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Quake Custom Engines
Discuss modified Quake engines here, I guess. What engines do you use? What are the pros/cons of existing engines? What features would you like to see implemented/removed?
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Necromatic-Kinn Entity And The Great Lord Of The Chaote Dimenion, 
DarkPlaces has always worked smoothly on my system, performance wise. Some Quake entities get messed up, like the telefrag sequence at the beginning of Space God's Rune. I have been meaning to report this to LordHavoc as he has requested.

If you are reading this, Good Sir, often times the mapper is relunctant to do this because he is uncertain if it is a bug or if it is just his own personal ignorance on how the engine is intended to perform if tweaked correctly (I'm absolutely shameless in my ignorance, so we have communicated a few times previously). 
DarkPlaces Problem Solved 
Turns out it was simply a matter of setting gl_finish "1", which has a huge benefit on my system (but others get more performance with gl_finish "0" apparently). Try both to see what works best with you. 
Necros - DP Blood 
In GA, you mentioned the blood-splatter stainmaps not clearing on level reload. Try setting cl_stainmapsclearonload "1". Also, you could try an alternative effect, which is decals, which I find quite cool: turn stainmaps off (cl_stainmaps "0") and use cl_decals "1". Decals fade with time as well, which I prefer.

Also, you do have limited control of stuff like this in the in-game menu, but it will be nice when all the cvars are documented ^_^ 
I think limits create the necessary context for creativity

Im not sure this logic regarding limits makes sense to me. Surely it should be up to the artist[mapper] themselves to exercise their creative right to freedom to create whatever they want.

Applying your line of thought to other media, for example, we would say all books should be under 200 pages, or all films under 2 hours.
Which just seems plain wrong to me. :/ 
Creativity Also Involves Working Within Constraints 
of your medium. For example, in sculpture, you have to work with the grain of the rock or else you are not going to get anywhere.

I think Metlsime's concern may have to do with the Universality of Quake. It is hard to imagine any PC that it can't play on (maybe someone somewhere still maintains a 286/32). As long as the game that is being played is essentially Quake than it makes sense to me as well that the lower end is maintained.

The DP approach is apt for Total Conversions, as is Quake Fusion. Many mappers do not really understand what these custom engines are about and why anyone would bother with them.

For me, these engines represent a potential to reach an ambition of mine and that is to make a mod that is not dependent on the end user having to buy anything including the gaming engine. 
I don't know how to quote things, so:

"I think limits create the necessary context for creativity."

Just wanted to say: I couldn't agree more with that. I discussed that topic so much with aardappel and headshot, and it always came down to that. I think the more freedom you have, the less creative you are. 
Creativity, Blah Blah... 
If I can just cut through all the posturing and fannying around for a minute, all I am suggesting (along with Necros, and others I'm sure) is that metlslime goes in and bumps up a few of the numbers like MAX_EDICTS and such, so that we can go ahead and make the sort of 300 monster maps which I know you guys all love ;)

In Bastion I had to resort to all manner of complicated QC "hacks" to trick the engine into loading a 300+ monster map with all the necessary pickups items etc. to dispatch said beasties. Now, I guess I could resort to doing this again in my new map, but it would be nice (and would make mapping much easier) if I didn't have to worry about this so much. 
I Think 
that modyifing an engine to support more monsters, etc. for Kinn's next map sounds like a good idea. I mean, it should be worth it. 
Thanks Zwiff 
Additionally, this would benefit a lot of existing maps; take czg07c for example - a large map, but not what you would call ridiculously large by any means - in Hard I still often reached the edict limit and crashed out of the game. 
"I think limits create the necessary context for creativity."

this is irrelevant. the maps will be made regardless. this is so players who like fitzquake can play those maps on their engine of choice, not be forced to use another engine. 
The thing i said about creativity is something i really think is true, and i hope most people realize someday. But, that isn't my actual reason for resisting these suggestions.

The actual reason is, compatibility. I don't like maps that require one specific engine, websites that only work in one browser, etc. I think it's much better if maps and engines were built to a standard. That way each map could run in any engine and each engine could run any map. When a map or engine requires something extra, hopefully that extra thing is also standardized. Lit files are a good example of a standard. "More edicts" is a good example of no standard, since each engine that bumps max_edicts will pick arbitrarily what the new maximum should be.

uwf, you compare this issue to filmmakers having the freedom to make films longer than 2 hours. Well, what about the freedom to release DVDs that only work in a few, special DVD players? I think that's a closer analogy. 
I Declare... 
the standard for the edict limit is 2048.
now, everyone change your code to reflect this.
The actual reason is, compatibility. I don't like maps that require one specific engine, websites that only work in one browser, etc. I think it's much better if maps and engines were built to a standard.

Necros For President! 
The man is not afraid to weld the power or grab the reins. I like his style!

Now it is time to go over QuakeSrc and Inside3D and tell them, 'listen up! The new edict limit is 2048. Now get to it!'  
The Inside3d Forums... 
appear to be down... 
Darn . . . 
I noticed a bit of a pinging problem when I checked there last week.

Quakesrc forums just came back up a few days ago. 
The actual reason is, compatibility. I don't like maps that require one specific engine, websites that only work in one browser, etc. I think it's much better if maps and engines were built to a standard.

I agree with this. I always prefer the map that doesn't require any custom engine, but there may exist some maps that are worth playing but require a custom engine. In other words I can say, I like to play large levels, I enjoy them most of all. And I don't think that everyone will make large levels when FitzQuake increases its limits.
There are only few mappers here who make maps with higher number of edicts or anything like that. And I think their maps are always worth playing and it would be good if their maps were playable in engine that most people here use. 
Despite my hard-liner philosophy, I did turn max_edicts into a cvar, where the default is 1024 (quake is set to 600,) and the max possible value is something like 8192. So you can play ne1sp06 or whatever that big one was with all the monsters. You know, and the lava. 
thanks, sir! :) 
Metlsime Sacrifices The Purity 
of his soul so the rest of us may tread further and higher. Let us not let him down. 
I, for one, salute you. This is excellent news. Are static ents similarly raised? 
no :P 
Enhanced Version Of Win/GLQuake For Mappers 
Win/GLQuake for mappers. No idea if this is any good :

This Win/GLQuake version is *not* meant for general play, although it should suffice at least for SP. It's meant to be a stable, high-capacity version of the original Win/GLQuake with some minor features added for convenience. Its main purpose is to be used when other engines fail to load a bsp.

This makes it ideal for mappers who at one time or another experience problems with their maps; there are leaks, entity overflow or other issues that prevent the map from loading in a normal engine. These problems should of course be fixed so the map can be loaded in any engine, but during development this engine can be used to help finding and fixing the problems.
Win/GLQuake for mappers. No idea if this is any good

Lol, uh yeah, they're AquirRe's Win/GlQuake replacements, in case you were wondering. ;)

And yes, they *are* very good, as are his compile utils. 
How Hard Is It To Change These Limits? 
is it just a matter of changing a #define or two in the source?

Failing that, can anyone point me to an enhanced *non-GL* build for linux? 
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