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Q1EP: Realm Of The Lost
Finnish Mapper Episode Jam
a singleplayer & co-op episode
for id software's QUAKE

Authors: Smilecythe, NewHouse, VuRkka,
zigi, uKKo, Naitelveni, Ing-ing, Mazu &
Immorpher(music & sounds)

[Update] SMEJ Patch 1.13 Is Out!
#32 posted by Newhouse on 2020/01/07 21:28:19


1.13 07.01. 2020
-Tuned puzzles and monster balance.
-Fixed scripting issues.
-Fixed some texture issues.
-Tweaked navigation, coop setup etc.
1.0 30.12. 2019
-Original release.


Quakecast #41 - VuRkka - Quake Mapper,
Dec 26th, 2019

Quake Giblets: Finnish Mappers Episode Jam

Unzip the contents of the zip file into your /quake/ directory, so that the /smej/ folder is alongside, not in, the /id1/ folder. Start your favorite Quake engine port with '-game smej' appended to the command line. Fitzquake-derived engines such as Quakespasm or MarkV are recommended.

Please note: running the game with a different
-game prefix, or none, and changing the mod to smej via the console in such engines that support this may lead to unwanted config state being carried over from other mods, leading to potentially unpredictable results.

Episode uses Copper mod with small additions.

-smej crew
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Those shooting + jumping + turning + etc puzzles are a really satisfying thing to overcome.

Yes they are, if you don't go insane in the process. Even if you figure out the mechanics of the puzzles and secrets it's still a huge challenge. For example there's a secret that involves pressing+shooting a sequence of 4 triggers which opens "something" out of sight. If that wasn't enough, the whole thing is timed so you really have to haul ass. peRRRRRkele!! 
Map 2... 
mieli = puhalettu 
Wow. Could Not Wait For It To Be Loaded In Quaddicted DB... 
...So I just downloaded and fired up first map. Got to the second blue key.

Uninstalling now. 
I Am Sure Everything Will Be Fine... 
Sounds like smej crew will dial it back for the rest of us who are used to and/or prefer id+ game play. For now, just noclip past to the 2nd blue key. That last door, shooting past and blocking the last pillar, drove me nuts too ...and I really tried.

Besides a few of these instances, Smilecythe's first released Quake map (let that sink in) was pretty impressive. The ending animation was really clever, it was nicely put together (looks great), and it had some inventive (albeit difficult) puzzles.

I'm sure they'll tweak it nicely! 
Hopefully So... 
... but even the second map did not do anything for me, sadly... 
Heads Up. 
I finished the entire fucking thing and am speechless.

Will post demos and writeups in a couple hours. 
What A Great Pack. 
That climactic last map. Jesus lord, what a cool ending. My favourite was probably Ukko's for the atmosphere and exploratory gameplay. 
Perkele, That Was An Awesome Finish To The Year 
Amazing episode. Personally, I really dislike the platforming and gameplay in W1M1, so I ended up skipping it and using the console to load map 2. That said, W1M1 is really well-made, detailed and has lots of nice ideas, so it's kind of unbelievable that it is Smilecythe's first release.

Anyway, from there on I loved everything. I think my favorite map from the first play through is Ylä-Tornio, which btw is a place I often visited as a child. It isn't as cool in real life though.

Also, Immorphers music and sounds are just brilliant and fits perfectly both with the episode and Quake.

I also ended up finishing the end fight on godmode, but that's OK as the episode has so many secrets and stuff I missed the first playthrough, so I'll surely replay it several times - and I will persevere w/o godmode next time. Hopefully.

Kiitos to all involved! 
Oh, and the last map is insanely good and epic. 
Please Fix The Crash-on-save Issue 
Thank you guys for great release. I passed all of maps instead of w1m2 and w1s1, because of crash-on-save issue. Please fix it. I had the same in "Of Three Plantagenets" by Ubiquitous and he found a solution in this post: 
Awww Yeah 
I had the pleasure of binging the whole pack yesterday, with many of you watching.

--> SMEJ Full Stream <--

You will find my commentary there, but I do have some final thoughts:

w1m1 - Brilliant map, I really enjoyed it. Jumping puzzles are always fun for me. I thought it was a bit too challenging for map1 of the pack, would've served better later in the pack.

w1m2 - Oozing in style, and lots of interesting encounters and areas. It was a bit easy to get lost, but nothing that wasn't manageable.

w1m3 - Nice use of familiar set pieces with a twist! I was warned that I should be careful not to miss the secret exit, and the way you have to pick where to use the silver key to either get the secret exit or an early GL was pretty awesome. The map also communicates to the player whether you found or missed the secret exit nicely with a sudden exit.

w1s1 - Great lowgrav map! I thought it was well executed and the extra wide platforms for jumping around helped in this regard greatly.

w1m4 - Strongly reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus; you have multiple paths to take and everything feels like a secret passage. Beautiful detail and a nice breather compared to the more intense maps before and after.

w1m5 - Felt like a nice continuation of the previous map,an excellent followup and the fact I managed to find some secrets was nice too :D

w1m6 - Lots of neat encounters here, I really liked the Quad damage jumping secrets although it was possible to hoard them until the last encounter and totally nuke the final fight.

w1m7 - What the hell, this was intense. I will have to go back and play on hard for the full effect. The lighting was dramatic and the encounters were tough, but there was plenty of health/ammo to keep you going.

