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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Don't forget to actually select your profile in that window, so the desired informations are visible, before taking your screenshot. 
no mugwump. hes showing the right screen.

he has no trouble compiling or running his map in game. hes having trouble using trenchbrooms game launcher.

this would be better off in the trenchbroom thread, that being said.

but, to help with the problem, what version of trenchbroom are you using?

i believe previous versions had that feature broken.

Im using RC1 and it will load the map set up exactly as you have it written.

1. Is your map a part of a mod?
2. Can you load the map in game?
3. What happens when you try to launch with those given parameters you have typed in? 
mind you im using quake and not quake 2 to test this, but it should be exactly the same. 
I see a previous post of yours that answers my questions, Rahncase. Aside from number 3. let me know what happens when you try to launch the game with your current parameters.

Hopefully the version of TB I linked solves the issue. 
This Is What SleepwalkR Asked 
Are you telling me the author doesn't know how to troubleshoot his own program? 
Sleepwalkr misunderstood what he was asking for is all.

Once you start coming through with some compiled maps, Ill let people take advice from you. 
The problem appears to be that the compilation profile doesn't properly copy the bsp to the required location inside of the game (probably baseq2/maps). That's why I asked for that, and not for the launch dialog, which seems fine at first glance. 
He did SAY the bsps are in his baseq2 folder which is why i figured you maybe misinterpreted.

What sleep is saying is that at the end of your compilation setup you need to include "Copy Files" to move the necessary files from your working folder into your baseq2 folder.

Heres how mine is set up for Q1: 
i don't use the compiling tool from trenchbroom, i use a .bat file for compiling maps, i didn't managed to get that working a single time, and i can't figure it out at all (here is the setup for the .bat in case is necessary:( ) .

trenchbroom 2.0.0 RC1

1)Is not part of any mod.

2)i can load the map in game completely fine

3)when i try to launch those parameters it runs the previous version of the map that is present on the /maps folder, if theres no .bsp file there, it says that the file doesn't exist. 
the problem lies in your .bat. i dont what EXACTLY, but its definitely the problem.

In order to solve this i went ahead and learned Q2 map compiling and have a basic set up for you to copy.

first, if you dont have it already: download this: and extract it to baseq2/pics.

second, to get trenchbroom setup for compiling follow this:

use the "+" circled in red to add each step of the compiling process.

In place of my locations for the compiling tools, use the "..." circled in green to add the locations of your tools.

This got a simple to compile and run in standard quake. I launched the game from trenchbroom using the same parameters you currently have set: 
i just copied word by word from the image you send

it didn't work :/, here's the output 
Youre telling QBSP to process a bsp file. it needs a .map. i underlined where i got this from:

Refer to my previous post and make sure youve copied everything properly. 
it seems to be working fine now, but the copy file process isn't running. 
no, nevermind, the copy file process is running as it should 
So to clarify:

You can both compile with trenchbroom AND run your compiled maps from trenchbroom? 
TB In Mac 
In the compiling window, the box that has "..." does not work. I did manage to get the compiler to work in mac but i find it more difficult than building and running a batch file in windows. 
Nait, please report that to github:

or allow me to do so on your behalf, if you dont have a github account/dont want to make one.

i strongly encourage active participation in reporting issues given you are currently doing a lot of mapping. plzkthx <3 :-* 
i dont have an github acccount, you can make the report on behaf of me. 
TB Compiling 
it would be cool if compiling maps would be totally automatic. You would have an Export option in the File menu and it would give a popup window with all the possible options that can be checked or unchecked and then you just press OK. 
I've been using batch files and Windows 7 for nearly a decade without problems. Most issues can be avoided by not letting Windows think for you.

Put your Quake folder directly in the C: drive, keep your maps, the compiling programs, and your .bat file in Quake/maps 
Thanks! ill give this a try, i think with windows creating a bat-file is quite simple. and thats my main way of compiling with mapping on windows, with macs i dont know how to create batch files 
Surface Lighting? 
What is this "surface lighting" people have been talking a lot lately, when and how to use it? Is there certain techniques I need to know? 
Scroll down to the bottom of this page. Super helpful feature in ericw's compiling tools. 
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