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Explore Jam 3 (Q1SP) Released
Explore Jam 3 was released on May 25:

Ted Litchfield on PCGamer gives it a good review:

"Quake modding site Slipgate Sightseer has released an entire episode's worth of maps for the classic FPS with no combat to speak of. The Explore Jam 3 map pack follows in the footsteps of previous pacifist community jams on the Quaddicted Quake fan site, and offers 14 levels entirely focused on platforming and exploration."

I am going to try is shortly to see if a no gibs game is worth playing. ;)
Two For ..::LvL
Two game play strong releases for ..::LvL. A CTF re-work of The Forgotten Place (q3dm5), designed for the Devotion mod and a Quake 3 version of a release originally designed for Quake Live.

fossil's release is super fast and can be very intense, but does have a number of technical issues. A very strong first Q3A release from this author - keen to see more!

* Devotion CTF #1 - Forgotten CTF by Foo
* Returner by fossil

LiveView, videos and panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
Hexen 2 SP: Qazzarith Library
A large level with an Arabic/Persian/central Asian theme, using the Shadows Of Chaos Standalone mod (so expect new monsters & features) and a port with extended limits. I havent tested it but I've seen someone played it on FTEQW as well.


The map is designed for the medium brightness setting, which screenshots don't capture properly, so I adjusted their gamma in post which makes the map look a bit more washed-out than in-game.

Time To Belong (Q1SP)
20 years ago I made some speedmaps, and had the idea to use them as a base for an episode. 16 years ago I started working on it. 10 years ago I did most of the work, including extending the maps to a proper size. Five years ago I polished them up, rebuilt the end map and sent the episode out for beta testing. Two weeks ago I watched the final beta demo and have been making some tweaks since then.

It's probably a contender for the most needlessly long gestation period ever, and probably not worth the wait. But hopefully worth an hour or so of your time for a quick nostalgic blast.

Four medium classic id-themed maps plus start map and Zer-themed end map. Mostly vanilla progs but has a few mods here and there (comes in a .pak with its own progs.dat so should be installed in Quake/ttb and run with -game ttb +map start)


1 Mod , 2 Maps For ..::LvL
Three reviews, two for levels and one for a mod at ..::LvL - Awesome to see a mod review turn up for Q3knockOut. This is a fun mod that changes the dynamics and game play for Space Maps (or floaters). The two maps are both older releases that have finally made it to the site.

* Nocturnal Convention (2) by Rynvord
* Installation Error by Arch Giddle
* Q3knockOut (mod)

LiveView, videos and panoramas for the maps. Screenshots only for the mod.

..::LvL -
SM224 - Prototype Jam 4 (announcement)
On behalf of Poop Fiend

SM224 - Prototype Jam 4
Start: Now
End: 11:59 PM (23:59), EST, 5/7/2023
Progs: Copper or Vanilla
Design Constraints: Prototype WAD


Other requirements:

1. Map should have its trigger_changelevel set to start
2. Naming convention: sm224_authorname, e.g. sm224_poopfiend
3. Name your map via the "message" key in worldspawn.
4. Direct message or tag me to reserve a track number if you plan to use custom music

DM your map to me (Shartuterie#6640) by 5/7/2023 or email the files to


Planning to release the pack by 5/10/2023.

Happy mapping! Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Copper Download:
Prototype WAD:
Countdown: (edited)
Coffee Quake 2
Download here.

The speediest of map jam packs is back by popular demand. Coffee Quake 2 brings you 132 maps, all made within 2 hours, across four episode themes.

Episode 1: Egypt
Episode 2: Runic
Episode 3: Koohoo
Episode 4: Elder​

This jam features 132 two-hour speedmaps by 36 mappers!

More info and screenshots.
Q1EP: The Spiritworld
The Spiritworld is a singleplayer & co-op episode inspired by the fourth episode (the Elder World).

It has 7 main maps, 3 secret maps, a start map and an end map with a new boss.

All maps by Newhouse & zigi.

It comes with a new soundtrack featuring tracks by Immorpher, BouncyTEM and dumptruck.


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