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Q1SP: SM217 — Remaster Textures
This speedmapping event uses MachineGames' new texture pack.
Mappers had under a week to submit an entry. Nine (9) entries total.

It runs on the Copper mod (included).



Topdown Jam Is Released
The Topdown Jam is out! It's time to have a look at Quake from a whole new perspective. Maps from @CommonCold, @ChrisHolden, and @Nolcoz, with a start map (and mod and jam direction) by @JaycieErysdren.


Note that this requires FTE to play! The download comes with an FTE executable and a configuration that will launch you into the jam folder by default (but you do still need to provide an id1 folder as usual.)
Block Quake
Block Quake has been released. This mod replaces all monsters, weapons and items with Lego counterparts.

Youtube video
Download page

It's well done and definitely worth a look IMO.
Quakestarter Version 3
For a "what the heck is Quakestarter" refresher, see

It may not be interesting to all the old hands around here for your own personal use, but it could be something to give to a newbie friend who wants to try out Quake singleplayer stuff.

New release today:

Some interesting high-visibility changes here, and some changes to the file structure, so let’s do a major version bump. Welcome to Quakestarter 3.0.0!

The most obvious change is that the documentation is now in HTML. You can open “quakestarter_readme.html” in your web browser and poke around; there’s also an option to open the docs from the main Quakestarter menu. Rather than the docs just mentioning each other, they now use proper hyperlinks… imagine that.

(The docs for the latest version are also hosted online at )

Also new in this release: On the menus showing individual addons, you now have the option to open the Quaddicted review page for a particular addon. That page will open in your default web browser.

Speaking of addons, The Castle of Koohoo has made a triumphant return to the Classic (non-episodes) menu, on the back of a small recent ratings bump. (Maybe because of the Koohoo-themed retrojam?) We’ve also added the sm198 hub to the Post-AD episodes menu, a nicely weird experimental speedmap pack with a particularly small playable space per map.

Finally, as part of the process of finding Quake game data and soundtrack files, Quakestarter is now better at locating Quake installations that are in Steam library folders separate from the main Steam folder.
Made It To April At ..::LvL
An update for April at last at ..::LvL - Three maps of various game types and skill are in this update. Favorite from this update for me has to be DEMIC. The rawness and grandioseness is only matched by the review that must have been submitted by a friend.

* First Rebirth by Gelenkbusfahrer
* Rooftopsctf for Pkarena by Flusyndrome
* DEMIC I by Frank Cyber

Videos and panoramas for all. NOTE: The LiveView does NOT work for any of these release. Still waiting on an update that will resolve a lot of issues.

..::LvL -
Hellish Chapel Map For Quake 3 Arena
Little Map for Free For all matches For Quake 3: Arena.
My First Multiplayer Map and My First Quake 3 Arena Map
Q1SP : Temple Of Teuthis
Fairly large adventure map. uses extras_r5 mod.


Q1SP: Slip Tripping By Markie
I made a vanilla style speedmap for the hell of it. Jumping between base and Medieval is something I've wanted to explore and I tried it out here!


Screenshots on Twitter
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