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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Thank a lot!

i was able to find the code for cdtrack in the targets.qc and built it in the progs.dat but finaly struggled, from my point of view, with the definition of the functions.

I*m looking forward to check the SVC_cdtrack this week and tell you if it works.

best wishes. 
Fun Fact Time! 

WriteByte (MSG_ALL, 3);
WriteByte (MSG_ALL, 3);

Track 3 played perfectly from my music directory.

You need to repeat the 2nd command for it to work.

The second writebyte is setting a variable called cl.looptrack - which on first glance you would expect would control whether the track loops or not. Surprise! It's not actually implemented in the engine, so the track always loops. You are free to send any number in the second WriteByte, it doesn't need to be the same as the track number.

If you'd like to play a CD track without it looping, the alternative is to use stuffcmd with the console command "cd play 3". You can also replicate the looping cd track from the SVC_ command with "cd loop 3". 
Ok, I thought the whole thing over and came to the conclusion that whatever I will do, I have to make it a trigger_cdtrack. Otherwise it will not work with the mod.
That means getting into the whole qc-thing and read a lot.
So at this point I will finish mapping first before doing anything else.
Thanks to dumptruck_ds and preach for the assistance!
Hope I can ask you again when the job is done.

best wishes 
One last thought: If the mod you're using has the equivalent of
trigger_command then you can use the console command to achieve what you're after without modifying it. 
I looked at the code again and wondered why my attemp doesn't work.
I copied the trigger_cdtrack function (is equal to the code dumptruck_ds showed with a -change and -use procedure) from AD's target.qc to my progs_dump/triggers.qc next to the trigger_relay function and compiled the progs.dat.
Then I copied the trigger_cdtrack definition from AD's .fgd to my progs_dump.fgd with the windows editor.
When I entered Trenchbroom and changed to the new fgd (in new progs_dump folder with the changed progs.dat) I got this message: "progs_dump_112.fgd': At line 1, column 1: Unknown entity definition class '//'".
I think I'm not to far from a solution.
Have I missed to change or add something in the progs or done a failur in the fgd? 
looks like invalid characters in the fgd 
Byte Order Mark 
Yeah, if you encode the sequence "" in the default windows codeset and decode that as UTF8 you get character FEFF (a byte order mark). Working backwards I guess the program you used to edit the fgd saved the file as UTF-8 and added a byte order mark. Trenchbroom is then opening the file as 8-bit windows codeset text and seeing garbage at the top. Suggest you reopen the cfg file and save it in ascii format, which should get rid of the garbage. 
It should have been saved in ANSI.
I will try to save in Unicode and use notepad if it doesn't work. 
Got It! 
So. This challange is masterd.
For no reasons, the widows editor saves automaticly in UTF-8. So I changed that in ANSI and now theres a trigger_cdtrack in trenchbroom.:)
That's the good news.
The other is that I was wrong about the compiling.

Whatever progs.dat I decompile and recompile ,with fteqccgui64, I get messages like this:"defs.qc:328: error: "ev_field" is not a type in function SUB_CalcMove (line 61), subs.qc:66: error: Unknown value "tspeed"Errors have occured Error in defs.qc on line 328."
The funny thing is that fteqcc shows erros, but
the progs work.

I have absolutly no idea what happens here. 
Job's Done 
Built from the source. Now it works. 
how check max entities limin in trenchbroom? 
Urban Mercenary Level 
Please can someone help me I tried to convert a .bsp2 map to .bsp1 for a game that uses the Quake 1 Engine, but it gives me error ModLoadBrushModel has wrong version number .... should be 29, how can I solve? 
A Mystery In Quakespasm 
Yesterday I got a fascinating problem.
Got the message Alloc Block: full and started to solve the problem like usual.

replaced every bad texture. -nothing
deleted or repaired every unclean brush. - nothing
deleted over 60 lights. -nothing
deleted all trenchbroom autosaves. -nothing
deleted all the maps .bsp, .lit, config,... and recompiled the map. -nothing

Deleted Quakespasm and reinstalled. No Error anymore.

