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Q1SP: The Circulation Of Shadows
The Circulation of Shadows - by Bal & Greenwood (1/13/2021)

This was the first map for a Nehahra episode that never materialized.
It's a neat Base map, with underground missile silos and conveyor belts.
Bal started this around 2005 & I thought it shouldn't remain dormant :)



Tested on: Darkplaces, DirectQ, JoeQuake, Mark V, Quakespasm, Quakespasm Spiked, and vkQuake

Easy to install PAK file. Just drop it in your Quake folder and have fun.
It uses the Rubicon 2 mod (included) with some custom additions.
Complete with start map and new track from Markie Music
(an MP3 version is included for Mark V & JoeQuake users).
(Unofficial) Shrak V2.1 Patch
NightFright has released an unofficial patch for Shrak:

After digging deep into QuakeC and de-/recompiling processes, here is the result of my restauration efforts for the "Shrak" TC by Quantum Axcess. The goal was to get rid of all the smaller and bigger annoyances you may encounter while playing through the levels in order to achieve a gameplay experience as it was (probably) intended. Source files are included. (Special thanks to the guys over at the Func_Msgboard who were patient with me while I was trying to figure out how to fix that cursed utility vest and its tricky ammo counters.)

Download (1.4 MB)

[NEW] Enemy hitpoints reduced by 33% when playing on "Easy"
[NEW] Added names for first and last level
[NEW] Secret level now with an intro message (like the other levels)
[NEW] Small quake.rc file to automatically load the new start map
[FIX] Two map showstoppers fixed
[FIX] Bugged ammo/tool counters fixed
[FIX] Bugs with ingame messages fixed
[FIX] Plutonium keys rotate now (as they should)

- Source port with external .ENT file support (e.g. Quakespasm, Mark V)
- Shrak v2.0 (pak0.pak and pak1.pak present)

- Extract pak2.pak and quake.rc into your "Shrak" directory
- Launch "Shrak" as usual

QuakeOne thread
Q1SP DevKit Progs_dump Version 2
progs_dump allows mappers to make hundreds of amazing Quake mods with no coding required. It features an in-depth 95 page PDF manual.

After 11 months of development, progs_dump version 2 is available. Designed for beginner and intermediate mappers, this devkit allows a massive amount of customization, quality-of-life additions and opens up new game-play possibilities requiring zero coding. Assembled from old Quake mods, tutorials and some brand new and unique QuakeC, "pd_" allows mappers to do things John Romero had wanted in the original Quake! Here's a video that covers some of the new (and older) features.

Download progs_dump v200

from Quaketastic
from Drive

Monster Customization:

Add custom sounds, skins, models, health, damage, names, obituaries and much more without any coding required. This includes customizing monsters’ heads, gibs and projectiles. Grunts, Enforcers and Ogres have multiple new attack options and we’ve added killable, gibbable versions of the original Quake bosses as well. Rotfish will gib now. No other Quake mod allows this amount of customization in such a user-friendly way.

Quality-of-Life Features:

Trigger spawned monsters, continuous monster spawning and random monster spawning. Respawn items and suspend them in mid-air. Add custom backpack pickups, drag and drop gore decorations and create visual effects like explosions and lightning effects. Custom models, sprites and sound effects. Multiple targets and targetnames, dormant triggers, enhanced platforms and more.

Unique new features like trigger_look, sight_trigger, pain_target, Doom style door behaviors and item_key_custom.

Mission pack additions like custom gravity triggers, rotating entities, candles and elevators.

Enhanced teleporters with random destinations, monster only options, changeable destinations and more.

Popular requests like ladders, cutscenes and breakables are included. In fact, there are two styles of breakable. An “easy” method and a completely “custom” method.

Collisions for most objects are disabled in noclip making testing and reviewing your level a bit easier.

Bug fixes

Traditional fixes to the Shambler’s collision during combat, the Rotfish “kill count” bug, door unlock sounds and many more “under-the-hood” code fixes. This includes fixes to the mission packs QuakeC as well.
Security Terminal - Q2 SP Map From Quakeulf


In this func_moderator's unbiased opinion this is a cool map with a nice theme, good layout, and fun gameplay :)
Kicking 2021 Off With 3 Maps At ..::LvL
Kicking 2021 off with 3 maps at ..::LvL - All are well worth checking out. They are older, small DM and Tourney releases from known mappers.

* Wee Bugger by swelt
* Bullet in the Gun by Yogi
* Earth Core Program by Fjoggs

Videos and panoramas for all.

Be sure to check out the mods section too. If you have some time, feel welcome to write a review for one of the listed mods.

..::LvL -
Q1SP: We Got Bored Lol
we got bored so we made some 2 hour speedmaps
it's using a custom Copper-based mod, don't mix it w/ id1 unless you have a thirst for the durst
mappers are snaut, mazu, void, greenwood, markie and fairweather
pack put together/organized by fairweather
thanks to Lunaran for Copper

Alt Download
ADSP: Calm Mood Rain Sounds Forest Mushroom
This is a tiny "walking sim" map that was originally created as a model for a Twine game, adapted to become "playable". No monsters, no weapons, no combat, no secrets, no exit! Just interaction with sprites.

Requires AD 1.8+



Highly suggest looking at ReadMe.
Slip & Frag 1.0.5 For Oculus Quest, Quest 2 & MacOS Available
Ladies and gentlemen, version 1.0.5 of Slip & Frag for Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and MacOS is now available!

Improvements include support for the 90Hz refresh rate setting for Quest 2, and several important memory management fixes related to the rendering of the game engine, which should make it considerably more stable and performant. Also, the limit on textures bigger than 256x256 has been removed from the engine, which now make custom mods such as the Xmas Jam 2020 actually playable!

You can get it through SideQuest ( ) or by direct download ( ).

(The Windows version will be temporarily be kept at 1.0.4 - a bug was discovered when applying the most recent changes, that prevents the Windows version from playing any game, which does not seem to affect the other platforms. Investigation of the cause of the bug is underway.)

As usual, comments are welcome!
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