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Quake Level Design Starter Kit: Automated Edition
Hello everyone! 👋

I'm thrilled to share that I've just released the latest, fully automated version of the Quake Level Design Starter Kit GitHub Link.

This enhanced version automatically compiles tools from their original GitHub repositories weekly to ensure they are up-to-date. It includes TrenchBroom, Ironwail, ericw-tools, Quake CLI Tools, and more, supporting both Microsoft Windows and Linux (Debian-based distributions).

Please refer to the README file for comprehensive details and setup instructions. Feel free to report any issues.

Here is the very latest available version:

Thanks, and have fun using it!
Two High Quality Releases For ..::LvL
Two high quality releases for ..::LvL - CMYK from Spike is a lot of fun and fast to play. sst13 continues releasing professional remakes from the base game. Both are well worth checking out.

* CMYK by Spike
* The Place Of Many Deaths CTF - Extended by sst13

LiveView, videos and panoramas for both.

In other news, an audit of all the reviews is happening in the background. HTML formatting, corrections and link checks have been the main focus. The task is still in progress, but please let me know if you notice any issues.

..::LvL -
Quake Brutalist Jam 2
Quake Brutalist Jam 2 (QBJ2) was released on Oct 24th with 30 maps of concrete visual feasts and gibs galore:



The first Map pack is at:


And our discussion about it!

The start map on the original QBJ is a visual treat, I can't wait to try QBJ2 which I'm going to download and play right after I post this!
Re:Mobilize Jam 1: Re:Collections
A jam held from August 1, 2023 to October 1, 2023, featuring 4 maps (plus start) all making use of the Re:Mobilize mod and its signature movement-based mechanics!

Download @ Slipseer:

Map Info:

- Re:Collections (start) by EmeraldTiger
Music: "Old Cosmic Entity" by Samuel Francis Johnson (
Textures: Knave by Kell

- Artificial Respiration (rmj1_alexunder) by alexUnder
Kills: 69 (Nice), 113 (Normal), 127 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 15
Music: By Magnetbox
Textures: Makkon

- Civic Ascent (rmj1_shadesmaster) by Shadesmaster
Kills: 37 (Easy), 71 (Normal), 105 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 3
Music: By Jeehun Huang
Textures: Makkon

- RE:2M6: The Dismal Oubliette (rmj1_chuma) by Chuma; based on The Dismal Oubliette by John Romero
Kills: 175 (Easy), 220 (Normal), 265 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 14
Music: "Lost in the Matrix", "Embers", "Infernal Sky", and "Alien Crypt" by Karl Casey, "Ghostlight" by David Szymanski

- Trial of Maahes (rmj1_emeraldtiger) by EmeraldTiger
Kills: 78 (Easy), 100 (Normal), 124 (Hard/Nightmare)
Secrets: 5
Music: "Night of Egypt" by waelart (
Textures: Sock
Professional To Incomplete At ..::LvL
From professional to incomplete at ..::LvL - This current batch of three releases has a very professionally finished map, a game play focused one and an unfinished, but playable level.

* Fat Plonker by Ecl1pse, Spike, Llanstoloq & Foo
* Before I Forget by Spike
* Zero Indulgence by Rynvord

LiveView and panoramas for all. Video for the first two only.

..::LvL -
Q1SP: SM226 - Grisly Grottos -- Released!
Speedmapping pack 226 - Grisly Grottos

10 speedmaps + start map inspired by e1m4 - The Grisly Grotto. Mappers had 60 hours to create a map using custom progs - based on Copper and featuring the diving gear from Dwell - with no restrictions on texturing or gameplay other than the prompt.

More info + download:

Quake II Remaster Released During QuakeCon
For those who have not heard it by now, on the 10th of this month, during the early part of QuakeCon 2023, id Software and Nightdive Studios released the remaster of Quake II, featuring all previously available content and the two original expansions as well as improved visuals, gameplay enhancements, the inclusion of the Quake 2 64 campaign, the PlayStation exclusive enemies, and finally brand new episode by Machine Games, called "Call of the Machine". The remaster is included as a free upgrade to people who already owned Quake II on digital storefronts, and has also been made available to modern consoles.

Read more about it here:
3 For ..::LvL
3 solid releases for August at ..::LvL - All the maps are heavily focused on game play and well worth checking out.

* Silence by cityy (unofficial conversion by OXOTHuK)
* Brass Tax by mrd
* Outsider by Spike

LiveView, videos and panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
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