Has anyone an idea what happend?
I think this would be usefull to everyone.

best wishes 
Deleted Quakespasm and reinstalled. No Error anymore.

I'm wondering whether you may have replaced an older version of QuakeSpasm with a newer version? The newest is 0.93.2, released November 2019.

From the thread dumptruck_ds linked:

metlslime: This is caused by lightmaps.

From the README for QuakeSpasm 0.93.2:

Lightmaps are now dynamically allocated (from QSS), and BLOCK_WIDTH/HEIGHT raised from 128 to 256.

So if you replaced an older version with 0.93.2, I guess this would be why that error went away? 
Ahhh, enlightened!

I installed the newest version.
So it is a change in Quakespam.

Thank you very much.

best wishes. 
As Random As Always 
Who said trisouping can only be used for terrain? 
Textures With Permissive Licenses 
where to find them? CC0, CC-BY, etc. i love evillair stuff 
Lazarus Misc_actor / Target_anger 
Hi guys, nearly got my new Q2 map ready for playtesting but struggling with a particular issue.

I'm using the Lazarus misc_actor to have a friendly marine attack some Strogg enemies but I want the friendly guy to stand still in one place while he shoots the bad guys.

I'm using the "Hold" spawnflag on the target_anger to achieve this:

HOLD Spawnflag (=16)
The target_anger will cause the misc_actor/monster_* to stand in place and not run around.

...but it seems to have no effect. The actor runs around trying to get close to the Strogg and, while he will occasionally shoot them, when he happens to find himself with a suitable angle to do so, he's largely useless and stupid.

Has anyone here used this feature in Lazarus and managed to get the actor to stand still when he's told to? 
Elevator Multi Level And Combining Mods? Help Lease. 
New and signed up just for this! Really enjoying my first foray in mapping for quake.
As per title, I know you can make multi direction elevators with progs_dump mod (dowloaded from Dumptruck DS)
However I'm enjoying using AD mods for all the excellent extras it includes. - I cant figure out how to do it (multi level elevator) with AD!
Is there a way to combine mods? I can't find a way to do this anywhere either! ...or maybe a tutorial on how to customize my own mods and features / combine mods?
(on a side note, I spent 4 hours trying to raise/lower water into an electrified basement room!!! Urgh...failed)

Apologies if this has been asked before, please link to post if that's the case. Much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and I'll upload my maps in time! hopefully! 
1)NO combining MODS.

2)Load AD and type "map test_2floorplat"
in the console.

Map is in the AD maps folder. 
Elevator Multi Level And Combining Mods? Help Lease. 
@damage_inc thanks for that will reverse engineer, This is a blast. 
Compiled Map No Longer Feels Like Running 

So I started mapping a few days ago and I've recently hit a brick wall. I've been working on a Quake map in Trenchbroom, compiling it with ericw-tools, and now suddenly, upon compiling, my map is just refusing to run and I have no idea why.

^ That is all I see upon compiling and attempting to run the map. I have a .BSP of my map, it IS in the correct location, I can run an older version of my map and the default maps, but for no apparent reason Quake has just decided to not let me run my map anymore. Using the console and typing "map mymapname" leads to the same result as the image posted above.

I have no idea what the solution is and would appreciate some help because I can't test my map anymore until this is resolved. 
Running any mod or is this vanilla id1? 
Some Googling says:

This is also the error given when giving a func_plat a negative "height" value. 
Yeah got it now, thank you. I wasn't aware that you couldn't reverse the direction of a func_plat with a negative integer, that's why the game was freaking out. 
Platform Tip 
Very often if you want a platform, you should use a func_door. Moving downwards is certainly one of those cases. 
WTF Brush Entities Turning Non Solid ?! :°°-( 
Dear all,

I experience a very annoying bug. I'm afraid it's a well-known issue. Sorry in advance for maybe being the 1000th one to ask about it but I didn't figured out the right keywords in the search engine to find how to fix it.

For some unknown (to me) reason, some of the brush entities in my map turn non solid. They are still drawn but don't block the player movements anymore and can't be touched either, just like illusionary walls: doors looking closed but being wide open, button not triggerable anymore unless they have a health value, breakable brushes needless to break...

