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Quake Custom Engines
Discuss modified Quake engines here, I guess. What engines do you use? What are the pros/cons of existing engines? What features would you like to see implemented/removed?
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I See, Thanks 
If vsync is active then I suggest don't throttle otherwise, either via sleep or Host_FilterTime. IIRC a glFinish immediately after SwapBuffers helps some; causing input to sync up correctly with display, otherwise the CPU may be running a few frames ahead of the GPU.

Last time I checked vsync was a busy-wait on some hardware/drivers, but that was in the D3D 9 era. 
About 3 weeks, I tried the Mark V WinQuake on a high end gaming laptop I imagine is similar to yours.

The experience was absolutely terrible and was like 10 fps.

Keep in mind on my Windows machine which is nothing remarkable, I get an easy 300-400 fps in Mark V WinQuake on resolutions like 640x480.

I made some adjustments in the just uploaded Mark V which I think may dramatically improve the WinQuake version with machines like yours.

(*I say "I think" because I made some adjustments for the GL version and it was perfect afterwards on that machine. It slipped my mind to do a WinQuake test, so I can't know for sure.) 
Ace, just had a go on your new GL WinQuake! Will report back in the other thread 
Is Darkplaces Still In Development 
is it worth my while reporting a bug? 
DP Is Not In Active Dev 
as far as I know... 
There is a gitlab with bug tracker here, not sure if it's Xonotic specific. However, it doesn't look like a fork; at least commits are synced between that and the icculus site. Still seems to be somewhat active. 
@Shamblernaut ... Check This Out! 
Thanks Guys :) 
We'll see if this fixes the bug, which is likely linux specific. 
heh, doesn't fix it... The 64 bit glx version forces my monitors into mirrored mode, rather than primary / secondary.

SDL version works fine though. 
DP Is Not In Active Dev as far as I know...
It is again since April 2016, as evidenced by Icaro's link (don't refer to the outdated Downloads page). 
I Updated My Quakespasm-IRC Engine 
It now uses the latest quakespasm base code.

I'm also slowly adding speedrunning features to it. When it gets a proper release with more features I might give it a name change and make a proper news post for it.

For now, if you're planning on streaming playthroughs, here ya go.

Random Question 
Does the .lit file contain all the lightmap information, or just colour information? 
It contains black magic and the souls of the undead. Want to check? Try loading a map that needs one... WITHOUT IT!!! 
It holds colour * intensity, so an intensity 0 red light will be 0|0|0.

Everything else needed for lighting is actually stored in the surfaces lump, outside of the lightdata. So: each surface stores an offset into the lightdata where it's lightmaps begin (if that offset is -1 then the surface has no lightmaps and so is fullly dark), as well as the styles used by the surface. 
Ah Ok 
Qrack Github 
Does anyone know why in Darkplaces sometimes the sky will show on the water...instead of the water? Is this fixable or a bug? 
Just A Guess 
But maybe it is caused by using the pretty water pack when the map is not water-vised. 
I think you're right, says it right in the README.

Having other issues now for some reason, if I alt+tab out of DP it will not let me back in the game and I have to ctrl+alt+delete...everytime. 
Fix Blinking Lights Issue 
Similar problem with latest darkplaces in VR on android port.

Set gl_nopartialtextureupdates 1 to fix 
So, is Quakespam the only engine compatible with 64-bit Linux? That sucks. :( 
No, FTE works fine too, at least when I've tried it on Ubuntu. 
Any other engine closer to Vanilla that works on 64 bit? Something like FitzQuake 
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