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I'm A Complete Retard
I made a thread about CZG's birthday.

This thread is now about discussing what a horrible mapper I am.

It will be for the best to just let this thread die.
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we having a party and you are not invited! 
Can I Come? 
edited the thread to be much more appropriate. 
8===~ `=====D 
well scamp, I agree - you are complete retard, and quite a coward too

anyway i sincerely wanted to greet CZG and he is truly great designer and cute guy !

YAY ! love and happiness to Christian 
You Mean 
I share a birthday with both CZG AND Micheal Jordon? 
Happy Birthday, To Us 
We leave all the others in the dust . . .
Well CZG leaves 'em in the dust,
and Jordon leaves in the dust.
I'm just going to grab a piece of cake
eat it over there in the corner . . . 
Who Is This CZG Person? 
Is he like one of those "elite" type "artistes", who live in a "ivory tower" somewhere doing nothing but "incredibly wonderful things"? Pssht, next you'll be saying he's Norwegian or some shit... 
You Know, 
I don't even have to be a func_message board administrator to know that that was Speedy. 
WRONG. Try again dumbass.

It's Biff. 
It's stupid, is what it is. 
I don't even have to be a func_message board administrator to know that that was Speedy.

I didn't even have to look at the IP to realise it wasn't. 
But it seemed so Mapistic. 
Maybe I'm Biff. I won't even know until I hit that first cup of coffee. 
One More Time... 
Then I swear, I won't post again. But this time it's a joke!

Q: What do CZG aroused and an old Beatles song title have in common?

A: Norwegian Wood. 
That's It. 
you're fired! 
I don't get this...

Is Mapist another of czg's accounts??

Anyway, HB czg! You rock :P
(he's proberly not going to be online because of the hot chicks holding him down)

WC1.6 rocks! (except for crashes - thats what CTRL-s is for) 
mapist would be speedy... 
I Wish You... 
...pain and suffering... and that pony you wished for 
My Lord! 
HB! My lord! I did forgot about it!
Slap me!
where is "slave_of_czg" nick? it has been replaced by "MisYu", which sucks :( 
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