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New SPQ Map: Februus Depth.
Medium sized catacomb inspired map.

One, single screenshot that's outdated:

Download from Norway:

Download from Fileplanet: (Might take a while before all the mirrors properly get the file)

I guess I should update my site or something, but I just can't be arsed.

I have nothing further to add. :|
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Fist Post! 
czg doesn't suck, he rocks! he makes cool maps and he only has one dad! 
Elbow Post 
My Post 
screenshot looks highly original.

will post a review soonish. 
Wow new CZG map! Could this be worth me reinstalling Quake? 
(insert Title) 
Very nice map czg. I think it's got some speedrunning potential too. There's one huge shortcut :) 
Very Cool 
Typical czg class. Definitely a great map which you lot should have already downloaded. A long, fun map with lots of secrets and cool architecture.

I smell PQ LotW... 
the map is consistent, it inspires, it has calm gameplay, and there are some adrenaline moments of course ;)
architecture is pure dark ambient. barlog's abysses, forgotten tombs, etc...
another quality czg's release :) 
Well my best so far is 3.15. I should think a proper speed runner could take quite a lot off that, but I'm happy with it.

Incase you want to see the Dzipped demo : 
Really good fun and stonkingly well made. Couple of points.

i) Secrets are well hidden. I could only find 2 :-)

ii) I played through on nightmare first time and never even looked like I was going to run short of ammo, even with only finding the aforementioned 2 secrets.

iii) One thing I did find was the "secret" "exit". (Both quoted deliberately, you'll know why if you find it). What's the map it exits to? I thought I'd found a secret level and then remembered I'd only downloaded one .bsp :-)

Anyway, I had so much fun playing this map I now have to manually blow off a bit of pressure from the old saq. Thanks. 
i) Two of those secrets will be nightmares to get while speedrunning I'm afraid :(

ii) Some of my betatesters said that too, but I always needed that much ammo when I was playing it, so I left it in. Maybe I suck :(

iii) Looks like I forgot to delete the old changelevel. You have no buisness jumping out into the lava like that. �_�
(I don't think it's neccesary to upload a version with the changelevel deleted though, since you can only get to it if you jump to your death in the lava.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments you mans. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. 
In case anyone is wondering where the accidental exit is, and just for a bit of fun, here's a bad 0:43 speedrun. 
After all this time someone can still pump a new style out of this game. 
Holy Mother Of God On A Flaming Lolbarn! 
This map is beyond excellent czg. I've been playing it like all morning trying to beat it on nightmare -- I'm not that good. I keep dying at the vore at the gold key...anyway the design and everything this map just r0cks beyond belief. Awesome map czg, awesome. 
Damn you Morfans! :D:D:D 
Oh come now, 'zoiders. I only beat you by a little bit... ;-) 
You Don't Need The Gold Key 
First of all, this is a wonderfully atmospheric map and shows once again, that Q1 is the gothic, creepy game of choice. Februus shows nice complexity and is very 3D. A joy to look around to see all those passages, grates, tombs, etc. I played on hard and found it to be fun and not too frustrating but not a pushover either. This is a nice map to take your time playing through.

I found 2 secrets. Either 1) They are hard to find 2) I've lost some of my secret finding skills 3) Unmarked? (can't imagine an experienced mapper like CZG doing this so I'll assume this isn't the case or 4) Some secrets require slick special moves that speedrunners do and that turn me into gibs when I try.

If I was a beta tester, I would report a shortcut that would seem undesirable by design. In my pursuit of secrets, I saw a chunk of land way down below so I jumped down and landed near what looked to be some cool glyph written in lava. I then had a good time attacking enemies from behind since they all faced away as I made my way to the locked GK door. Oops.

Great map. I did have difficulty doing my usual run backwards and shoot but all in all, this is a great addition to the players collection. I will be heading back to see if I can turn up any more secrets. 
I'd like to start off by saying that I found 3 secrets: armor, a quaddamage (which led to me going in circles for a while) and a megahealth. The visuals weren't Kona-god-like cool, and they were very repetitive, it caused me to get very lost often, especially with the windy, circular exploration-like path. It took me like 30 minutes of playtime to finish because I was very lost most of the time. But that's about the only bad thing I can find about the map. It was huge (medium map my ass) with high quality everything else. The finish was great without being overly challenging, and the layout had lots of explorative elements to it. I really like the brushwork after the explosion, it looked like you used a terrain editor. Top quality map, I'd just prefer a few more design pieces as landmarkers so I don't get lost as much. (i'm simple) 
meh. czg00 was better. 
I just finished it and I never found the gold key. 
CZG Ownz U 
nice map czg. i bow down 
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