided by the engine, which of course are:

256 Not on Easy
512 Not on Normal
1024 Not on Hard or Nightmare
2048 Not in Deathmatch

In conjunction with the old spawnflags, the new spawnflags make it
possible to exclude any entity from any combination of game modes and/or
skill levels.

"Not in Coop" and "Not in Single Player"

These spawnflags were inspired by Quoth 2 (Kell and Necros, 2008), which included two additional spawnflags for all entities: "Not in Coop" and
"Coop Only". In contrast to Quoth 2, the spawnflags implemented here
are "Not in Coop" and "Not in Single Player", for symmetry with the
built-in "Not in Deathmatch" spawnflag.

"Not on Hard Only" and "Not on Nightmare Only"

The set of built-in spawnflags doesn't allow a mapper to treat the Hard
and Nightmare skill levels differently, because it only includes one
spawnflag, 1024, which excludes an entity from both Hard and Nightmare.
The new "Not on Hard Only" and "Not on Nightmare Only" spawnflags allow
the mapper to exclude an entity from one of these skill levels without
affecting the other.

New Episode Of The Progs_dump Series 
Here's a new video that covers some of the big fixes and features of the latest version 1.1.2

This goes into detail on the lightning trail entities (ltrail) from Quake's 2nd mission pack, Dissolution of Eternity.

NOTE: As I type this, the video is still uploading. Should be up within an 1/2 hour of this post. 

I can confirm that, as far as rotating entities are concerned, they are really simple to use in H2.

But unfortunately for engine related reasons:

1. Make your entity out of one or more brushes.
2. Add one more cubic brush whose texture is the special ORIGIN texture.
3. The rotation will occur around one of the 3 axis X, Y or Z going through the center of that origin brush, according to which flag you set on your func_door_rotating entity.

If I'm correct, there is no special ORIGIN texture supported in Quake, hence no rotating doors or trains or whatever. :-(

Maybe a point entity with an "origin" property could be used instead, if correctly identified as the rotating door's "origin" thanks to some property? And then HexenC code could be adapted and work?
That doesn't necessarily sound like a loosing battle since QuakeC actually has a SUB_CalcAngleMove function with rotating capabilities... 
Sorry, I was confused by the forum GUI and my message comes faaaar too late. Sorry again! :-( 
Thanks anyway, man!

It's cool to know how other games deals with rotating brushes.

Fortunately Dumptruck already implemented rotating brushes to this mod =D 
Sorry - This Is A Cross Post 
progs_dump_devkit_v1121 is now available.

This is a special edition for the upcoming April Fool's jokejam. Please read the readme and manual for complete details. New and updated features are highlighted in the manual.


Download here:

or here:

Version 1.1.3 is still in development and with any luck, will be released within the next month. 
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