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Quake 1024 Christmas Jam Released
The 1024 Quake Christmas Jam is upon us. Twenty-one maps of compressed Arcane Dimensions goodness.

Download it here:

Jam Poster:

The Lineup:

Wintry Advent by Bal and Ionous
Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Train Station Infiltration by Ing
Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
Airgapped by JCR
Fully Integrated by JCR
Coal in your Socks! by Krampus
You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
Aftermath by Queenjazz
NoQuarter by Scampie
Chapel Perilous by Shambler
Moonlit Keep by Shotro
A Christmas Romp by Spipper
A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Mutagenesis by Strideh
Frozen Demise by Bloodshot
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I Think It's Just A Brushwork Doodle 
purely for jam promotion 
... And Demoes For The Rest Of The Map. 
Finally managed to play the rest of the maps. Here are the demoes:

I was a bit tired when I played through some of the maps from the 2nd floor, so the playthroughs are a bit rushed and my "commentary" perhaps not too insightful.
(Also, sorry Ing if I were a bit harsh on your map. Seeing some other playthroughs of your map, made me appreciate what you were trying to do a whole lot more) 
Twilight Keep Update 
It will be included in the DLC update but for anyone wanting to play a working copy of the map:

The original release of the map somehow had multiple entities that had the target/targetname settings all set to the same thing in a vertical slice of the map across multiple floors. This led me to hunt down all the affected entities.

To prevent this in the future I also adjusted the brushes in the left hallway to no longer allow non-linear navigation through the map so I can test the map without missing something like this again. With that, two areas of the map received brushwork.

Another complaint came when a couple of (non-tester) players overlooked a major trigger for proceeding through the map and couldn't move forward, I added brushwork to make the logic of the map far more apparent. With that, the adjacent areas got some additional brushwork in order to accommodate the change and since I ended up with a dead end because of this, I added a new functional set piece to fill that gap.

The rest of the map is the same layout and is the same as it was upon release... if entities would have triggered correctly. I had time to re-test the map and added a few quality of life improvements relating to button triggers, messages, and fixed the map sounds. I added a joke two-part secret to the map and added a secret in an area someone reached that I hadn't expected (now has a wall and an item. Oh my). 
Thanks for the demo! 
Xmasjam2018 Playlist

Thank you all for your feedback! I made playlist from when I streamed my playthroughs. I hope my commentary is useful to you all. I really enjoyed all the maps, each brought something to the table and it was a real Christmas treat for me to participate. 
Is anyone playing this maps with quakespasm-spiked?

I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but there are, at least, three maps that crashes when you try to save or quicksave. I'm not getting any warnings or error messages... quakespasm-spiked just crashes, closes and goes to the desktop :P

It is happening with both Qmaster's maps and with Spiper's (that one with santa's sleigh). I didn't tested with all the maps yet, but i know these three have this "save" issue with quakespasm-spiked.

What these three maps have in common? What do they have that is different from the other maps? Do I have to change something, like change protocols or write something in the console to make it work? 
No Clue 
Yep, I played the pack with quakespasm-spiked, and I confirm that three maps are crashing to the console. I use QSS on OS X.

I didn't noticed which maps were crashing. 
Finally Played The Pack Yesterday 
Very cool maps! Once again, highly impressive how everyone managed to make something unique within the 1024 restrictions. The levels are so varied in theme and style; some amazing details; some clever puzzles or twists. Some maps feel more polished than others or more accessible in general, but overall every map has something interesting to offer. GG everyone involved and special shoutout to the new people. See you in 2019! 
Still Haven't Played This.... 
....I was busy with other stuff etc. But I will do very soon!

In the meantime, I've heard rumours that 18 secrets was a bit too much in mine and some people didn't find them all?? Shocking. Anyway, so here's a walkthrough with some design thoughts and all the secrets. Sorry it is a bit rambling as it's the 3rd time I recorded it and I got bored... 
Played Amost All Of These Now 
didn't record any demos, sorry. Loved Negke map. Scampie's map deserves more love, though end battle was too tough for me to play manfully.
Sock's was annoyingly good as expected, same for Bal. Really hope that's gonna be an episode.
Shambler, one element I particularly enjoyed about your map was when the uberscrag spawned and I fell below, and as I climbed back up, acid kept raining down on me from the ceilings.
Ugh lots of good maps, anyone who hasn't downloaded and played should ASAP! 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
I finished streaming these as well, viewable here :

Sorry for that first stream, was really tired, Nait and JCR especially deserved better from me hah.
Great pack overall, my highlights were sm190_newhouse which was crazy genius, and sm190_skacky2 which was just a really solid and fun map. 
Top Post Bal. 
Played In Reverse Order Over Two Days, First Thoughts, Fairly Random: 
Entering the City of Pale by Bal
Top AAA+++ design, with amazing backdrop, the most beautiful in Quake yet. Great playable map with good variety and great secrets. Makes a bit of a mockery out of the 1024 restriction and gameplay woefully undersupplied to start, but better and fun to finish.

