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Michaelbay Mod
I made a simple mod.

It adds explosions to monsters, being able to destroy all doors and buttons (also causes explosion sound),
make hp cap higher and start you off at 200, and speed up all monsters.

It's designed to play through existing no mod maps. It's just a bit of fun.

Tell me what you think.
Quake 4 In Quake 2 Demo (tram Station Mission 24)
Welcome to the history of Quake 4 in Quake 2 a total recreation of all the missions of Quake 4 in Quake 2.

You can download a demo map here mission 24 tram station:

You can request the first unit on my web:

After the bitter man defeated the makron at the moon base he landed near a heavily fortified strogg military base.
There he learned that the Strogg had built a new makron. Now your mission is to
destroy the new one and avenge your fallen comrades without any help.
You will enjoy the following in this modification:

.Remastered Music from the official expansions (although you may already have them).

.Quake 3 music on some maps.

.Similar recreation of quake 4 maps in quake2.

.New graphical interface.

.In future versions maybe friendly marines will be placed.

This mod needs:

. Kmquake2 or Vanilla QUAKE 2 with unofficial patch 3.24.
Quake 4 In Quake (Infernal Stroggos) Demo Map
Welcome to this new hellish adventure with our hero Ranger. This time Ranger traveled in time through an unknown portal and realized that the homeworld of the Strogg was invaded by demons. This story takes place in some alternate universe where the planet Stroggos is now home to the infernal demons. Can you survive on this planet? It's basically Quake 4 in Quake 1.

You can download the demo map here mission 11 hub center tunnels:

Request the first unit on my web page here:
The Deep Mod: Beta 3

This here is my first map (and second if start maps count), intended to be the first in a five-map episode. There's quite a bit of new stuff in here including:

- 3 all new monsters.

- Tweaks to several vanilla monsters to make them fit better in an underwater setting.

- Several new props and item pickups.

- Uses the latest version of the Quake 2 Marines mod (v1.13).

Try it out with the link below. All feedback much appreciated!


Download link:
Deck 16 For Quake
It's that time again where I release yet another Deck16 map. I won't prattle on, it's Deck 16 and you've played it before.

There's bot support for the Remaster thanks to JPiolho.
Thanks to c0j, Scythe, Omar and tdDaz for testing the map.

Download Link

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
2022 Has Started At ..::LvL
2022 has started at ..::LvL. 3 releases to begin with. "The Dimension of Evil" is a Single Player release from Eraser using the EntityPlus mod. I'm really hoping this mod gets some traction.

* The Dimension of Evil by Eraser
* Circle Of Death - Extended by sst13
* SkyB0tz by M00nbot

Videos for 2 and panoramas for all.

Wishing and hoping 2022 is going to be awesome for everyone!

..::LvL -
QTexomatic - Scriptable Texture Conversion
Hi there,

I just released the first version of QTexomatic, a script-based tool to combine and convert textures into something usable for Quake-mappping.

The tools supports, e.g., writing textures into WAD (with automated palette-conversion and dithering) and PAK-files (full-color TGA replacements). One use-case is, e.g., to create WAD-files for mapping, but also create high-res, full-color texture replacements in the process.

Source-code, releases and documentation is available over at
Q1SP - The Slipgate Massacre
Happy Christmas everyone!

I have finished a map, I've streamed the entire creation of this map live on Twitch. It's a medium to large sized id-base map with loads of low-level monsters, secrets and quad damages! It's a speedily laid out remix of e1m1 that snowballed into quite a big map. It was turned around really fast by my standards. Loving playing with ericw's tools, but still stubbornly using Worldcraft.

Big thanks to nathnolt for the ladder and a hack :) Big thanks to all that joined me on Twitch, Flecked, Colossus, mopeybloke, doug, and everyone else!

Screenies + download
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