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Messageboard Is Stable And Ready For Normal Use
At this point I've completed enough of the work that the database structure is stable, and it's just a matter of coding the last few features. So, come on in and start posting for real!
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<-- Ein Prosit 
im so sorry, that was all a mistake in trying to extract all posts ever and make a searchable DB for mapping help questions/a wiki.

Nothing that google does better i admit. :( 
It Is Me Btw :) 
im sober btw, but crazy nevertheless ;) 
I habe an ugly Parser somewhere, snooze it Flug Welt it! Frei/SED. 
Shout if you want it. Grep/sed. Stupid autokollege 
That Klingt Beaux 
I dont have a clue tbh. 
I thought it was a javascript injection attempt by a bot. 
Haha yes and no it was a parsing test with a "unproper" attempt. I suck at this ofc. 
Non-crazy people are boring and never do anything interesting. 
Frau Holle Agress 
_| |_
() ()
* *
* *
* *
* * 
Agrees Jeez 
It was a javascript injection attempt from

* moved to music thread * 
Happy Birthday Func_msgboard! 
Happy Birthday Func_msgboard! 
13 Years 
Wow, congrats and thanks metlslime for keeping the board up and maintained for all this time.

It's a shame we don't have archives of Qboard and Qmap, though. I have asked both headshot and peej for database dumps, but sadly they couldn't find any. It would have been great to put them online for posterity. 
Happy Birthday Func_msgboard! 
So Impressed 
...that this site is till around. Here's to 20 more years of Quake and Func. 
I never would have expected this 10 years ago, but it's been steady that slightly more people join than leave for many years now. Thanks metlslime. 
Shame about the endless flamewars being lost, right?

BJP archived the QMAP mapping help thread on his site at least. 
Haha, yeah. But I just think it would be great the have an archive of the history of our community. 
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