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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Here's my test DP's Quake and id1 directories:

pak2 is simply the watervissed maps and pak3 is mine which is simply a different console background.

I have no clue why it works for me, strange. Sorry if I've misled anyone. 
The links under "Latest development autobuild release (updated every 6 hours)" 
Pak0.pak Seems Legit 
I checked the size of my pak0.pak(17.8 MB | 18,689,235 bytes), it matches what is in the QuakeWiki(1996-10-01 14:25:58 18689235). 
thanks, hidden in plain sight :P 
Don't know. Being the master of your own Quake folder is something everyone personally has to bring to the party. ;-)

Keep in mind Bloughsburgh asked why DarkPlaces doesn't support entity alpha for stock id1.

Why would he make that up?

/If you see what I mean there, haha ;-) 
That being said, I did some more tests and there is some sort of X factor going on here.

Perhaps something not well known about DarkPlaces.

I did a rough test with an external .ent file and it worked. But petes1.bsp doesn't?

So something strange or not well known is happening? 
Baker:Keep in mind Bloughsburgh asked why DarkPlaces doesn't support entity alpha for stock id1.

Why would he make that up?

Bloughsburgh:damage_inc: Ah there we have issue is happening with func_illusionaries...I actually do not have any func walls using alpha.

He wasn't making it up.

IIRC, petes1 works as intended in QS but the brush settings are to subtle then for DP's. I to thought it didn't work, as well as someone on here, I forget the name of the person... but it does.

I'm not trying to be argumentative and hope it doesn't come off that way. I just want to know ;) 
I did some more tests using external .ent files.

And entity alpha does seem to work in DarkPlaces?

Yet petes1.bsp doesn't? Not even when using Quoth.

So ... perhaps you are correct or there is something missing piece of information that would explain this?

I do know that historically DarkPlaces required an alpha field in the progs.dat to support alpha, which is one reason mods like Quoth have that field.

But apparently this has changed, and I get that because that's just the nature of engines adapting.

But I don't understand why it isn't being consistent.

+1 mysteries of the universe.

Looks like damage isn't insane and is in fact correct.

Baker's example may be correct and should show entity alpha, but doesn't but perhaps for different reason than the current topic.

Then again we still have Bloughburgh's example?

Conclusion: Hell if I know!!! 
@damage --- 
I wasn't trying to be either.

I think we both had good intents and wanted to get to the bottom of this.

Weird stuff. We both had affirmative examples, haha.

/Oh well ... 
With this link:;O=D you can even access all builds sorted from most recent to oldest. I suggest keeping this link handy. 
IIRC, petes1 works as intended in QS but the brush settings are to subtle then for DP's. I to thought it didn't work, as well as someone on here, I forget the name of the person...
petes1 is Gotshun's Jump, right? In that case this person would be me. I originally thought the alpha on the windows didn't work but in fact it does, though it is indeed much less obvious than in QS. 
YES, Jump and yes... you! Since we haven't conversed much I couldn't be sure it was you.

For just a map release you can't have both a QS setting and a DP setting for things. So we went with the highest common denominator, QS. Especially considering the <3 DP gets around here :-P

Also, to make matters worse for me using DP, I have both upper and lower sky scroll slowed down. Until you posted I didn't remember that :( 
Especially considering the <3 DP gets around here
Not wrong. Though to be fair, Func_ is not the be-all-end-all of the Quake community. QuakeOne has more people who are only players, and while DP gets much more love there, you don't see many people talking about QS or Mark V...

For future maps, why not release two versions, one geared towards the Fitz/QS family and one for DP? They could both be included in the same archive to avoid a mess of engine-specific releases at Quaddicted. When I'm ready to release maps, that's what I intend to do if I notice such behavioral differences. 
Gamma / Brightness Of Maps 
I'm always afraid I making my maps too dark. I'll load up the id levels from time to time to do an eyeball comparison. But is there some more "formal" way of ensuring maps aren't too dark?

Maybe a way to measure levels on a screenshot in Photoshop or a similar method? 
If your monitor is properly calibrated and your Quake set to default brightness/gamma, then if it's not too dark on your screen it should be good for most people.

Of course, there's also a matter of taste at play here: someone like NewHouse tends to make rather dark maps. I like it but I remember some people complaining about it when he released his first map. You can't please everyone. 

my question is:
if i have those two brushes, with non-integer vertices but with integer planes,, i can expect problems in-game, or weird qbsp problems?
how well qbsp handle rational numbers? 
I like to have a bit of overlap in my brushes in that situation, so if things get rounded off or otherwise mangled they usually turn out okay anyway. 
Intersecting brushes are generally okay. You can sometimes get odd lighting at the junction/seam where they meet. You could also create basically the same thing with separate brushes that have all vertices on grid. 
Help With Testing/launching 
how do i get to actually test the level at its current state, what i mean is, when i try testing the level it says that the .bsp file doesn't exist on the maps folder, and if it was there before, it can be run but any change made won't appear. or is that not possible at all. 
You should always be able to test your maps.

Without more information, there can only be three possibilities.

1)Your map has an error that stopped the compiler from creating the .bsp

2)You are compiling to a directory outside of "id1/maps", OR "your MOD/maps" and then not moving the file into the corresponding maps directory.

3)You are creating for a MOD and not launching with the -game "your MOD" parameter while having your .bsp saved in the "your MOD/maps" directory.

I think I covered it! HTH's 
I don't think you understood me, or is me that is not understanding you well, i wan't to be able to test the map from the buil-in tool for launching the map, the "Run/Launch" tool

1)i managed to compile the map and runs fine in Quake 2

2)i'm compiling the map just fine. the .bsp file is in the base2q/maps folder and it is runing.

3)i'm not creating the map for any mods, just normal, clean Q2.

What editor you use foe Q2 mapping? And what compiling tools you use for compile your map? Show log of the your compiling process. 
I Think Ranhcase Is Using Trenchbroom For Q2 
He mentioned it before previously, but not 100% certain though. 
Yeah, it seems I didn't understand.

Is it that the "Run/Launch" tool doesn't have all the right path's setup?

I don't use TB so I'll stop here, hope you get it fixed. 
yes, i'm using trenchbroom to map for q2, i think i've set the right path in the launch tool, but i'm not sure anymore... 
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