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Obscurus (TC) -- Input
Howdy, folks, it's Mindcrime.

The Nehahra dude.

As my development of Obscurus is going to begin again very shortly (after a looooong hiatus), I am left with a choice of which engine to build Obscurus off of. I am not keen on working with an engine coder to make Obscurus's own special engine. I'd rather avoid this potential (and probable) headache.

I am not interested in having any additional engine effects. I can do a lot on my own from the progs.dat side.

I have narrowed the engines down to two choices:

A) The Nehahra Engine & Darkplaces

I would build it off the nehahra.exe for my own use, but in the end, of course, it would run off darkplaces as well ((with or without the -nehahra parameter I'm not sure)).

So this gives people two choices. Nehahra.exe or Darkplaces.exe ... seems accomodating.


B) Fitzquake - this appears, at least to me, to be the favored engine of mappers...


Any input from you mappers/sorry-saps-who-will-end-up-being-the-ones-to-play-the-thing-eventually would be appreciated.

Danke :P
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That's Because... 
Jesus's computer can probably do rt t&l in software at 200fps. 
Jesus don't need a 'puter as he can view the entire world in his head RT no problem (at infinite fps).
God doesn't have a head 
same thing, we are all one 
Oh MindCrime, 
I should have mentioned this earlier, but if you are looking for a coder who can correct the camera problems; I would recommend Anthony of Dead on Que for the job. He is profecient with camming and media related code pertaining to Quake. 
I just got my PC upgraded, so I can play that nifty new Painkiller demo! And I'm on AOL by the way, but I'm not giving out my address (really tired of all the spam)... 
Rofl, by any chance? 
I'm not going to say -- but here is my webpage: 
I Must Confess... 
I actually posted that stuff above, but have nothing to do with that website. Just happened upon it -- so don't go mailing that guy (who may or may not be The Real Deal) and talking about the Painkiller demo. I don't want to deal with the bad juju it might generate ;) 
Whatever happened to this? 
It faded into Obscurusity.

seems like it.

i might email mindcrime. 
I haven't forgotten about this thread. I check it from time to time. I had this thread as a means of letting people put their 2 cents in and toss thoughts around. Never misinterpret my silence or absence as meaning nothing is happening :p

I updated the nehahra webpage at:

... and I have decided (firmly) to ditch COOP and DEATHMATCH. Absent of multiplayer, I have that much more room to concentrate on the single player game experience.

I also lean against having in-level cutscenes or even in-between level scenes. My thoughts are ... perhaps ... one short intro which gets right into the meat of the story without pussy-footing around. 
Yay @ SP Only! 

also, although a short intro does start everything off fast, you can get more depth via longer intro... just 0.02. 

And: Neh Nekkid plz kthx.

P.S. Please ask aguiRe to include a cvar to change particle effects back to the way they were in GLQuake. And make Phil the hero! 
its nice to hear this is still in your thoughts, mindcrime.

You should make it your overall project goal to make an even better single player epxerience than the superb Nehahra. =) 
I kinda forgot about the Nehahra nekkid thing ...

As for long intros ... I take a lesson from my experience with Nehahra. Any long dems will be separate, related but not mandatory, things. Some people dig watching quake movies or cinematics. Some people just want to play.

The 3 demo intro to the Nehahra game, between nehstart and neh1m1, should have been separate, as Seal of Nehahra was separate...

And I've begun writing a script for a pure Ph1l movie ... just for shits and giggles ... that'd sure be a fun project to undertake... 
or, if possible, make skipping the intro as simple as pressing a key or something like that... don't know if that's possible with demos though. :\ 
Some Nehahra - Obscurus Thoughts And The Evil Ball Theory 
I've had a range of emails regarding Nehahra and how I would 'upgrade' it. One thing I have to be careful about is using my free time wisely. In creating Nehahra (aside from the problem of being a newbie at just about every aspect of modding) my resources were divided by too many projects at once, even if they all were Nehahra related.

When I started Nehahra (back before it even had a name) I was just doing a lot of tinkering and it began to grow into *something*. Working on it alone, my mental resources were divided between game code, models, sounds, skins (hah, I think it's of no surprise to anyone that I'm no artist...) ... and hey, that's a lot of stuff to juggle, that's a lot of hats to have to wear. So let's be modest and say that was 3 hats to wear, 3 balls to juggle.

