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Hey all,
I 'm going to be getting back into mapping this summer, and I want to make a web site / portfolio that is actually presentable. This however is something that I suck at. So are there any volunteers to provide help and or ideas?

I intend to concentrate mostly on "highlights" of my maps, since most of my maps are of average or low quality. I am also going to try to do a few maps each for some other games as well so as to diversify (right now I'm thinking finishing my Rune stuff, making some stuff for Q2, Q3, Unreal, maybe UT).

So what sort of a web site should I be thinking about, what maps of mine would be better to feature (I am going to be "fixing up" and repackaging/rereleasing the map "highlights"), and what other games would be good to map for?

Thanks for whatever feedback and ensuing discussion erm... ensue..

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seriously, I wouldnt bother re-touching re-releasing your older maps, just make something new with the time. The quality of most your previous maps was good togreat anyway. 
Quick finger that. What's your frag average? 
This sounds cool Phait. I'm not sure what I want yet. I'm quite busy now but we can discuss this at least through email for the time being, I'll set aside some time to chat about it probably late next week.

As for maps, I think Night Journey probably will not be finished. It really isn't that good anyway; if anyone wants to have a look they're welcome to (I can email). It's just really spotty, and with a lot of errors. In terms of highlights, I think for Q1SP I would have Terracotta Terror and Scorpion Garrison. Maybe Crocodile Tears for Q1DM. Retouching some Heretic II maps would be good as well. And of course Soul Of Evil, with some fixes. Unreal/UT is a definite.

The next something from scratch I do will probably be after I upgrade my computer, and for Doom3 or Unreal II, depending on which is good. And yes I know Unreal II is supposed to be not that good. Though some new Q1 engines are looking really good, I've gotten this idea from Nexius ( which I did 4 maps for over the summer.

Also I will probably have a guest review section, with some really in-depth reviews of my favourite maps for various games. 
You MUST finish TNJ! You MUST! I've got DaZ over there working on it, and it sounds like there's not too much left to do. It is one of the maps that looks like it will be interesting and somewhat unique. Please finish it! 
yeah, it doent have to be perfect and if there' not much to do, release if if it's reasonably playable please. 
What's your e-mail address? I can't believe you don't have a profile here :P 
I haven't heard from Daz in a long time. so he's still grinding away? Well, tell him to fire me an email ( for you as well Phait) and we'll see what we can do. We will see.

As of last I saw it though it wasn't very playable. Probably worse than AWROP. 
what'd be a good title for the site? 
Answer these questions:

What is the site communicating to the visitor?
Is there a theme to the site's design?
Is there anything that can tie in to the answers to the above questions?

Then, draw words from a hat - from a range of anything from "brown, blood, rust, iron, gib, frag, spank, 1337, 0wn" etc 
The Formula: 
[nick]'s [something] [noun]

the noun should be something arbitrary like cave, lane, supply, encyclopedia, apartment... 
The Formula: 
[nick]'s [something] [noun]

the noun should be something arbitrary like cave, lane, supply, encyclopedia, apartment... 
I SUCK SO BADLY@!!#!#!#!#!#!## 
fucking double post on my own board. 
For my "new" site design, I used "RPG's Self Desctruction." Sort of the inverse of metlslime's formula. Also, nonsensical is good. 
your title fits my formula perfectly. 
Destruction Is A Noun :) 
Personally I prefer slightly obscure phrases for titles.

curses and epithets 
Rules Are To Be Broken ? 
How about
"OMFG! Its full of Tronyns` maps !"
"The journey into the Tronyns` armpit" 
Hmm, Quite So 
I knew there was a reason that I'm failing my English class.

(No, not really, but I thought it sounded amusing.) 
is there an online map-site naming applet/whatever?

congratulations you're site is NotoriousRay's Bleeding Bankvault 
Me = S4wk 
you're = your 
So you're failing English too? 
tronyn does dallas. 
i would suggest getting a domain. It is only 35 dollars a year.
After that, if you want, i can find someone to do a website for you, and i got a host for you. 
$35 a year? What a lie. You can buy them for $8 per year, geez. 
be careful who you buy from.

dont buy from no stranger son (with slow texan accent) 
Uhu ? 
So make a beautiful site and be original ! 
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