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DM-Ironhide For Unreal Tournament
For what it's worth, I finished work on a deathmatch map for UT. I doubt many people here play the game much, but... what the hell.

Info, Screens, Download:
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This one is for Joe. :) 
Quake Vs Unreal 
I presume you're aware there's a certain rivalry between Unreal/UT and Quake fans. The Unreal camp is known to include those overtly anti-Quake as opposed to just ignoring the other game.

But certainly, it's possible to bridge the gap and like both games? I've been getting back into unreal single player and reading the forums lately, and they refer to Quake as "Qwaek"... I find this amusing, but I'm not sure if it's meant insultingly or what. 
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