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Monster Artwork
I was just thinking about how underworldfan's site has those drawings (by Ogro?) of Quake monsters. I've drawn game monsters on occasion as well. What if we had an event where you draw a monster then scan it, and we post them all somewhere?

One rule should be, you shouldn't have to explain what monster it's supposed to be, heh.
Time frame, 2-3 weeks maybe?
Stupid idea?
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One Beer With Grenadin 
Well Now It's... 
...fiend, maybe you'll like it 
Still Waiting 
I still want Bal to draw a Japanese-style shambler. :( 
bal owes meh pictures first!!!

don't worry ill share 
Great Pulsar! 
this one isn't really good homoured... 
I drew one in the animu styleu (that's japaneseu for 'anime style')

It's Kawaii (cute) but not pinku (pink). 
This Is Fucking Awesome 
Scampie: that's dead on.

Phait: wow. Awesome perspective. 
Thanks, that was nice. I'm still waiting for one from Bal, though. 
An Axe..? Who In Hell's Name Uses The Axe!

A Knight needs his Metal-Wax... 
Sauro Sorry's 
...or did I smell humanoid artwork?

Sorry the tail is so long, makes it so vulnerable. 
Evile Catcubus Of Doom ! 
Oh Nos! VeryUglyCatcubus! 
I Always Liked The DJQuake Portrayal Of Monsters. :) 
Re Frag! 
those monsters look so happy :D 
Oh Man MadFox 
WHAT is the Grunt looking guy in the right-rear holding in his hands . . .

Is that his rifle or his gun?! 
That Would Be A Pop-gun 
and that blob is a spawn... if there's any questions... 
Rabbit Fire 
A mantranox to explain androids the right language of leftwriting in 2d shapes. 
It's Like Poetry 
New Year Shambler 
a truly disturbing vision 
Been A Long Afternoon... 
...mostly misspent... time was dragging slowly in front of my Mac so I decided to get back to graphite n'wood, just to see if my blood was still flowing.... Ended up sketching this thing which maybe someone would like to see... it's a monster mix (I mean mix of monsters) from the almighty Q, the selection being a Death knight, an Ogre, a Vore, 3 scrags and a coupla faketurds named spawns. Problem is, I don't have a site so if someone wants to see it, he should be so kind to tell me how and where I could upload it... Oh, and it's even a very small way of saying thanks to all you guys for the wonderful maps you keep flowing out.... 
how big of a file is it?
If its small enough to email you could send
it to me and I can upload it somewhere
and link to it here. 
Thx, Jimbo! 
the file is 212K, but I can downsize it further, if u want.... It's this big only to keep a decent level of detail.... anyway, it's just a quick sketch so.... Thanks a lot, anyway... 
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