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Hardware Thread
Discuss computer hardware here.
Don't know which components to get? Don't know how to spend your upgrade money? Then ask here, and forum regulars will tell you to fuck off in a number of different ways!
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AMD Live From Computex Tonight 
AnandTech on Threadripper

Ever wanted to compile a sock map in 3 seconds? 
Should I Get The Ripper Of Threads? 
I am considering a hardware upgrade, but a new CPU now would mean a new motherboard (because fucking sockets are all over the place in shape) and then probably also a new OS.

I want to stay on [B]indows 7 for as long as possible. It's what I am currently using for my workstation.

Why can't anything be easy? 
if you can afford it, I'd say do it! getting win7 to work will take a little tlc since microsoft is only supporting the platform on windows spyware edition :( 
Oh Shit 
I don't want Windows 10.

Well, I can afford it, I'm just wondering if it would be worth it. I see that for 3D-rendering and stuff it's quite good, which is what my main purpose for using it would be. 
Win Your Dose 
I don't want Windows 10.
I don't think we're gonna have much of a choice in the very near future: we're starting to see games announced for Win10 only. 
Just bought a Razer Lancehead for $80 USD. Im coming from a Logitech G400. I had a SteelSeries Rival 300 for a litte bit but returned it.

The Rival line of mice suffer a fatal flaw, in my opinion. Mouse1 and Mouse2 buttons are designed in a way that allows them to rub into each other and can inhibit the travel of the opposing button. It blew my mind that this was allowed to happen.

The Razer Lancehead is ambidextrous so any of you who are left handed may like it.

Only complaint would be the side buttons are a bit too low so I accidentally hit them. A little bit of grip retraining is in order. 
I use small ambidextrous laptop-size mini-mice. I find they offer good control and the size is best for wrist (no rsi) compared to these oversized heavy gaming mice/Razers with a million buttons... anyone else use mini mice? 
Mini Mice 
are fine for those who don't rest their palm on the mouse. I use Logitech's ergonomic mice, they're just perfect for my hand. I've owned a MX-510 for years now and TBH I'm quite amazed it's still working... 
Razor Diamondback 
I still own and use my original 2005 era Diamondback. It's smallish and has always felt right to me. I don't pick my mouse up while playing games. I use a high sensitivity. I don't like the more "ergonomic" mice these days. Feels like I have my hand placed on a rock. I never use the side buttons.

I guess the newer version was overpriced and not well received. 
I recently trashed my mx-518 of 5 years and replaced it with a G400s - it's essentially the same mouse with better optics. I'm not a fan of the razer mice I've tried (love their keyboards though). 
I use a "vertical" mouse that I bought from Anker on amazon:

It's pretty great so far, but the plastic it's made from has not always held up that well in the long run - back in like, 2010 or so I owned a Razer Abyssus that was made of similar stuff and ended up "peeling" from sweat. Pretty gross!

The vertical mouse is really comfortable in my experience. It's supposed to be good for your wrist since having it perpendicular to your desk rather than parallel is a more natural position. I never had wrist problems before, but I also don't now so I can testify that it doesn't cause them... 
Mugwump yeah true, I use a wrist support glove on both hands: 
@Pritchard A vertical mouse, interesting... I had this idea some 15 years ago to somehow jam a joystick on top of a mouse but never got to make it.

@Kona Didn't know such gloves existed. I use a silicone pad as wrist support. 
There Are Much More Joystick-like Mice Out There...

The only complaint I have about my mouse is that it's not necessarily the most precise tracking - it's got a pretty consumer-grade polling rate/DPI.

Also it's tall and I knock it over sometimes...

Speaking of wrist pads, I really wish someone would make a big mousepad with a gel insert. all of the ones i've seen are tiny and I'd probably slip off of it a bunch... 
big mousepad with a gel insert.
I remember reading a review about such a thing a few years ago. Can't be more specific but a quick Google search might provide answers. 
My Specs: 
Pentium III 933Mhz
Riva TNT 16MB graphics card
Creative Monster 3D Voodoo 2 12MB (soon to be x2) 
Time traveller? 
That post reminded me of my '99 rig. P3 933 with 128 megs of SD-RAM coupled with a TNT II (which I used to swap with a Voodoo 3 3000 whenever I wanted to play Unreal). Good times. 
Neh Not A Time Traveller 
just a bored eBayer. Got the second working Voodoo2 yesterday. I have two that don't work properly now. And two that do. 
Is My Pc Rig Good Enough To Play Most Games At 60 Fps? 
Hey guys,here is my rig which I am going to build soon.Here are the parts

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
(Mobo not decided)
16GB DDR4-2666 
Depends On The Resolution 
I like to watch benchmark videos on YouTube (Hardware Unboxed is my favourite), and based on my experience, for 1080p gaming your rig should be plenty fine for 60+ FPS on ultra settings.

I think it might be suitable even for high refresh rate gaming (144+ FPS), at least on lighter games such as CS:GO or Overwatch.

Now if you were to play 1440p, your rig might still be good enough for 60+ FPS gaming, at least if you cranked down the details on some more demanding titles. If you wanted to play 144+ FPS, you'd have to crank the settings to very low and/or play light games. I'd recommend Quake. ;)

You might not want to take my word for it, though, and check some benchmarks that are all over the net. 
Nvidia And Linux In 2019: A Bad Idea? 
I'm in the market for a new Linux laptop and am tempted by the Dell G5 15, which has an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050.

I've read and heard mixed things about Linux and Nvidia, though. Does anyone here have a Linux system that uses an Nvidia card -- even better if it's the same card -- and wants to weigh in? Am I going to make my life unnecessarily difficult? 
Depends on your distro. Nvidia drivers are harder to maintain since they don't use the regular stack (dri/drm, kms, mesa). So if you're using some obscure distro, don't buy nvidia. Otherwise you're probably fine. Maybe. 
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