Frozen Demise by Bloodshot
Cool captivating style with lots of neat tricks and funky AD stuff, just a bit boxy in places. Gameplay was spot on as were some optional side-areas.

Train Station Infiltration by Ing
Tried once, axed and enforcer, and fell down an infinite black pit. Tried again, pressed a button, got one-shotted by plasma grunts. Tried again, went down a corridor, got instagibbed by invisible lasers.

Shadow and Flame by Ionous
Cool design and build quality, constantly stylish and well-detailed. Kinda small but nicely done with the twisting around. Gameplay was great for the first half, the second half was gruelling and lava was 90% of my problems as expected.

Abyssal Nimiety by Ish
Sorry axing Bobs at the top of a ladder doesn't do it for me.

Surrounded by Ish and Rhoq
More like a very tight Q2 Duel speedmap, but okay for that. Decent theme and gameplay fairly well balanced and challenging.

Airgapped by JCR
Style seemed quite aesthetic but gameplay was just nope.

Fully Integrated by JCR
Decent design for a single box, strong style and working machinery, but felt strongly like one arena. Ladders a bit obscure and gameplay a bit save-scummy and OTT for the area.

Something by Negke
Quirky! Which jam was this for again?? Nice design and sure to appease Doom fans, and of course, translucent Fiends. The textures didn't do it for me and the end combat was fairly horrible, tho.

You see me, you a stranger. I see you, I see danger by Naitelveni
Okay so it's just one room. But it's arguably the coolest, crazily detailed room all year.

Hall of Shards by Pinchy Skree
Not my style at all. Felt like a collection of ideas rather than a holistic theme, and the gameplay at the end was too much. Some neat ideas tho.

Gift of the Boxlord by Qmaster
Good design and layout for a "one room" type thing, got some variety in. Decent theme but the extraneous details were by far the highlight. Gameplay okay overall but needed more ammo in the middle.

Cop Speed Gentlemen by Qmaster
Simpler and plainer but the fog and angles were good. Could have done with more details. Gameplay was quite fun especially the knight hordes.

Aftermath by Queenjazz
Some funkiness with the skybox and spinning blades, but felt like a collection of prefabs. Gameplay fully random, didn't get very far.

NoQuarter by Scampie
Great design, great variety, loved the curved quarter of base. Cool progression. Gameplay frustrating and overly hard / reliant on replaying.

Moonlit Keep by Shotro
Really like the tribute to E1M5 start. Complexity and value was interesting but progression and gameplay was frustrating, I got stuck by the axe upgrade. Very easy to get stuck on scenery.

Coal in your Socks! by SOCK
Krampus ffs. What a troll. Brilliant map despite that. Great designs and aesthetics, the layout was a bit obvious but the lovely secrets made up for it. Spot on gameplay too.

A Christmas Romp by Spipper
Interesting ideas and the fiend sleigh amused me. Not a fan of the theme and the crate mechanism b0rked for me so couldn't get past the flames.

A Crooked Clergy by Strideh
Very nice. Perfect vibe and details. What I was striving for with mine! Nice little exploratory feel. Needed a shortcut from the bottom back up to the top.

Mutagenesis by Strideh
Brilliant. Superb details and style. Good gameplay balance throughout, keeping the "arena" type combat fair and fun. 
@ Mugwump
Shambler's Chapel Perilous
Probably my favorite of your maps that I've played so far, the last one being shamsp3. Design is less monochromatic and more detailed than some of your previous efforts and I love that you took advantage of every nook and cranny of this 1024³ space to stuff it with secrets. Combat is fairly challenging, just right for skill 2. Good stuff! One small nitpick is that with all the interconnectedness, I wish progression were a little less linear.

Thanks! It was initially a bit plainer but I tried to cram in more details, I still could have done better detailing in the crypt bit at least, that was me being lazy. Yes nooks and crannies, that was definitely the plan, partly inspired by xmasjam2017_ionous. If I found a space the player could fit into, I added a secret there ;). Yup it's linear, that was partly the plan, to get the maximum mileage out of the size.

@ Qmaster
Shambler: Probably the best map I've played in a long time. SOOO tight and loved every bit. Couple doors ghosting through walls but was otherwise superb and loaded with details. Did not dissapoint.

Thanks! It's maybe a bit tighter than ideal but I tried to alternate tighter and less tight areas, and I think the lighter enemy work okay. Not sure which doors were ghosting through walls, I tried to make the rotating ones all work around hinges.

@ digs
Chapel Perilous
Very cool! I liked the sound atmosphere. But most of all I liked a lot of moves. The map was linear, but due to the fact that I had to constantly raise and lower somewhere, I completely ceased to realize where I was. Very cool done.

