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Quake Custom Engines
Discuss modified Quake engines here, I guess. What engines do you use? What are the pros/cons of existing engines? What features would you like to see implemented/removed?
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Look At Gz Doom Shader's 
Sorry, I meant to say "that", not "this". I'm not a native English speaker. 
Daemon engine supports Q3 maps and 3D color look up tables which could get you very close I think. In this case you could just take the look up table and apply the palette to it. Otherwise I guess you could do it a la deferred rendering and render lighting and albedo separate and then return the resulting index of lighting + albedo for every pixel, you'd only need 16 bits to store all that. Might be more true to quake's approach but I doubt the average player would notice the difference between the two, especially if you go low-res ("oh this looks like an *old* computer game").

It's probably easier to make a palette whilst doing art, only adding colors to the palette when you really need to, less is more and all. 
#622 - that seems to be the case.

#623 - I'm familiar with that. I think it's since been assimilated by the latest gzdoom build as "tonemapping".

#625 - I think I've come across that engine before, I think it was developed for a particular game? Something natural selection-esque IIRC. I'll have to give it another look. Thanks for the lead. 
Out Of Curiosity 
Is there an existing GL engine that accurately fakes the software look? 
Qbism super8 I think.

quakespasm with all the graphics settings nerfed. 
Quakespasm is not 8bit. 
I thought super8 was a software engine? Besides, I tried super8 and it fucked with so many basic things that I never wanted to open it again (weird particles, stupid weapon swaying etc, and it had some pointless palette-bend on by default which screwed up all the colours. 
quakespasm with all the graphics settings nerfed.

I'm talking about an emulation of how the software engine takes the texture pixel and the lightmap and then uses a LUT (quake's colormap) to output a colour still in the quake palette. There's something about the final look which is just magical to me, and it's not just nostalgia talking :} 
Mark_v Software Mode? 
I am sure that Mark_V has a winquake style version now? Not tried it a great deal but might be worth checking out 
MarkV WinQuake looks great but is a software engine and thus I get single digit framerates on modern maps.

I was just hoping someone may have tried to emulate the software look using a modern graphics API, that's all. 
Well, I know you don't like DP but Nahuel recently uncovered a GLSL shader for DP that aims to emulate the retro look. I haven't tried it so I don't know how accurate it is, but you might want to give it a try. You can find it here:
Note that the 2016 DP builds break this shader, so Seven has fixed it (scroll down to post #10 for link). 
Read baker's last post in the mark v thread. I just shat myself with excitement. 
Read baker's last post in the mark v thread. I just shat myself with excitement.



Windows WinQuake through Open GL for KillPixel

You mean that? Because if that means what I think it means, then consider my dungarees dung'ed and my breeches browned also! 
damn just realised a few posts up people are talking about FTE doing this - I'll have to have a look. 
The Browning 
not sure if it was mentioned, but FTE has r_renderscale, too. 
I thought you were talking about the markv thread. I'm fucking brilliant. 
fte with r_softwarebanding 1 uses 8bit rendering for the world and models, except for coloured lighting (where each colour channel is performed as a separate lookup) so disable lit support if you want strict 8bit colours.
this applies to world(gl+vk renderers) and models(gl renderer). other things including particles etc are unaffected by this, but at least fte's particles can follow palette-based ramps too. 
Thanks - just had a look and r_softwarebanding looks lovely and I even like how it looks with fog and coloured lights on top of it too!

There's a lot of stuff I'll need to turn off though to make it look and sound more vanilla - is there a "proper oldskool" config somewhere? 
how do i turn off the mouse smoothing in FTE? 
m_filter defaults to 0 so reset that if its no longer 0. there isn't any other mouse smoothing.
m_accel 0 maybe? again defaults to off.

'fps_preset vanilla' should disable(and in some cases enable) all the stuff to make fte feel like vanilla's software rendering, including the demo reel, nq sbar, nq player physics, software banding, square particles, disables lerping, etc.
complete list of cvars changed with the presets: (each preset is cumulative with the prior ones, so you'll need to consider the settings above the vanilla preset also, if you want the complete list)
the problem with lots of settings is figuring out which ones you actually want set. :s 
quakeforge's glsl renderer should also render much like software rendering (unlike its regular non-glsl gl renderer).
that said, I don't know how easy it is to get quakeforge to actually run, hopefully taniwha has fixed it up a little since I last tried. 
m_filter "0"
m_accel "0"

I have those set but it makes no difference - the mouse just feels weird and laggy compared to quakespasm, like the movement is being interpolated or something. QS feels immediate... 
I'm sure you've checked, but is vsync enabled, either in the client or forced by your gpu settings? 
I'm sure you've checked, but is vsync enabled, either in the client or forced by your gpu settings?

No I hadn't checked, and that was indeed the culprit.

vid_vsync "0" now added to my config. Cheers! 
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