What I think is also awesome is how many damn secrets you all packed into this. I had a hard time finding many, but it will surely keep secret hunters busy for a little while. Nice work everyone and congrats! 
From what I've played of map 1 this is incredible. However, skill 2 is kicking my ass so I have to start over. I'm not used to Copper Quake's approach to difficulty yet, but mainly it's the puzzles. I'm really glad difficulty settings impact those. 
Still have the final map to do, but here's my stream for the rest (including the scret map):

I've had a great time with it so far, difficulty was a bit uneven at times, but nothing major.
All the maps are really good, but uKKo definitely gets extra points for the incredible atmosphere in his map.

As the past has shown, making an episode with so many people involved is really hard, so congrats to all of you for pulling this off so nicely! 
Skill 2 demos
Pretty much every map combines thick atmosphere with inventive exploration and interesting combat, which is incredible on its own, considering how different the maps are.

start: sets the mood for sure. Selecting a skill and then changing your mind doesn't work. Also the meta-secret is easier than nightmare selection.
M1: loved the variety of challenges, though some of them seemed like too much work, secrets especially. Felt forced to play defensively at a couple of points - fine on its own, but weird pacing for intro map. The colored lighting felt a bit, you know, color lighting-ey.
M2: great open map that still felt natural. The blue mines could use an unambiguous introduction (just have one block your path).
M3: neat idea with the key, not sure the execution was quite right. With the multi-key setups in the other maps this just made me a bit paranoid about doors and keys.
MS: low-grav indoors felt interesting and the adapted e1m8 bits were cool. Aside from the tower though, the gravity didn't get much use from what I remember.
M4: amazing atmosphere, treacherous ledges, the whole thing makes you feel like an intruder finding your own way in. Perfectly placed too, a great breather level in terms of combat.
M5: the most straightforward and safe-feeling level, could easily have been M2 (nothing wrong with that)
M6: got myself a glitched out invincible zombie nemesis that kept harassing me for most of the level. Fun level, getting a bit "out there" in terms of structure.
M7: a whole separate masterpiece. Seriously, the fact that it maintained the level of challenge with navigation, combat and resource economy all the way through - great job. The pit of pickled spawns was especially great. The "collectible" objective could have been communicated much earlier. And then an appropriately chaotic finale, couldn't have asked for more. 
Yes, now I managed the final fight as well, without copping out. Just a gazillion more secrets to find now! 
Just finished the pack. Fucking brilliant. I hope it gets some exposure in the gaming press, as did AD when it came out... sure would be well deserved. Mazu is a mapping machine! 
Played the final map, what a great way to finish this pack! Amazing work Mazu! Stream here :

Thanks for the great episode. 
That first map was a real test of my patience, with very challenging gameplay and platforming puzzles. But I was determined and preserved through it.

The whole episode is great, and while the first map may be the most controversial its without question the one being discussed the most in this thread for its steep difficulty. Well done to Smilecythe for creating what is no doubt one of the most frustrating, but at the same time rewarding maps I've ever played. I don't think I'll be revisiting that map anytime soon, but the memories will surely live on.

Of course I can't neglect the rest of the episode which was terrific. Everyone did a good job and it certainly shows. The last map was a real doozy, and I apologize for not recording the last segment of it. But I did complete it.

So here are the first run demos for each map in order, hard skill, recorded in Quakespasm.

For those intending to watch, would you prefer to watch in its demo format, or would it be more convenient to upload it to Youtube and watch from there? 
[Update] SMEJ Patch 1.13 Is Out! 

1.13 07.01. 2020
-Tuned puzzles and monster balance.
-Fixed scripting issues.
-Fixed some texture issues.
-Tweaked navigation, coop setup etc.
1.0 30.12. 2019
-Original release. 
Some Music To Celebrate! 
In honor of the new patch, here's a music video featuring uKKo's map! 
@Immorpher Absolutely enthralling music. Thanks for the video.

I found this 100% playthrough of Unhola. Can't even fathom how much time it must have taken to find all the secrets. I've played the map three times and found 13 of 23 – and then I must have spent an hour the last time just hunting for secrets. Also, nice touch to have 666 enemies on Nightmare. Such an awesome map. 
Sorry, should be 13 of 21. 
I'm terribly sorry for once again promising to post demos and failing to deliver for days.

Demos for maps 2-7

Please note that these were made for the 1.0 release, and will probably cause errors with the most recent maps. 
very cool maps 
Stream Time In 30 Minutes 
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