Trenchbroom doesn't give me a clue about the problem. There is no leak... What the hell is going on???

Shall I precise that curiously SOME of the brush entities in the same map react the right way and can be normally interacted with. o_O;

Thank you in avdance for enlighting my mind, I'm going mad! 
Are you building things near the origin coordinates in the space, or are you building far away from the origin? If things get more than 4096 units away from the origin then weird stuff can happen in most Quake engines. 
I Am Already 
so, what it feels to me is like a vis problem.
Some brushes may overlap eachother on a 0.01 unit which causes the compiler choose between both of them.

Isn't there a command "force all brushes on grid" in Trenchboom? 
In TrenchBroom, under the Edit menu you will find Snap Vertices to grid and snap to integer. 
Are there any maps with identical versions for both Quake 1, UT99 and/or UT2K4?

I've been reading about Q3A to UT map converters, but I'm not sure if that would work well for Q1 maps: 
Angled Brushwork 
For long time now i ask myself how you guys to angled brushwork in Radiant, like arches that lie on 45°, 33° or any other weird angles on the grid.

A great example for what i mean would be the huge chains in czg's q1 map Honey.

I try avoiding building stuff on grid 90° on grid an then rotaing it, as this brings the vertices off grid.
Some stuff i manage to do via a mix of csg_subtract and clipping, but for more complex constructs my brains 3D projecting algorithms fail ^^'

Are there any "cleaner" methods to do it? 
i did a post here once about "magic" (aka on-grid) rotation, but fuck knows where that's gone - same technique czg did for those angled bridge ruins in saint.bsp

These days though, misc_external_map is your friend for a lot of this stuff... 
In That Case 
i could do it with .ase geometry, as i am using Darkplaces with q3map2.
It's for a total conversion and use advanced features of both.

In some cases using .ase or a model instead of brushwork are not practical, at least that is what it seem to me.
And i guess the main problem in what i am trying to do is not the brushwork and it's limits, but my geometric understanding of things.

Here some screenshots of things i try to do:

Maybe i asked even the wrong question, so i rather ask: how would you guys do that stuff depicted in the screenies? 
I'll Be Honest 
If you are doing stuff for the q3bsp format then it's a pretty good idea to use meshmodels/ase to work around the times when brushes just won't cut it.

For "seamless" joins of arbitrarily rotated meshmodels to surrounding brush geo, you'll want to use some artistic license and design the model in such a way so you have some "wiggle room" to be able to butt things into each other a bit and not look ugly - e.g. hide the joins with some raised trim or raised brick quoins or something 
I will for sure use that approach for more complicated geometry.

Just saw that screenshot of Wrath: Aeon of ruins in another thread:

Would be interesting to know how that hall, especialy its in multiple directions facing door arches, where made.
At least that domed ceiling would be no problem with a trisoup.

Is Sock still around? 
Another Wacky Experiment 
Built this ship for someones map and I wanted it to be a rotate train. I got it all working fairly well despite some tuning I can do later. But for now I have this movewall that doesn't rotate. So if you ride the thing straight or fairly straight everything is fine. Once the boat turns the func_movewall doesn't. Is there a way to make the rotate_object solid so I can remove the movewall entirely?

A video showing it does work on my server.

A link to the bsp. It meant to run on teamfortress with hipnotic ents added. So that means megatf and custom. I haven't tried other mods to see how it works. 
bsp collision can't rotate without an engine feature. (this does exist for some engines, can't remember which, but Baker had it in MarkV I think?)

