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8 New Skies For Quake 2 , Quake 3 & Half-Life
I have 8 new skies to view and download. They were mostly made for Quake 2 , but work with Quake 3 and Half-Life also. Below are just a few examples of my new skies:


Heres a link to my new releases page to view and download my new skies:
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Mr Fribbles it is Dranzdm8 one of my favorit maps :) i waypoints it for frogbots also, and Parboil and tappak add the map to the famous FBca the waypoints was i that made then :) just said that daz dont make dranzdm9 :) eheheh 
What's Up With This New 
It's not funny. 
What's Up With This New "Funny Name Posting"

Metl, quotes work in preview, but break when submitted. Fixxx0rate! 
i can delete my double post... :( we should have acess to the post we put to edit or delete! 
you mean, quotes in the title? 
Ah, I See 
i'll look into that. 
thks metlslime 
He Wasn't Talking To You Trinca 
editing and deleting posts is not in the style of our forum. We just ignore bad, double, or stupid posts. 
ok dont kick me wend i�m down...

I Don't Know... 
It's not funny.

The Jesus triple crown made me chuckle. 
Don't Encourage It 
or people will keep doing it. 
Yeah, I Know. Sorry. 
/me runs with scissors 
ugly skyboxex btw 
My Illiterate Colleague Is Correct 
Even if I weren't able to make my own I certainly wouldn't use these. 
How does Frib know what arse tastes like? :P</stir> 
eheheh Australian talking about ass...lollllllllllllll 
dont u like the new look of danzdm8??? 
it looks werd/wrong/buggy
and quake fonts/hud is fucked there, trinca, go fix it 
:) it looks werd/wrong/buggy but for game play with enemycolor 13 is perfect!!! :9 about the fonts/hud is o.k to me i guess! 

Let The Spammeth Commenceth 
Not even russian sex spam, I can bet you $5 it's trying to summon Cthulhu but forgot the words. 
kold: I like the ones that are mostly dark, with just an outline of mountains visible.

And... do 512 skyboxes work at all in Q1, or only with some engines? 
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