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What Happens If We Die?
[This was originally a thread by Blitz that wondered if there was any way of finding out when someone in the community died. The thread met a similar fate when i was messing around with the messageboard code, so Blitz's original text is lost.]
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I remember once we talked about maps and not idiotic bullshit that maybe deserves a few lines of talk on IRC. 
Dead Man's Switch 
There's a program which will post on websites, send out e-mails, and delete your porn if you don't reset the counter every week or however often you like. 
A person's art generally goes up in value after they've died. I'd be happy to kill a few of you to immortalize your maps. Maybe we could even stir some more activity in the quake1 scene.

Any volunteers? 
You Can Kill Me 
but i dont make maps.

hence by death would be worthless.

how postmodern and yet how serious this thread is. 
Yeah, those were the days. Ramshackle, qboard and anything below 200 milliseconds equaled great ping... 
btw, Maps aren't art. If they were, ultrav and the dapak maps would be on display in a museum.

Mapping is a craft. It's a combination of design and function, but not wholey either. Maps are the equvilant of a piece of furniture, sure you can make them look nicer or function better, but they're still not art. 
I think we've gotten into a discussion of art before. Art is whatever you want it to be. 
Art is Fart without the F. 
I Agree With Scampie 
I think mapping is more of a craft than an art.

But can I still kill people anyway? 
Fuck Art 
The point is immortality. Who knows, perhaps in the future when the world is a much different place someone will load up your maps. 
I Wonder If Cats Will Inherit The Earth 
and develop a particular taste for boxmaps... 
Oh! How I have quested my entire life for philosophy debates such as this! 
Who knows, perhaps in the future when the world is a much different place someone will load up your maps.

Assuming a post apocalyptic civilisation uses a Microsoft OS...

(oh, and would they prefer software or GL?) 
Quake is only 6 years old... and already many maps are lost forver... I doubt any maps will live another 10 years.

Not that we care, seeming as anyone worth their salt doesn't map for fame. 
[...] I doubt any maps will live another 10 years.

Not that we care [...]

Eh? In ten years I might just want to load up Quake, play Day of the Lords, and reminisce about the old days when scampie wrote angst-filled posts on Func_Msgboard. 
RPG, so in 10 years, you'll not only have a functioning computer that can run old windows/dos based Quake, but you'll also have compatible hard disk/cds that have the maps you want to play? I find that hard to believe.

Amature mappers should relieze that their work is something that won't even survive their lifetime. This is not your legacy, this is just a bit of fun and enjoyment for now. 
we dont even know what most of these people look like... we need international #tf lan

it will be held in my house

then when people start dying, we can have a face/body to go with the obituaries =[ 
Fragless EndSpawn... 
My death will be fragless...
My maps will live 4ever, as long as there are compatible editors to convert them to 3000 age
computer generation...(quake3000)
If I die, Shambler can go to MentalCare playing pax(.)man...
If Eternity traces my last healthpoint, only Scampie will see the Devil dancing by the full moon...
not carrot. 
we'll run emulators on emulators on emulators in the future to play games that looks like crap but makes us all warm and fuzzy on the inside... 
in the future, everone's last name will be internet. 
No You Aren't, I'm Mr. Internet! 
I'm Mr. Internet And So Is My Wife! 
The Real Mr.Internet 
You don't have comments in your posts...only Orb can monitor this election.

And carrots don't have franchise. 
Carrots Don't Have Franchise 
If I ever learn to play an instrument and put together a band, that will be the name of the band. 
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