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Q1SP Mod DevKit - Progs_dump
progs_dump is a QuakeC compilation intended to give Quake mappers more creative options than “vanilla” Quake, while retaining the look, feel and gameplay of the original.

Features include:

* trigger spawned monsters
* custom sounds (ambient and triggered)
* custom models and sprites with optional animation frames
* multiple targets, targetnames and killtargets
* custom trigger_push (can be used for water currents, et al.)
* enhanced triggers (start off and is_waiting flag to delay triggering)
* enhanced plats (toggle, start at bottom, etc.)
* trigger_setgravity (on player and / or monsters)
* trigger_usekey (trigger volume that requires a key to fire)
* tele_fog (play teleport effect e.g. disappearing monsters)
* Rotfish fixes

Sample Maps by Ionous, Mclogenog and dumptruck_ds

Please read the manual for full details.

NOTE: If you use this DevKit, your map should be released as a stand-alone mod and installed into its own folder in the Quake directory. This is not intended to be a mod that people make and release content for.


Ionous' map
Yoder's map
dumptruck's map
Ionous' 2nd map

There will be some bugs. I'll do my best to keep this updated regularly. I hope you find it useful!

4mb download on Quaketastic.
Or on Dropbox

Source on Github
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The new version of progs_dump is not ready. It's close! RL got hectic for me recently but I am trying to have a release candidate ready as soon as possible. I wish I could commit on a date but every time I do my free time vanishes. (it could be as early as next week tho)

I had no plans to add rotation to the mod. It's super clunky to get working as you can see, and unfortunately it's the only method we can use due to engine limitations. 
thanks for the clarification

thanks for the answer. No rush, man! Do it in your own time. 
Version 1.1.0 Release Candidate 1 
Here's progs_dump devkit RC1

This release is for testing and feedback.

Screenshot from pd_zombies sample map.
Screenshot from pd_ladders sample map.

There's a bit more work for me to do for the final. Here's a partial list:

1. New Start map
2. Complete pd_void sample map
3. Add func_rotate (Hipnotic)
4. Add dropping box code (RennyC)
5. Add fading light styles (c0burn)
6. Finish breakable sound effects
7. Add skins to debris.mdl
8. Complete manual
9. Address any show stopping bugs
10. Test in various engines.

Make sure and read the manual. Many of your questions should be answered there or in the sample maps.

Here's a dump of the changelog:

* Added reset_items key to worldspawn entity; resets players items on map load (no need for Rune hacks for custom start maps!)
* Added classnames to "bonus item fell out of level" and "monster stuck in wall" errors when developer is set to 1.
* Add entities for Thunder, Water and Sky sounds. Use these when you want to hand place these instead of having VIS.exe add them automatically.
* Fixed door unlock sound not playing (id software bug)
* Added ladders
* Added breakables
* Added spawn_angry key/value for use with Trigger Spawned monsters
* Added meat_shower (regular or large, triggerable, silent or random gib sounds)
* Added trigger_void
* Added trigger_shake (earthquake)
* Renamed dtsounds.qc to dtmisc.qc
* Added deadstuff entities
* Added ritem (items respawn)
* Added trigger spawning to items
* Added items suspended flag
* Fixed trigger_ladder conflict with trigger_setgravity
* Revised FGDs
* Added pain_target and pain_threshold
* Added func_togglewall, func_counter, func_oncount and func_particlefield from Hipnotic
* Added pd_ladders test level
* Fixed H_MEGA respawn bug
* Added pd_zombies and pd_meat maps
* Added Persistent Key behavior (cnt = 1) to func_door and trigger_usekey
* Added candle.mdl from Rogue and light_candle qc from Honey
man, this is gold =D 
thanks! I hope ppl find it useful and fun to use. 
Updated RC1 JACK FGD 
Here's a new version of the FGD for JACK users The RC1 version above was untested and had some errors. 
Awesome stuff! Should use this with a standspon3 map of mine! 
I'm getting realy mad about this.
Have made some soundtriggers in 11KHz, 8Bit, Mono timeds ago and everithing works.
Now, after loading the new version over it, I did the same and nothing happens. Message" Couldn't load ... .wav.
Tried to load some original dump/..wav and also the same message.
Made a new directorie, reloaded files, deleted working files and also nothing.
What have I done wrong? 
Well it's really hard to know what you have done with out seeing your hard drive and directories. So a few questions:

What do you mean by loading a new version over it?

