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New Q1SP: Ariadat Released
My first full scale release. Using textures derived mostly from e1m2-4 for that familiar swampy, dank green limestone style with some trimmings pulled from Amagon, IKBlue and KillJoy's IKWhite.

Emphasis is on up close and personal two fisted pump loaded action in tight, compact areas.

Slightly out of date screenshots can be found at

and the zipfile can be downloaded from:

I enjoy watching demos if you would like to send me one, at
Comments much appreciated as well.
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you can download dzip here:

Basically, it's a zip tool specially designed for Quake demos, and compression ratios are typically in the region of 95% 
Thanks, I Heard It Mentioned Before 
but I didn't realize it was THAT useful. 
Just Finished Watching 
Thanks Kinn for recording that for me. It was very enjoyable. Watching you duck back in the middle of firefighting with the Ogre because a Spawn was coming directly for your head made it all worth while. Good reflexes.

That first button seems to give people some trouble. I think I should move it to the floor. Also, I moved the fiend out of harms way, he is overly exposed there though the gates make it difficult to shoot him.

All three zombie areas are designed for blasting them from safe and liesurely vantage points so you can allocate grenade resources more effectively. Damn Zombies! 
Cheers HeadThump 
I took a fair bit of time because I was fannying around looking at brushwork and such.

Thanks for watching the demo, and I look forward to your future maps :) 
Found The Secret 
Skill: Hard
103/112 (Don't know how many fish are here.)

What I Liked: Layout, Retro id texture theme, The boat

What I Didn't Like: Movement difficulty, Mob attack right at beginning, Build quality issues already mentioned above

Conclusion: Looking forward to your next map. If you want a beta tester, I'm available. 
Thanks Scragbait, 
I appreciate the offer.

You got the right number when counting the fishes. Also if you play it again at somepoint, look for a a second secret door in the GoldKey area. 
There is indeed a bug in e2m2 whereby if you shoot one button and then bunnyhop across the gap the trigger inside the door will hang quake if you are on easy skill. Complete lockup. Reboot.

I remember investigating this ages and ages ago and if I remember rightly it seems to be because the trigger inside the door tries to wake up the fiend in the water who isn't there on easy skill. But if you shoot the second button it disables the trigger.

(The trigger is there for people who fall in the water at the start and find themselves in the castle with the drawbidge up and the doors closed. It also triggers the doors)

Quite why this should cause a hang is a mystery in itself. I always put it down to e2m2 being one of the first maps made and they didn't recompile if once they had finalised the engine/tools but that is total, unfounded speculation.

If someone with a lot more engine knowledge than me (ie. everyone :-)) gets the urge to have a quick look at this I'd be very interested to hear if they find anything. 
Ummm . . . . 
I hope I'm not the only dummy who just tried what Morfans details too see if it really works - and since it does, locked up and had to reboot . . . ?! 
There's nothing stupid about being curious. 
Thanks Kinn And Morfans 
The e2m2 easy skill crash is indeed the same bug as the one found in Ariadat, although much easier to reproduce. I hope I've fixed it now. 
Unmarked Secret 
I think I found a MH in what seemed like a hidden spot close to the marked secret. Is that the secret you mentioned, Headthump? I'll go back and look around the GK door. 
Thanks Shambler, 
Good demo. 
The MH Is A Free Gimme 
because of the difficulty of that particular room. When I played it, even when I Quaded up and ran into the room I got some major damage. So I just took out a knight there and put in the MH. The second secret you can find when you grab the Gold Key. Take a look up. Something very helpful for what is behind the door. 
If You Recompile The Map 
... you should tag that secret. I look around more if I think there may be clues for unfound secrets.

I hope your next map has a meandering layout that is as interesting as this one is. 
I'll Put It Back In, 
but, Poor Gold Key Door Shambler, he has no more chance now than his brother, Silver Key Shambler. He, he. I have a suprise I'm working on in the rebuild. That Shambler is just bait now anyhow. 
AguirRe: Fantastic. Can you let me know what it was and how you fixed it, please. If it's too long and boring to post here could you mail me ( Thanks.

Thumpy: Don't get too wrapped up in continually polishing this release. Learn from all the helpful comments above and move on. The world is waiting for your next map!! ;-) 
Thanks Morfans! 
I'll AquiRe is doing most of the really hard work on it at this time to the extent he probably deserves a biline for the remix. I'm going to devote tonight after work to fixing a few things and putting it together with what AquiRe has done, and then I'll get back to mapping.

I have a layout planned for this weekend's SpeedMap. If I get the time Friday night I'll do it. 
i didn't finish the map, cuz scaled down textures made me crazy in the second hall there so as i got killed, i didn't press 'load' and exited....
i really cannot stand scaled down texes and wrong scales of architecture and that poor lighting, sorry :( 
No Problem, Vondur 
I'm sorry that you didn't like it. The idea was to put as much differing content in as compact space as I could. Hence the scaling. It's apparent that this is what put off most players who dind't like the map.

The set-up for GtkRadiant I'm using now is properly scaled to Quake. So no more scaled down texturing and archetectual content is the future. 
keep em coming with better quality :) 
With aguirRe's help, i've fixed the e2m2 crash in fitzquake. With the fix, you see a small warning message but can keep on playing. 
Thanks For The Review Guys 
I found it to be a fair review over all. 
i just wanted to add your architecture is quite imaginative in smoe ways, but i think you could have used lots more variation in texturing. but i still think its a good first map. 
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