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Q1SP: Train Station
I stumbled by accident on this while browsing Youtube ( ). Released in 2019, made by Fimbul K.

Quaketastic Download:
Q1SP: Alkaline 1.1 (Thanksgiving Update)
Alkaline 1.1 is out now! ...a Thanksgiving treat.
After further development, the update to the Base enhancement mod/map pack is available to enjoy :)


With maps from Bal, Bloodshot, bmFbr, DragonsForLunch,
EmeraldTiger, Greenwood, Grome, Juzley, Makkon, Mazu,
Mista Heita, Paul Lawitzki, Scampie, and zigi.

Download link:
Mirror (via Bal ...thanks!):
Super Fast Quakespasm Fork
So, I had this in my Twitter feed this morning. It seems the bulk of the rendering code has been pushed over to the GPU:

Having tried it myself on my CPU limited PC the speed difference is a huge hundreds of FPS gain.

AD_Tears has never been so smooth. :)
The 11th Month At ..::LvL
The 11th month update for ..::LvL - 3 mostly successfully maps have been added to ..::LvL. This mix of releases might have a keeper or two for you.

* Shine by StjartMunnen
* Silip by StjartMunnen
* Runaway by rezin

Videos for the first two and panoramas for all.

..::LvL -
RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 Released
RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 adds PBR, Baked Global Illumination and TrenchBroom Mapping Support. This release fixes the darkness of Doom 3 and makes the game look more similar to Dead Space and Doom 2016 without adding new textures and materials. RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 presents Doom 3 BFG in a fresh look and you will be impressed how much beautiful artwork was in Doom 3 which you haven't seen before because the lighting was all pitch black. The original main goal of this 1.3.0 release is to give modders the ability to make new content using up to date Material & Lighting standards.
Halloween Jam 4 Is Out!
The Fourth Quake Halloween Jam is here!

With 8 maps by mappers Artistical, Chris Holden, Greenwood, Grue, Omni, Pinchy, PQP, Riktoi and a start map by yours truly!



Happy Halloween!
Q2M - Quake 2 Weapons For Quake V1.12 Update Released!
This is a mod that adds Quake 2 weapons and player models to Quake.

It's got a startup select screen to toggle between Q1 and Q2 marines that pops up at the beginning of each new game session and contains all weapons from Q2, including the Railgun and BFG.

V1.12 fixes the last few known bugs, adds a couple tweaks and improvements, and makes the mod more mapper-friendly.

Download with full list of changes here. Have fun!
Q1compile - V0.7 Release - A Quake Map Compiler GUI
I released a new version of my map compiler GUI.


This app helps you compile your Quake maps in a more user-friendlier way, you need to set up a few paths and options and there you go. It can also optionally watch your map for changes and auto-compile only what is actually needed (e.g. run light only when lights changed, or run -onlyents if only point entities changed).

Here's what's new in v0.7:

* Open multiple config tabs.
* Customize compilation steps order and add custom commands with variables.
* Option to auto-save when closing configs or exiting the app.
* Save selected compiler options as a new preset.
* Utility links to mapping tutorials, downloading tools and editor.
* Reorganized UI more logically.
* Bugfix: regarding recent configs history.
* Bugfix: watch map file sometimes failed to detect changes.

You can report any bugs or request features though Github, since I don't check func_msgboard too often:

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