Do you mean a new progs_dump? If so then, what version are you using?

Each version of progs_dump should be treated as a separate mod. I never intended for people to "upgrade" or overwrite those files. I will make sure this is clear in the readme if I didn't already.

Did you somehow, move or overwrite your sound files? Are they still there?

Most of the time these are issues with the paths. I did not touch the sound code between the different versions. 
My Workflow:
Created a directorie named after my project. Copyd the progs_dump in. created a new map and saved it in the map folder. made some sounds and saved it in subfolder ../gh in sounds/. Triggerd the files in trenchbroom and they worked. downloaded the newst version of progs_dump. removed the old files. installed the new in the same folder. made some new soundfiles. Got error messages "couldn't load soundfile ... . wav". tried it with the older files everything workes fine.

Because of the fact that the old files work, I think that it has something to do wit the paths but I don't know where to fix this.

Would it help to create a new directorie with a clean copy of progs_dump? 
quake's sounds filenames are relative to the sound/ subdir rather than the gamedir itself, for some reason.

so if your map contains sound/ in the name then it won't work (unless your sound is in c:/quake/$modname/sound/sound/ which is obviously stupid). if you put them in c:/quake/$modname/sounds/ then it won't work either. 
The folder paths are correct.

Like this.

Noise: gh/example.wav

The only difference is that the old files work, the new dont, the water sound in dumps folder dont works either. 
Would it help to create a new directorie with a clean copy of progs_dump?

Yes I would start with a fresh directory, something got messed up when you copied files around. Especially since the water sound is not working.

BUT - what version are you using of progs_dump? 1.1.0 RC1? or the Jam X RC2?

In the OS the path for your sound must be like so:




In the editor, your sound must be:



And make sure the folder is SOUND and not SOUNDS 
I'm using 1.1.0 and the folder/sample.wav.

I'm repairing this today till it works!

best wishes 
There are two versions of 1.1.0 RC1 and RC2

for the 3rd time now... which one are you using? 
@dumptruck_ds "solved It" 
Ding, Shame, Ding, Shame, Ding ...

Solved it!

Had to change the command-line Argument in Necr-GUI to "-game modname".

Argh. The was the last thing I thought.
Now it works fine.
Have only one little idea for the play_sound_triggerd. Could there be a spawnflagg for looped on, off?
Have to turn non looped sounds of by trigger again. 
Woo Hoo 
glad you figured that out

I need to look at that code again. It was a straight copy and paste from Rubicon 2 (or Hipnotic) so I will have to see if I can modify it.

But you want a spawnflag for play_sound_triggered to start on that then toggle off correct? 
looping in quake is based on a flag inside the wav file itself, so hard for QuakeC to control (would have to know the length which i don't think is available, and then manually retrigger a non-looped wav, or manually kill a looped wave. 
Yep I should have realized that when I posted. That's why there are two discreet sound entities, one for looped wavs with cues (or markers) and one for one-off sounds. Sorry Sgt. It's one or the other. But you can create a looping sound with these markers easily. I have a tutorial here: 
Looped Sounds 
Don't know why but the play_sound_triggered entity in my maps always loops the sound-file with or without markers. So I had to trigger it again to stop. 
You are probably triggering it with a trigger_multiple so it's just firing it over and over.

Did a trigger_once on a play_sound_triggerd with a soundfile without markers and the sound repeats and repeats. Did it with a trigger_relay and it happend the same.

So I now shoot two trigger_relays. The first starts the sound, the second, with a delay of the length of the sound, stops it.

Have no idea why it works this way today.
The first time I worked with this entity a trigger_once was enougth and the sound stops after playing. 
No idea what's up with that but I am glad it is working now. 
Version 1.1.0 Release Candidate 3 
progs_dump 1.1.0 Release Candidate 3 is now available for download.

Highlights in this release:

custom health on monsters
trigger_take_weapon (for axe only starts)
weapon_shotgun with metlslime's mdl or Slapmap's version
c0burn's switchable light styles and fade / up down of lights
lightning trail entities for traps and decorations (DOE)
visual effects entities: play_explosion, play_tbabyexplode, play_lavasplash
misc_particle_beam from Zerstörer
func_fall - brush that drops upon touch
trap_shooter - spikes, lasers, rockets, grenades, lavaballs, gibs and voreballs
"retriggerable" func_train with custom sounds
new sample maps for reference

The final version will be released some time in June. 
Bumping This Thread 
For folks who may have missed it due to spam posts tamping this down. Still working on the final version, should be out by the end of June.

