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New Q1SP (AD) BeHop Ranger And The Spicy Wizards
A remix of a remix of a remix in moonlight!
Screenshot 1 Download
Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo By Poppy Works And Ironwood Software
As no one else seems to be acknowledging it, I'd like to bring attention to the exceptional total conversion: Slave Zero X: Episode Enyo developed by Poppy Works and Ironwood Software. This mod is truly outstanding, and I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out, along with this interview.
2 Maps And Ascii Q3A At ..::LvL
Start 2024 with 2 release and something different at ..::LvL - Duality is a nice sized CTF release from Spike. VELOCITY SHIFT is an older, interesting release from Rynvord but lacks a bot file.

* Duality by Spike

LiveView and panoramas for all. Video only for Duality.

In other news, I've been experimenting with something almost pointless. A cut back, feature poor, text only "terminal like" version of ..::LvL. This lead to a top down, turn based, ascii version of Q3A. You can check this experiment for yourself and the Ascii Q3A game.

..::LvL -
..::LvL Terminal -
Ascii Q3A -
The Dismal Silhouette (Q1SP - Arcane Dimensions)
Remake of e2m6. Originally created for RemakeQuake many years ago (that was a fun memory right?) but heavily rebuilt and refreshed using AD over the past ~7 months or so.

It's quite large, 321 monsters on hard and some secrets worth finding.

Download and screens at the following link:

Would feel weird if I didn't post about it on here <3
Q1SP (copper) - The Trickster's Domain
Hi there!

I've finally managed to finish this thing that's been lying around for more than half a year.

It's a rather large (30+ min) map with lots of M.C. Escher inspired architecture and some mechanical gimmicks.

It runs with Copper v1.20 (included in the download) and requires bsp2 support.

Screenshots and downloads over on my personal portfolio:

Let me know what you think.
..::LvL's Space Egyptian Finish For 2023
2 Egyptian themed and a space map for the end of 2023 at ..::LvL - Both of the Egyptian themed maps are well worth checking.

* Blighted Nile by Jameson
* Schism by Spike
* Stronghold in Space (2) by Rynvord

LiveView support, videos and panoramas for all.

Hope you all have a great 2024!

..::LvL -
ADSP: The Anomaly 3: Tower

I finally sat down and finished my new map.
Map for Arcane Dimensions v1.81 and require port with bsp2 support.



I will be glad to have recorded demos and any feedback
My Patched Ironwail
Hello guys,

Ironwail's emulation of the software look was the best thing to ever happen, there's just a tiny little issue; colormap doesn't work for non-clients, player corpses revert to their original color upon respawning, so for completeness, I fixed that with code used in MarkV, now corpses won't lose their colors, and it will also color sentry guns, etc if you play TF.
Also, I've added a new cvar, r_coloredlights, set it to 1 to enable colored muzzleflashes, explosions and powerup glows, making it look like Engoo with r_softemu on.
It also supports the old QC EF_BLUE/RED flags (64 and 128 respectively) and can be used interchangeably with qex_quadlight or pentlight (16/32), this is for backwards compatibility. Powerup glows on vanilla progs will still be white.

If you don't have Ironwail, make sure to download the original version first, to get the required DLLs:

Some screenshots (colored corpse on third image):
File link:

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