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New Quake1 Level - Quatrotski
I finished a small Quake1 level.
Quatrotski, and yes...started a new toppic
(don't hit me)

Monsters are from the missionpack, so just wait.

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Blah Von 
Aftershock was worth the money just to get your hands on a crappy quake editor! 
Aftershock was fucking horrible, but without internet how else would one get an editor? (NOT DEATHMATHCMAKER) 
Everybody's first map sucks. It's the law. 
czg's didn't. czg00 is quite possibly the best Quake map ever made. 
is liek God.

he made Insomnia ffs.

he doesnt count. =) 
Was that his first map, or his first release? 
Ask Him In His Own Toppic... 
Gravey Trail was my first map, and gave me a good music station after 206 posts...
Beta was the real first, but I hadn't the nerve the release it...
Quatrotski was the first I really enjoyed, but it only ignitioned a chocolate contest...

I think I return to Elba after finishing Abandon! 
Swiss Cheese 
I played Gravy Trail and it didn't seem to bad, get to kill stuff just like any other anyway, until I got lost and ran around until nauseous and had to stop.

Idea about the Borg Cube layout, knock a bunch of holes in it and make it impressively connected, maybe, with a few more clues as to where to go coming from that. 
& Duch Lumps For Me... 
Strange you couldn't find the exit, and that for players who are so experienced in finding secret places.

But true, it works like a Moebius Ring, so you can easily oversee the outway. 
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