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Doom3 Editing Tips/etc
Figured with Doom3 out now, we should start a seperate thread from the other Doom3 thread dedicated solely to getting into mapping for it. Ask questions, post some tips you've seen posted elsewhere, etc.

Myself, last night I quickly attempted to open the editor (run doom3 with +editor for a setting to open it), but it opens in whatever my Doom3 resolution is, and I don't have a mouse pointer :( Makes it difficult to map.

I'm sure issue will be solved through some settings, and this is the perfect place for them, so we can all learn the new little tricks together.
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Thanks Scampie, 
I shouldn't even dignify a Half-Life mapper's claims with a response, but if you insist.

Too true.

I wasnt sure it I should have posted that link, but I'm glad I did. I've used both methods in the past, and mitering does look cleaner; esp. on the x/y plane where I organize my layouts anyway. 
and i've seen so many threads on Doom 3 forums by people claiming the Doom 3 engine is "inferior". Inferior to what, Half-Life? Doom 3 may not be perfect, but the engine IS technically impressive. Carmack isn't some 15 year old who makes counter-strike mods, even if he looks like one. 
I've started futzing with the GUI scripts, following the tutorials on d3world mainly. As soon as I started, I made a beeline (lol!) in my tests to see if you could apply normal-mapped shaders to a GUI, my goal being to create a switch panel or a keypad that reacted to light the same as other textures, and thus actually looked functional and real and not like a happy shiny hi-tech LCD screen.

Sadly, putting a material shader in a GUI object doesn't work - Apparently to Carmack it wasn't conceivable that you could possibly create an environment in which happy shiny LCD screens would be advanced and out of place - and thus begins the slow process of my starting to hate all the shortcomings this engine will no doubt limit me with.

If I hack something up to fake it I'll post the process but I doubt it will be elegant, pretty, or even satisfactory. 
Send him an e-mail, he just might care and add it to a patch. 
well, there's a secret in the game which seems to be what you're looking for... when the crosshair goes over it, it still beeps, but the mouse crosshair isn't displayed. it looks like a normal block texture... you can probably not make it beep too...

i don't know if this is exactly what you're talking about. i'm still trying to figure out how to make most of the funky moving stuff and haven't even looked at the GUI things... 
That's kind of the hack I was thinking of. You can make a GUI that's just one layer with an alpha of 0 so it's essentially not there, but still responds to mouseovers and such.

I haven't even tried most of the funky moving stuff, I'm still revamping the PDA. :) 
Lun, just make a new dm map. We don't need another dune mod fiasco. 
Deathmatch Or Glory, Lunaran 
Deathmatch or glory.
or else,
its just another story. 
Don't talk like that Headthump, he may start thinking about Pissboat or Quake4 and become suicidal. 
Good Point 
I wouldn't want that on my hands; normally, I just drive people to drinking. 
Tips From Kiltron 
has anyone seen it? 
I love innapropriate ports. 
That Looks 
Automated map porter...Kinda cool still. 
Is It Just Me 
Or is the D3R vertex edit mode fundamentally broken? Splitting faces it shouldn't, crashing after snap-to-grid, horribly deforming perfectly valid brushes... 
I Think The Vertex-edit Is Kinda Wonky Too... 
And I don't know how to snap vertices to the grid if they're not on it already...Is there a quick and easy way to do this?

Also, I don't know how I managed it, but I had D3 applying two different diffuse textures to one face. Does anyone know how I could've possibly done that, and how to fix it or not do it again in the future?

BTW, they really should fix the patch editing...I can't see patches I've created in the camera view unless I restart the editor. 
Vertex Edit 
Don't use vertex edit for anything but patches. For brushes, 3D clipper is your friend. Seriously :I 
Try CTRL+G and see if that will snap the verts to the grid. You may have to select the vert first, not sure (that's if it works at all, it works in GtkR, that's all I know). 
Thx Frib 
That's what I was lookin for...I'm usin verts for patches, and when you create patches, sometimes the control points in the middle don't fall on gridpoints. Ctrl-G snaps points to grid, it appears to do all verts on the selected object.

Now if only I could figure out how I applied 2 materials to the same patch :-\ 
You can't 
alphamaps -- like you would do with Quake Arena terrain (see the manual on qeradiant, I don't believe I have seen it used for non terrain but Paul Jaquays says there is no reason it can't be used that way).

Also, I don't know if the method carries over to Doom3; those martian landscapes were certainly done in a high end modeler like Maya. 
Alpha Maps Are Cool 
But that's not the problem I have...let me find a place to stick the screenshots, and I'll show you: I have 2 textures visible on the same surface. I want to know how I did that, and how to get rid of it...Or at least not do it again in the future. 
Sorry, I Can't Help Much 
I'm still a lowly Quake SP mapper though I am using Q3 bsp format on my latest stuff. I'm experimenting with alpha maps (for the first time!) in hopes of making my rocks prettier. 
Glass Slow In Windowed Mode? 
Am I the only one with extremely slow glass when editing/playing in windowed mode, or am I doing something wrong? 
It's really fucking slow for me. Explosions and heat distortion too. r_skipPostProcess 0 required. I'm running an ATI Radeon 9600Pro with the latest Catalysts. 
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