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Need Help Identifying Some Quake Maps For A Map Archive
Hi, atm me and a couple of others are in the making of a huge map archive with tons and tons of maps. (886 so far with more to come)
However, some of the maps submitted have info missing either it be author info, map titlename missing or readme files.
I therefore ask you to provide me with any info you may have about the following maps:

cool13 - SRQ18
cool6 - ppdm1
crowdm1 - Hooray For Opensource!
gearpr0n - Pornogeddon
m1 - The Abandon Castle
nbfsb3 - Nothing But Fucken Scum
nycool4 - Banana Mango II
nycool5 - Cloister Four
nycool6 - srq13
sthdm2 by Seth
test - Testpis
vici_qw4 - Veni Vidi Vici
wdm3 - The Fusion
wod - World Of Darkness
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...gearpr0n - Pornogeddon 
as I said in my previous post, the page is far from finished. alot of pages are hidden atm, for example the author archive (278 atm) where we will have info about the map authors (realname, nickname, email and homepage) so stay tuned.
and I'm not the only one working on this page so check the crew section for more info :)
you weren't suppose to find the page just yet either so keep it on the hush :) 
Wireframe Models 
Hey, that's pretty cool. 
I hope you get those episodes listed on the Single Player uploaded sometime. I have not been able to get a hold of those in a long time. You'll definitely have my gratitude. 
which particular Q1SP episodes are you talking about headthump? 
all the maps listed on our site are avaliable for download :) and we're still working on adding shitloads of more maps. 
you weren't suppose to find the page just yet either so keep it on the hush :)

It's been spammed in our irc channel like crazy by you folks. this is the worst kept secret ever.

Going through my archive, all I find is wdm1 and wdm2, which I assume are by the same author as wdm3... Doug Frei. His email is and homepage , but I doubt either work becuase the .txt file for wdm2 is marked 11-13-97.

and by adding shitloads of maps, I hope you don't mean 'every DM map you can find' as that be quite silly. My backup of all the DM maps from's incomplete mirror of has 3,700 files, meaning there are about 1,750 map .zips and 1,750 .txts for them totalling 500 or so MB.

And most are complete shit.

You'd be better off adding just maps recommended as good along with some extras... or else you're going to run out of server space/bandwidth. Still, cool that you're tracking down lots of maps, good work. 
hehe ok then, it's not the best kept secret exactly.
Just don't tell your parents yet.

Oh and if you find any maps without readme files could you submit them using the form from the download page? it's alot easier that way, saving me from the hazzle of having to check this forum every hour or so :)

and also, we've got plenty of webspace and bandwidth so we're going to add as many maps as possible but only the best ones will get the " quality stamp" 
Bad Joke 
come to think of it I'm probably the youngest person to ever post in this forum (21y) and some of you are probably parents yourself so that was a bad joke :) 
you people sure that's Doug Frei? 
no, i'm not sure, just assuming due to the fact I have a wdm1 and wdm2 by him.

and Drugs Bunny, after I made that last post, I got to thinking that perhaps a good solution would be to list all the maps you have, and then just highlight all the good ones with screenshots and info and such. much better use of your time.

btw, there are much younger people here, not me, but there are. 
Well, we've already added info, screenshots and author info for all the maps in our archive except for the ones I listed at the top, which took about 5 days (a couple of hours each day) 
Just Had A Look 
thats a great site you got there! Very impressive! I love the wireframe map views, a novel idea.

Its great that you have so much info on each map too, I looked at my "crdm2" map and you had downloads for the map, and the .lit file and textures! Not only that but you had seperate screenshots of the map with & without the custom textures installed!

Fantastic job, keep it up :D 

assume again, monkey-boy!

(It was so bloody long ago I actually had to make sure for myself. Just looking at the screens wasn't enough to decide if I had actually built the piece of shit or just played it alot.) 
Very Nice.. 
to have a new site with maps
to explore.Would be cool if you
could find/add more of the "lost"
old sp maps.
Anyway great work :) 
I Can't Stress This Enough, 
but the page has only been in the works for 7 days. And I'm not the only one making it so don't just credit me :)
Jezaja, ParadokS, apa, caban, ExPociia, gibbie, JKova, Lurq and Mick is also in on this. And there are several people hanging around on #serv-u on quakenet that have been helpful aswell. You should drop by some day if you have any ideas\suggestions, stuff to add\remove etc. :) 
pass the praise along. great initative. 
I've got to echo the love for the topdown layouts. I would've really liked to have a great tool like that to help analyze maps back when I was mapping.

anyway, I just came by here to ask you guys a favor. My comp crashed pretty hard on the weekend, and I've lost all my old maps. I had a backup with all of them and their map files, but it seems to have corrupted itself when I wasn't looking, heh... :(

so I was wondering if anybody could lend me a link to some of my long lost maps. I'm currently looking for:

dk ... or was it 'darknight'?

I just got the other ones, thanks in part to this archive. Thanks!

ps: SPD was made by me! you ignorant bastards!! :)

pps: so who do I bribe to get my nick besides one of frib's or pingu's maps? 
Here's a temporary location for trw (original zip, not repackaged):

Sorry, but I don't have any of the others that you listed. 
you don't happen to have a webpage with all your maps on? or somewhere I can get hold of your readme files (if there is any) ?
also, I'd like to know your realname and email for the author archive :) 
Thanks R.P.G., I appreciate it.

Drugs-Bunny: email is -- make sure to use it if you ever find a webpage with all my maps (or readmes) on it :) 
not my fault you stole someone else's map series. 
it is, actually. 
I Remember 
sthdm2 and wdm3, what sort of info are you after ? 
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