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[23:09] <scampie> anyone got a good idea for a thread?
[23:09] <inert> yeah
[23:09] <metlslime> yes. a news thread about a cool new map that was released after here's latest map.
[23:10] <inert> everyone's favorite mapping snacks
[23:10] <NotoriousRay> icon abuse volume II!
[23:10] <metlslime> icon abuse doesn't work on func

pick a topic, run with it... or just ignore the thread, ok? thanks, bye.
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best thread evar!!

worst thread ever?

you decide =) 
er, accually a test, ignore it, already asked metlslime to delete it 
man REPLY 
oh god, fuck you UWF:

[23:06] <metlslime> oops, now i can't delete it, becuase there are replies.

now we're stuck with this! 
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