Thanks! That was exactly the plan, to make the map feel a lot larger and longer than 1024 restrictions, due to labyrinthine progression. Glad it worked for you. Sound atmosphere is all down to AD's creepy monster noises. 
Fix For Chapel Perilous 
"Chapel Perilous" (xmasjam2018_sham.bsp) exit points to Start.bsp (capital S) which causes the game to shut down since there is only a start.bsp included. In Mark V at least this is a problem.

Does anyone either have the .map source file of this level or maybe already a fixed .bsp which points to start.bsp (small S at the beginning)? 
I didn't have any issues with "Chapel Perilous" using QS, AD-Mod(not QSS) or MarkV(DX9 | 1.98)

But, since you do...

In MarkV bring down the console and type "copy ents"

Load up a plain text editor and hit cntrl+v(copy from clipboard)

Search for "Start"(capped), found just after trigger_changelevel, change the Big "S" to a small one "s"

Save as "xmasjam2018_sham.ent" in the maps directory alongside the xmasjam2018_sham.bsp and xmasjam2018_sham.lit files. TADA

Alternatively, you could hex edit the plain text of the .bsp changing the "S" as well. Simpler

To wrap up... I already have the .ent file if you simply want me to upload it to quaketastic and you could d'load it ;)

If You Can Upload It 
... that would save me a lot of time. Fast reply is appreciated, mate! 
See if this helps:

Strange but, the .ent file did nothing for me! I changed it to e1m1 to test and it still went to start, wutface

I included the .ent that goes to "start" AND the .bsp the I hex edited "Start" --> "start". Just in case that works for you.

I loaded the level from my save so, it all works here.

Thanks A Lot 
... for this. Really fast service, highly appreciated. This map pack made last Christmas great again! 
Well Now. 
Apparently I did b0rk that. And I never tested it as part of the final pack so I never noticed. It always just went to intermission and then I moved on or exited Quake. Oh well. Thanks for helping damage_inc 
We didn't notice it during testing (we tested going from and to the start map for all the maps) cause it only happens on Linux and other case-sensitive OS, in Windows the changelevel works fine. :( 
Errrrmmm k. 
Capital Letters 
Maybe it also didn't happen to you since you are not using the latest Mark V build. I am using 1.99 Rev.4 (May 23, 2018), maybe that makes some difference. 
T-minus 45 Minutes To Playthrough 
Finished This Yesterday 
Had a blast. Besides that initial problem with the exit of "Castle Perilous" (on a Windows system!), I did not encounter any other issues or crashes. Really a solid release with some visually impressive maps inside! 
I've only played Bal's map so far, but it is excellent. Tremendous attention to details. I officially suck at finding secrets, though, as I didn't find a single one. A whole City of Bal episode would be amazing. 
Posted my reviews so far in the wrong thread but long story short, these maps are pretty amazing and I'm having a really good time playing through them. 
Just A Few More Words 
There are some real masterpieces in this pack. I was blown away by Strideh's maps. They're some of the best that I've ever played and they pretty much combined all of the best aspects of the game into them. Not only were they fun to play, but they were beautifully designed. Instantly one of my favorite mappers and I really hope that you make more in the future.

Ionous - I very briefly watched you stream a bit of you building this map and I'm glad that I finally got to play it. You managed to fit a lot into a tiny space including a pretty cinematic boss fight. However, I don't think that you can make something that I won't enjoy and I already knew before going into this that I was going to love it. Can't wait to catch up on your other maps that I've missed recently.

Bal - I can't really add to the praise that has been sung about your map. It's great and you already know that. It has a lot of the good game play elements that I've learned about from hanging out with the pros and moreover, it's a treat for the eyes. I usually don't ever use cheats before running through a map at least once but the second I spawned, I had to noclip out of the playable area just to soak it all in and appreciate the view. I also liked the little Easter egg that you put in at the top of the highest building. I kept wishing that the map was longer and not constrained by space or time limits.

Scampie - great base map and fitting for the season. I liked the connection between the boulder and the shootables. I also liked how you started off with the Shambler cave and I thought that the backtracking made for good use of space.

Krampus - I'm not able to guess who this is based on the map style although I have a few ideas. I saved this for last aside from the secret map and to me, it was another perfect map. Not only was it fun to play, but I really enjoyed looking at it. This is the sort of map that captures exactly what I love about smaller maps. I liked the secret poem as well.

Negke - still have to play through this but I took a brief look at it and it was a pleasant surprise especially after having just played your Doom maps only last week. I still wish that you'd make more Doom maps but I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of changes that you made to this one. 
Thanks for the kind words. The boss battle seemed to take a lot of people by surprise, which is what I had hoped for when conceiving it. 
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