I approached mappers when I had something to show and many came onboard when Nehahra was only a fraction of what it became. So the code, the models, the sounds, everything, was still a work-in-progress. Then I had to play the part of team leader and juggle the 'administerial ball' and 'p1mpmaster ball' for lack of better terms that my foggy mind cannot come up with. Organizing and overseeing a team is a big hat to wear. So call that 5 balls to juggle.

Then the movie ... all while everything else was in development ... I wrote it, coded it, shot it, did the voice acting.. how many balls are we up to now? I dunno. But you get my point.

I had too many balls! (HAHA!)

Hence, my firm decision not to bring mappers into Obscurus until the game is virtually done on my end (not that'll be adverse to adding some extras ... and I'm certain to have lots of bugs to fix... bugs are insidious things).

Anyway, so now I see my focus splintering again ... Obscurus ... Nehahra improvements ... cinematic ventures ... This is not only dangerous but likely to cause delay on all of the above.

The thought I had tonight was that Obscurus ... is a bit like an "off-shoot" from Nehahra. A few of the monsters I have in the progs/ directory (none of the monsters I have running in the game yet though) are Nehahra monsters redone, higher polygon, not even based on the original models...

My thought was, well, why not make the Nehahra off-shoot a tad stronger and bring the rest of the Nehahra monsters into Obscurus. That way, I'm technically working on both simultaneously. So while I might be working on a new Tsemoch for Obscurus (which I'm not at this moment, it's just an example)... it will also replace the Tsemoch in nehahra. We're talking models and animation frames (the Obscurus versions will have many more).

In terms of code, I think I should fix the things that are broke in Nehahra, but I don't think changing the AI or gameplay would be a good idea. Some people didn't dig the enhanced 'combat AI' in Nehahra (not that I can understand this, I like to be tense when playing a game and often desperate, basically I enjoy being in a world of shit ... it gets the adrenaline flowin') BUT some of the emails I've gotten... and some of the sentiments I've gotten in the past ... were... some people like Nehahra just as it is (AI wise). They don't want a chance in gameplay.

And after 4 years of Nehahra being the way it is, perhaps the gameplay is something I should leave.

The models however can be improved. If I bring on in some of my old monster friends from Nehahra into Ob, I'll be justified in working on them. Haha! (Or will I?)

The one thing I will not do is bring in the Quake monsters into Obscurus ... Not on the principle that Ob would then cease to be a TC ... and not even in reckoning that the differences in the Quake models versus Ob models would be too stark and won't go all too well together ... (both of which are true)

But because ... man ... the original baddies.. I don't want to touch. I don't want to try making a better fiend or shambler ... In Nehahra I added extra animations, that's different. I even used a few as bases as kinda-sorta-new ones (new variations), but the original monsters I did NOT touch visually.

That would be like defiling a holy shrine ...

(I did not/do not feel the same way about their AI itself, of course ... but if I had, Nehahra wouldn't be what it is... UNIQUE.)

Anyway, as usual, as is the purpose of this thread, I welcome commentary... 
I thought obscurus was going to be more a 'steampunky' theme, rather than an offshoot of nehahra. I dont see that you could use too much of the nehahra monsters if that was still the case.

As for updating models etc for nehahra, I dont really think that's all that worthwhile an idea. Like you said, it's 4 years old. Anyone that likes it will already have it, the new models arent really going to be a big deal. Just put your improved modelling/skinning/animating skills to use in making Obscurus better.

Also, there's a modeller called Dylan who's made some imrpessive looking stuff on display in the Arcane Wizard thread. Considering him to lower the ball load might be an idea. 
new models for the neh monsters wouldn't be amiss... some of those models were terrible even though they were well executed... 
I referenced it before as a kind of QUASI-steampunk-industrial ... I don't know if that still holds ... I go where the inspiration is and the content that's been coming ... well, it's kinda Quakey :D 
Go where the inspiration is, but I'm personally more interested in Obscurus. 
Yeah ... 
Still chewing on it... though I confess that I probably ought to keep my eyes on the Obscurus ball and not concern myself with any Nehahra revamps (I can revamp Nehahra whenever ... it'll always be there ... and there ain't exactly a public outcry to do so...)

These thoughts gravitating towards Nehahra are probably attributed to looking back through the eyes of experience. That "Damn, I could do that so much better now."

I know when I look back on old writing I feel that way. Hell, the book I finished just after Nehahra has seen many rewrites since. I'm always on the look-out for ways to make it better. Perhaps however that the writer's "rewrite" mentality does not lend (or at least *should not*) lend itself to Quakey things!

One of the things I like about threads like this is that when I have absurd impulses, and share said impulses, there are folks around to give me perspective on it :D 
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