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Ironwail 0.7 Released
Explainer Video:

"DarkPlaces Mark V" Release ==> Zircon Engine
The Zircon engine is a touchup of DarkPlaces with 40 small modifications, bug-fixes and slightly polished enhancements similar to the once upon a time "FitzQuake Mark V".

Short list:
1) Streamlined menu with scaling
2) ALT-ENTER fullscreen/windowed mode switch
3) Ctrl +/- adjusts console height
4) Windows scaling fix (so menu is not off-center if Windows scaling is on)
5) FitzQuake noclipping for mapping
6) sv_cheats defaults to 0 for developers/mappers convenience
7) Lower cpu when using the console
8) "folder" "copy" "pos" commands


Hopefully some/all of these will get rolled into official DarkPlaces at some point.
Game Play Focus At ..::LvL
Two game play focused releases for ..::LvL. Resnarkled from Spike and a re-work of the Quake classic UltraViolence by Foo help to show just how important game play is.

* UltraViolence (2) by Foo
* Resnarkled by Spike

LiveView, Videos and panoramas for all.

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Dwell Episode 2 Released
Dwell episode 2 has been released!

The Episode 2 Update includes...
• 14 new maps, including 3 bonus maps.
• 2 new bosses warding the runes of power.
• 2 new weapons with unique skill-based mechanics.
• 3 new monsters to face-down.
• 3 new powerups to enhance your abilities.
• 16 new custom music tracks by Alekswithak.
• A new Start Hub to explore.
• Episode 1 revamp, featuring new encounters, expanded levels and a new boss level.
• Deathmatch layouts for many existing levels.

(be sure to download the latest version (2.1) released today, it has a ton of tweaks and bugfixes compared to the version released 2 days ago.)


QSP: "Io. Loki Patera." By Asl.
Rather big map from Asl, industrial setting.


Quak: The Latest Map Releases In A Single List
"Quak" is a website that displays map releases from both Quaddicted and Slipseer in a single list, since some releases may not appear on both websites. Created by CnEY a few months ago.

CnEY wrote: As someone who suffers FOMO and/or confusion when browsing quaddicted and/or slipseer, I created a frontend that scans both. (For anyone curious/concerned: It crawls at most once per hour for new stuff and stops when it hits something it's already seen; it re-crawls once per day fully. Otherwise queries run against an in-memory or filesystem cache.)
Remakes At ..::LvL
A late start to the year at ..::LvL - 3 releases containing 4 maps - all remakes! Totally Lost is a great re-work of the id Software original Q3DM13. A Counter-Strike remake from OXOTHuK and finally a remake of the Quake Single player map The Elder God Shrine (E4M3).

* Totally Lost & Totally Lost: CPM Edition by swelt & RasputiN
* de_aztec (from CS) by OXOTHuK
* Elder God Ruins by David M. Pochron

LiveView support, video and panorama for all.

..::LvL -
End Of 2022 At ..::LvL
Three more releases for ..::LvL - These will help you to see out the last few days for 2022 and the start of the New Year.

All three are well worth the download or at the very least, loaded up with the LiveView system.

* The Edge 2004 CPM Remix by swelt
* inspired by swelt
* Knows No Shame (Uberkill) by Q

Videos and panoramas for all.

In other news, LiveView has gone through some major tweaks in the background and it should be a little quicker to load maps. You can also manage your cached data now.

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