The movewalls are basically a hack to get around this -- you actually need many small movewalls, each one will not rotate, but the positions of them all will orbit the origin of the object to sort of make it work. For example if you put a movewall for just the mast of the ship, it would correctly move with the mast. Warning: You will need a lot of movewalls. 
Bsp Collision 
Yes, I read through preaches site on all this. The server I intend it to run on will be FTE. I wont do the many funcwall thing, but I appreciate you suggesting. It would take way to many to simulate what i need here. I am pretty sure it can work, a non solid into a solid, but setting movetypes and avelocites blows my mind. 
WTF Too Few = Too Many ?! 
Dear skilled mappers,

As a beginner in mapping, I'm facing an unexpected (but probably well known?) issue.
The number of monsters and entities in my map is quite low, and anyway far below the standard number in the original editor's maps.
The original game's maps display without any problem, whereas my map doesn't: it seems a threshold is reached concerning the number of monsters/entities and the most recently added ones are not displayed (as a player I am attacked by an invisible opponent, an invisible brush entity blocks my way, etc.) The entities beyond the threshold index behave normally except they are not drawn by the engine.
This occurs very soon in the mapping process, even before I really start to populate my map with monsters, as if all the available slots for entities would already be taken by doors, lifts, lights, artefacts or whatever. Yet the number of those is, once again, really low. Especially compared to how many entities are found in the game's original maps.

Any help would save not only my day but weeks of work, actually.
Thanks a lot in advance!!! 
First Things First 
This could still be any number of problems afaik, so lets narrow it down:

Which engine do you use?
Even "standard" Quake could mean three different ones: DOSQuake, WinQuake or GLQuake.

What mapeditor and compiler are you using

Have you tried loading your map in another engine and see if the problem persists?

How many entities are there actualy in your map?

Are your sure your map does not leak? 
Make sure your map does not extend past + or - 4096 units on any axis.

If it does and you can't shrink it without negatively impacting your map, compile it with the "-bsp2" command line parameter (for bsp.exe) and run it in a modern engine.

Also, if your map has lots of entities it's probably a good idea to make sure you're running protocol 666, not protocol 15. 
I Thought.., 
A usual Q1 map can have 37678 brushes and 640 entities. If you have less, than another error has faulted. 
Check Your Functions 
Are you sure there are no "empty functions" in your map, like a func_door without arguments? It is easy to add a func and forget to add arguments. You would hardly notice.
Most times these cause a "too many edicts" error. 
Good Guess! 
Thank you for your quick answers :-)

I actually map for Hexen II. The only engines supporting it that I know are Ultimate Quake Engine 1.13 and Hammer of Thyrion. I have the problem with both of them.

My map editor is Trenchbroom 2019.6
My compiler is ericw-tools-v0.18.1-win32\bin\qbsp.exe

Without counting the world, there are currently about 220 entities in my map which is probably far below the limit (although I don't know what that limit in Hexen II is compared to Quake's 640).

My map IS actually leaking. Good guess Wakey! I would have never thought about that because it seemed to me that leaking problems were far behind for a while... and I must confess I still can't understand what the problem is. I open the pts file and carefully follow the "leak line" in TB but at the places it goes from inside to outside, it simply goes through solid world brushes and not between them through unnoticeable interstices as usual leaks do.
So now I know it's about leaking, but I can't figure out what the leak is.

Shall I very humbly and respectfully submit my map to one of you to get their insight and improve my understanding please? I would be most grateful for that!

@Shamblernaut: the actual count of entities doesn't seem to be the direct responsible but as a side note, what are protocol 666 and protocol 15??? 
your map does not gave to be open anywhere to leak.
An entity by mistake placed into the void can cause a leak too.
At least thats true for q3bsp, so i asume that is a valid statement for q1 maps as well.

What shamblernaut was talking about are different network protocols.
15 is the original, 666 is an enhanced one, by Fitzquake methinks.
It's important because Quake works with a client-server protocol, so even offline in sp the gamecode communicates internally over this. 
if you're mapping for Hexen II then the protocol 15/666 question isn't relevant. 
Leaks can be very tricky. Following the pts file will lead to the initial brush, but it always starts at one corner fading on a irragular vector into the void.
Very useful to set the sky brush dark and look with a 3d viewer along the pts line. 
About the protocols, got it, thank you for the precisions.

The pts line didn't show clearly the leaking point but went from inside to outside in an irregularly shaped part of the map (a cave). Certainly not a coincidence (thank you so much Wakey for having put me on the leak's track!)

I never understood where exactly was the leak but I found a workaround.

