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Speedmap Pack #104
Great ceaser's ghost! I've returned to my duties running Quake Speedmapping! Here's this week's pack!

The theme for speedmapping was Secret Maps, meaning the maps will generally be filled with secrets, and you'll likely need to find many of them to progress through the map! We got maps from SIX authors: drew, generic, Hrimfaxi, Neg!ke, Tron, and Voodoochopstiks each made a map this week. phew!

Enjoy the maps!
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Frustrating Map Pack To Play. 
Being stuck all the time. I only managed to finish half the maps, generic's, hrimfaxi's and my ow n map.

on drew's I've opened the scrag door secret but don't know how to get through to the green armor on the other side of the metal blocker.

on neg!ke's I couldn't even get out of the water, I saw some bubbles hit the area below that, and I've tried going through every possibly nonsolid wall and shot most areas I can think of.

on tron's map I am stuck after killing the 4 shamblers, searched for like 10 minutes without finding the next step.

@Hrimfaxi: Your map was very very cool, great job 
On Tron's map I 'cheated' by rocket jumping: perhaps that was the secret? 
I only have 35/12 left, I won't survive it :/ I have to replay from the start then I guess if that is the secret 
Awesome Pack! 
all maps are very good! and because of all the searching this pack likely has the longest overall playing time in speedmapping history...
all secrets and puzzles are solveable (though i had to resort to god mode for tron's shambler action :/), even if some may take quite a while to figure out.

voodoo: it's not all that difficult - maybe you have to increase your gamma settings ;) 
If you don't open the bars first, you can kill all the shamblers with what you have.

Interesting how we all approach things differently. I'm stuck on yours at the moment! 
Said this already, but good map. Neg!ke's imo is definitely the standout map, the puzzles were really challenging and only stumbled along some of the answers (especially the button once you first reach the gate of the dead, I was just trying to get a better view!) but his is REALLY tricky.

As I mentioned, didn't finish Drew's, but solved all the rest, beat voodoo's in like 40 seconds actually.

Hrim's was also pretty good and had me stumped after the silver key for a while.

Solid pack. 
chop: short and sweet. Textures were a bit bright and flat, but not awful.

drew: some very clever secrets. The gap in the crevasse - yup, I'd say that was a good word ;) - was neat, and the pent was perfect.

generic: again some clever secrets, the zombie corridor was cool, especially the way the use of the GL ensured the switch was activated even without being seen. The death knight in a confined space got me many times though; removing him out of the way would have been preferable.

hrim: highlight of the pack for me. Absolutely excellent gameplay progression. Each secret was just hard enough - I'd wander around for a bit thinking "it has to be here somewhere...ok, I'll check this and...oh there it is!"
Although I'll be a gug's breakfast if you made the map in under 100 minutes. Not complaining though ;)

neg!ke: hardest secrets. I had to use fullbright to spot the first one, and of course turn it off again for some of the others. I think you relied a bit too much on lighting for some of the secrets. The centerprint about the dead was more confusing than helpful because it didn't hint as to what the next thing I had to do was. Having said that though, I was compelled to persist in solving the whole map, it got me that hooked. This partly because of the 'ebon remix' theme, which was way cool. The 'direction dependent' trigger was perhaps the cleverest secret in the pack ;)

tron: um no. I think it's bad if a map(per) has to rely on centerprints to communicate to the player before they've even moved. There was nothing hinting how I could approach the shambler situation. And the texture set was meh. Sorry :(

Overall: aye, a solid pack. This was very entertaining. Thanks to all those who contributed, and extra froth on the beer for The Crustaceous One. 
Rocket Jumping Action. 
Yeah, the rocket jump is the only way up...I figured that the red armor and box of rockets at the best jumping point hinted to that. ;)

Haven't played the other maps yet, goddamn download keeps dropping out halfway through. 
I figured that the red armor and box of rockets at the best jumping point hinted to that

Ah. I did try rocket jumping at the doorway, but I didn't put RA + RL together to = RJ. I guess I consider RJ to be a matter of speedrunning/trickjumping rather than a secret in and of itself. Personal pref I guess. 
sm104_chop - Once you find the first hidden entrance, it plain sailing. Okayish.
sm104_drew - F*ck-a-doodle-do! Great map, you should definately finish it one day.
sm104_generic - Can you even finish this one? You evil man!!! ;)
sm104_tron - Took a few goes. Best thing to do is open the gate AFTER you whip shambler butt. Spartan textures.
sm104_hrim - Great map! Was it a speedmap? Anyhoo, got 4/5 secrets. Some of them are pure evil, erm... I mean genius... no wait, evil.
sm104_neg!ke - Nice looking map. Reminded me of e1m4 "The Ebon Fortress". I can get to the "Some hints have appeared", and that's about it. Ho hum. Nice.

Great pack - thanks all. 
Drew's worked well, balance was reasonable and progression/secrets were good except for the scrags-in-the-wall (it took me a while to locate the two missing monsters). The map leaked and there was an interesting diode-functionality in the NG passage, intentional?

Generic's was a bit cramped, but otherwise functional. Progression was good, but maybe the malfunctioning slipgate should've been just disabled as it forced unnecessary backtracking. The map leaked albeit it was pretty small ...

Hrim's was unfortunately a disappointment; progression was awful and after being forced to load the bsp in QuArK for the third time to understand how to proceed, I almost gave up. The whole sequence with the keys and messages was irrational. I even had problems exiting the map due to weird timing events. A good-looking map with good combat but it was ruined by the progression problems.

Neg!ke's was another good-looking map with good combat but spoilt by overly convoluted "secrets". The only good one was the directional teleport. Like Kell said, way too much reliance on lighting hints. Also, using engine wall-climbing is a bad idea.

Tron's worked reasonably well except for the required RJ. Some strategy was called for and in the end it felt pretty good. Lighting was a bit odd though and there were no official secrets.

A good secret is when you find out the trick, you say "Ah, obviously!". A bad secret is when you instead say "How was I supposed to find that?". All of the maps followed the theme well, but some of them clearly showed that connecting secrets to progression is an extremely bad idea ... 
Great Theme 
know the options!!!

sm104_hrim is a speedmap??? roulf excelent map this is to good...could be in Oum map pack...

sm104_drew another great map very good

sm104_generic was o.k but in the end didn�t finish dont know if there is any end...

sm104_neg!ke was holly fuck!!! the map is impossible... had about one hour of fun then get to the part of teleport me to wrong way...look, look and look many time and quit... next time make a litle more easy please...was a nice one just get mad with my self for didn�t finish it!!!

sm104_tron was o.k the map just didn�t like much the 4 shambler�s...

sm104_chop great textures in start :) then was just to easy

nice work guys this theme was worderfull had real good time on it!!!

P.S.--> can anyone p.v.t me in irc to say how can i put the teleport o.k in neg!ke map???

;) i will look wend i get home from work :) 
Well, Interesting, At Least... 
Chop's and generic's were the sort of thing I expected.

Hrim's was cool, although a bit random.

Neg!ke's was clever and thought provoking, albeit excruciatingly hard (unless I found the wrong way to kill the zombies...).

Drew's was a nice map, probably ties with Hrimfaxi's for pick of the bunch for me overall.

Voodoo's... I haven't played yet! Oops... 
Oh, Doh 
I need to practice speedmapping more, I go at it hardcore for 10 minutes making some fancy walls and a fancy plan, but then the rest is usually just shoddy and rushed and I get tired of having to map so fast so I do it simple instead so I can spend more time picking the next song to listen to or casually ircing. Hopefully my next will be better. 
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