The final will have a few new features and a proper hub for the test levels:

** Added func_bob and misc_bob (RennyC adapted from AD)
** Added misc_sparks (Rubicon2)
** Added misc_particles (misc_splash from Rubicon2)
** Added sight_trigger - monsters fire targets upon seeing the player
** Added keep_ammo to Ogre, Soldier and Enforcer (no "DropBackpack" if set to 1)
Progs_dump_devkit Version 1.1.0 
The new version of progs_dump is here. Designed to give mappers more visual effects, game play options and quality of life features while retaining the look and feel of vanilla Quake. This is a massive release compared to version 1. It's thoroughly documented and has been tested over and over. Some highlights include:

*visual effects like particles, sparks, lasers and lightning
*pain_targets that fire when a monster reaches a certain health level
*c0burn's switchable light styles and fading light effects
*trap_spikeshooter now shoots lavaballs, voreballs, rockets and more
*Rubicon2's "retriggerable" spawnflag and custom sounds to func_train
*ladders and two varieties of breakables
*various Hipnotic and Rogue entities like func_counter and earthquakes
and much, much more.

You can download it from the Internet Archive or from Quaketastic

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4


Thanks to Qmaster, RennyC, c0burn, Spike and many others who helped me create this devkit. Enjoy! 
You weren't kidding when you said you could rush it out sooner 
I stayed up late to wrap it up... enjoy! 
Finally Downloaded It And Started Brainstorming 
Just played the cool demo maps and read the manual. Aw man, such great quality of life improvements for mappers! Quite an effort you've made here, Dumptruck! Good job to the other authors as well!

While reading the manual, I was wondering if you've considered adding the option of making aggroed monsters "going back to sleep", for example, by triggering one of the monsters targetnames when they are aggroed?

And now that I'm getting started, maybe add spawnflags that tell the monster to target a specific path_corner once the aggro has been disabled? There could be spawnflags 'upon_sleep_targetx', where x is one of the monster's four targets? If the spawnflag's not active, the monster would just simply stop when "put to sleep".

Another option could be that if the monster is touching a path corner (either a point or a brush path corner) when the aggro is disabled, the monster would start following that path.

These options could enable powerful tools for making custom monster AI!

And now that I'm really going down the rabbit hole, maybe add the possibility of enabling path corners the monsters would follow only when they're aggroed. If I recall correctly from an earlier discussion here, Quake II (or should I say Wor, Kinn?) ;D has those, right?

Or on second thought, should I just stop right here? xD There was a discussion in the Copper Quake thread about making a too involved AI, wasn't there, and it wasn't found to work very well with the game, right?

So, maybe as a compromise, implement just the option of making monsters going back to sleep and none of that pathing nonsense? xD 
Thanks for the kind words. I'll look into something like this for a future release. Will be a long time though (see below.) I suspect what you are suggesting is likely possible. But moving forward with the mod keep a few things in mind:

**I am shying away from specific requests. If a number of people ask for something I will add it to a to-do list. A good example are ladders and breakables. I did not want them in the mod as they were not id1 features. But I added them because a lot of people wanted them!

**I am taking a break from progs_dump for the next 90 days with the exception of bugs. I want to focus on other projects and this one grew beyond the original scope very quickly.

**I started by following tutorials and copy and pasting code and testing a bunch. I am still very much a newb when it comes to coding and QuakeC. So to implement something like you suggest above I would really like to really understand how that all works. So I am not saying "no" but I am saying anything like this would take me a some time. But I will absolutely look into it! 
Don't worry, take a long rest; You've deserved it! ;) I kind of hesitated making my suggestion in the first place, because you've just finished a gargantuan task, only to be greeted by more requests. @_@ I didn't want to make myself come out as unappreciative for your work, but more like excited about seeing the kit become even greater than it already is.

Yeah, I recall the original purpose of this devkit being id1-like, so I was wondering whether my suggestion, at least the aggro pathing part, was id1-like enough. But since there was already non-id1 stuff like breakables, I was encouraged to go for it. 
No Worries 
Happy to have any feedback and suggestions! 
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190? How is this possible? 
now it's 24 posts not shown on this page because they were spam funky 
the first time it's because you clicked on the "new 190" link. The second time you clicked on the "last 25" link. 
Simple Enough 
makes sense 
190 posts not shown on this page because they were spam
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