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Professional To Incomplete At ..::LvL
From professional to incomplete at ..::LvL - This current batch of three releases has a very professionally finished map, a game play focused one and an unfinished, but playable level.

* Fat Plonker by Ecl1pse, Spike, Llanstoloq & Foo
* Before I Forget by Spike
* Zero Indulgence by Rynvord

LiveView and panoramas for all. Video for the first two only.

..::LvL -
Q1SP: SM226 - Grisly Grottos -- Released!
Speedmapping pack 226 - Grisly Grottos

10 speedmaps + start map inspired by e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto. Mappers had 60 hours to create a map using custom progs - based on Copper and featuring the diving gear from Dwell - with no restrictions on texturing or gameplay other than the prompt.

More info + download:

Quake II Remaster Released During QuakeCon
For those who have not heard it by now, on the 10th of this month, during the early part of QuakeCon 2023, id Software and Nightdive Studios released the remaster of Quake II, featuring all previously available content and the two original expansions as well as improved visuals, gameplay enhancements, the inclusion of the Quake 2 64 campaign, the PlayStation exclusive enemies, and finally brand new episode by Machine Games, called "Call of the Machine". The remaster is included as a free upgrade to people who already owned Quake II on digital storefronts, and has also been made available to modern consoles.

Read more about it here:
3 For ..::LvL
3 solid releases for August at ..::LvL - All the maps are heavily focused on game play and well worth checking out.

* Silence by cityy (unofficial conversion by OXOTHuK)
* Brass Tax by mrd
* Outsider by Spike

LiveView, videos and panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
Quake Combat+ Release & Trailer


Quake Combat+ is a refinement & continuation of Quake, SMC & Quake 1.5, built on Darkplaces, aiming to provide the ultimate Quake singleplayer combat experience and perfect the existing works without straying far from the original design/balance to retain compatibility with the many great custom-made user maps out there.

Trailer Music by MarkieMusic:
Slip & Frag V.1.0.23 Now Available (MacOS, Win64)
Slip & Frag, the sourceport of Quake for MacOS, Windows (x64), and Oculus Quest & Quest 2, has been updated!

Game controller support has been (finally!) added to the MacOS and Win64 versions, for controllers using the Xbox 360 & One profile.

Also, the core engine in both versions is now running in a separate thread, apart from the rendering code - meaning, the game will no longer appear frozen upon loading levels and other data (the classic disk loading icon will now be displayed as well).

See more details, and download the latest release from here:

(The bindings for the game controller are posted there as well.)

As usual, feedback is welcome and highly appreciated!
Re:Mobilize Jam
Get Re:ady for the very first Re:Mobilize Jam!

Re:Leased back on June 16, Re:Mobilize introduced Quake players and mappers to three movement mechanics that turn regular level design on its head. Now is your chance to become a part of the new mapping Re:Volution!

Besides showcasing trampolines, wiremeshes, and lightpanels, the Re:Mobilize Jam will be an opportunity to give some attention to the other cool new features introduced in the mod by @Inky, such as trigger_enterleave and trigger_random. And of course, mappers will have access to the full set of entities and features provided by dumptruck_ds's progs_dump 3.0 mod.

## Start:
August 1, 2023, 12:00 AM CST

## Deadline:
October 1, 2023, 12:00 AM CST

## Re:Lease:
October 8, 2023

## Progs:
Re:Mobilize 1.1, available at
Comes provided with an .fgd file containing all the necessary entity definitions, as well as rm_mechanics.wad, containing all of the standard textures used for signifying mechanics.

## Re:Quirements:

- Exit to start map

- Adjusted for difficulty settings

- Each mechanic (trampolines, wiremeshes, lightpanels) should be used prominently somewhere along the main path (you can use them in secret areas, but they can't be the only place they show up) in your map at least once. However, you're free to put more emphasis on some mechanics over others.

- Maps should be named rmj1_<author>, where <author> is the mapper's name.

## Allowed Assets:

For trampolines, wiremeshes, and lightpanels, you may only use the textures provided in the rm_mechanics wad. This ensures consistency between the appearance of the mechanics between maps, reducing confusion for players. The rm_mechanics wad is provided with the default installation of Re:Mobilize, and includes several textures for trampolines, wiremeshes, and lighthooks for both tech and medieval/runic themes.

For general map texturing outside of the mechanics, there are no restrictions on custom textures, sounds, models, skyboxes, music, etc. other than respecting the licensing agreements of the original source. It's recommended you put any custom sounds, models, skyboxes, music, etc. in a folder named after you or your map to avoid potential conflicts with other mappers' custom assets or assets already provided with Re:Mobilize.

## Re:Commendations:

- Maps should be challenging, and you are encouraged to make creative use of the mechanics to present interesting platforming puzzles. However, try to avoid setups that require extremely precise/pixel-perfect execution of movement techniques. There should be enough of a margin of error allowed that any player can successfully complete the map without needing an extremely intimate (i.e. speedrunner-level) knowledge of Quake's movement physics.

- Besides the new mechanics, Re:Mobilize introduces several other new features for mappers, courtesy of @Inky. Among these include trigger_enterleave, which lets you trigger events when a player enters or exits a trigger volume; trigger_random, which lets you fire targets randomly, and more. You can view all of these and more on the wiki:

## Re:Sources

- The Re:Mobilize Wiki, by far the most comprehensive source on how to use all of the entities in Re:Mobilize, including the movement mechanics and the additional features mentioned earlier:

- The examples and settings maps in the standard Re:Mobilize installation. The former map shows you basic use cases for the mechanics as would be seen in actual gameplay, while settings is intended to show how the mechanics can be customized to change both their functionality and appearance. And of course, all the 11 playable maps packaged in Re:Mobilize are great places to get inspiration!

## Submissions:

Message @Em3raldTig3r on Discord.
Slip & Frag - Experimental VisionOS Version
Stuff is coming together nicely:

I haven't done any proper research that would show that I'm the first to do it (it is unlikely that's true). But the thing is - it works. And it works just good enough to motivate me to learn me some Metal and proceed with a proper immersive implementation of the thing.

(I wonder if Apple would actually let me publish it... I mean, I was able to publish one version for iOS a few years ago, so, who knows?)
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