I encompassed the whole area into a giant square box. By chance the cave was a dead end and was connected to the rest of the map only through a rectangular tunnel. I just opened a square hole in the giant box wall to let the tunnel go through, et voilà!

Hop this trick could help someone in a similar situation in the future.

As a side note, strangely enough brush entities or water brushes partially in the void don't seem to cause a leak. I have the impression that the only "entities in the void" counting for leaks are model/point entities...

Thank you again to all of you for your help. 
the "put a big box around a leaky area" is an old trick, and it does work, but you'll have longer compile times and a larger BSP than if you actually plugged the leak. Depending on the cost/benefit analysis, might be worth finding the actual leak, or not. 
Planning Routes 
is something i want to learn more in-depth.
Just can't properly wrap my around yet.

How did you guys learn it and do it now?
Learning by playing doesn't seem to do the trick for me.
My guess is that most of you will already have a rough idea of the routes in a map in your head when starting to block out a rough layout - is that right?

To you take notes and sketches beforehand?
Like "I want this traps in that map, that many arenas..."?

Especialy interleaved routes with some backtracking and opening paths give me a headache, but my guess is that im thinking about them the wrong way. 
Sketch layouts first - including approx player routes, likely combats etc. 
My Nitwitz 
32768 brushes - 620 entities standard quake

I often asked myself what happens on the edge of the 33768 brushes. Having a map that big gets weary adding one brush or deleting one entity.

Still the knowhow behind it isn'nt clear to me.

Let's say I have map with that account. It is widly surrounded in the editor with all kind of edges. I assume the compiler uses all that outer brushedges to come to that 32768.

Then, would it be of any use to pull all outer edges to one line so the outside would be a cube with only 8 sides. It should make a difference, or am I just short sighted as these outer brushes get deleted after compiling? 
Brushes Are Not Faces(sides) 
a brush can have up to 255 faces in q1,
what matters is therefor the facecount.
outside faces seeing the void (if your map is sealed, no leaks...) aren't considered when creating the bsp. 
To Add To This 
brushes are made out of faces of course. 
Host_Error: Mod_LoadModel: 9 Not Found 

Got this error message on my map: Host_Error: Mod_LoadModel: 9 not found.
Seams I've wrote a wronge value somwhere.
Is there a way to find the entity/brush in trenchbroom, via notepad,.. or another way to fix this? 
Entities Come Up With Nr In Map File 
Trenchboom>View>Switch to Entity Inspector
or when it won't come up, I would search with Texpath in the *.map file all entities. A bit meak. 
Still Cant Think Up 
a map layout.
Does anyone of you have some general tips when it comes to layouting your map? 
Steal It Off Something Completely Different. 
Like, I dunno, a HL Alyx cutscene.... 
Oh Cmon 
That would be way to obvious xD
Then rather some Boom Eternal cutscene.
But i'm not so keen on learning how to steal at all, i just don't want to come up with
some linear hallway-room-hallway-room kinda thing.
You get the idea. 
Sweet Inspiration 
Forget your intention of completing a finished map. Just imagine you are in a corner of a room. Start sculpting a corner without the intention to finish something off. Make a small ledge on the floor. Try to compare on the moment what your intuition is telling you.

I am working on three maps now, and stop immediately when I feel I want to finish them. That's why I am no speed mapper. It can take years and I don't care. 
Was Kind Of My Workflow Too 
But it hasnt yielded any release in years.
The last one was a WoP map in 2015.
Most of the time i experiment around with brushwork, but that doesnt help in upping my skills to create a map interesting to play. 
Make your method more structured.

When you just do random stuff finishing can get near to impossible. You don't know when to stop or where it's going so it just becomes an unending slog.

When you set yourself limitations and challenges, it becomes more satisfying to complete and you have to be creative to make something interesting.

Build the entire layout in simple form, without detail or gameplay. The layout itself is up to you - I like to make things loop as much as possible and expand any dead ends into self-contained segments with unique challenges - button hunts, locked in a room with a shambler, whatever. Loops mean the player enters the same area from different directions along the critical path; try and avoid forcing backtracking unless you're going to change the structure of the level on the return or drastically change the gameplay (repopulate). You should be thinking analytically and planning what you want to do with these areas later on. If a particular area gets visited a lot, be sure to make it bigger.

Make yourself a handful of object to decorate the level with. Ideally these should be from an external bsp to let you make big changes with minimum effort further down the line. Does take a bit more work at the start, but it's worth it. Sprinkle the deco all over the place. Areas that deserve something special, make it. This is the more artistic part, so you'll be making your ugly blockout nice looking, modifying or expanding it where needs be.

Fill it with monsters. You should have planned ambushes and set ups in your head already during the blockout and deco phases - now you get to fill in the blanks. you should be playtesting constantly, on hard skill (nobody is better at your map than you). You shouldn't have to make any structural changes to the level now, but if you do or you have a cool idea, go for it.

Get a few people together and test it - demos are ideal. This is where the assumptions you've made on how the level with function with a rel player are tested. Listen to each complaint and understand what it's about.

Wait for a month or so without working on it. Then replay the level and make any changes that you deem necessary. Once those are done and playtested, upload the zip.

There's probably some bugs. Be prepared to patch the release after it's done. This should be limited to fixes only, no new stuff. 
Kill Your Deadline 
I understand your intention, but from where the urge to deliver an outstanding map?
My last map is from 2014 and was one of my hardest cases. It can bring you on the edge of tranquility, as the map starts leaking or lightning gets abused.

From the moment I stopped wanting to make something good I made all these small maps with no pretention that fitted in together.

Looking at I'd maps it comes to me that they are not that hard to make. The challenge is to give it something unexpecTed. A moebius ring or a part with moving walls that gives several options for leadways.

If I'm on the point to produce something wild I just start playing AD. 
Everyone's Got Their Own Method And Driver 
My driver is the sooner I finish one project, the sooner I can start another.

Each project has new and interesting stuff to learn.

But, to each their own. 
one easy idea is to start by building a "hub room" which has multiple entrances and exits, so the player has a familiar space they return to multiple times.

The hub room could contain locked doors (so you have to go find a key and come back) or multiple elevations (so the second time you visit, you are on a higher level you couldn't get to before.)

Some good examples of hub rooms are: the central room in e1m5, the starting room in e1m6, the room with 3 wind tunnels in e3m5.

Once you have a hub room, then you are mainly just building out the looping paths that branch off from it and loop back into it from a different angle. 
That's More Practical And Less Esoteric :) 
Yes I Just Watched Unabomber On Netflix 
Thanks Guys 
Already making progress.
The explanation of loops, how to deal with dead and ends and the explanation of the hub room helped a lot!

@madfox: It doesn't necessarily need to be outstanding map, but at least it should be worth beeing played.
I think i should at least try to make the best out of it, nobody wants his time wasted by a boring map.
Had my fair share of ugly releases already, like that messed up monstrosity Chili Quake XXL.
Gosh, i have to do a remake of that, to save at least some of my dignity xD

@metlslime: yeah, e1m5 and e1m6 are very good examples for learning purposes.
They use both a hub room and loops, but are not overly complicated or long.
So for examining and studying them both are ideal.
Cool about e1m6 is that the goldkey is visible from the beginning.
On the other hand it's one of those maps you can cheat through by just grenadejumping there.

@ijed: Thank you for your very detailed post!
Lot's of useful information in there.
Never thought about letting a map rest a month or so before the final releas, but it seems very wise.
You might start to see stuff that you overlooked while still working on it. 
On the other hand it's one of those maps you can cheat through by just grenadejumping there.

These things used to bother me too, but with the DM4 jam I decided to just embrace the potential for breaking progression. It made for a much better map in the end. 
I'm trying to make some new sprites, but Fimg saved my results without alpha's. So I used *.tif files. Same result.

Is there another prog to obtain sprites? 
Worked fine for me - I just had to copy the dirty pink colour Quake uses for .spr transparency. 
Without that colour it seems to leave the alphas out. Now I've got ome bit it's still invincible as I used no fullbright's. 
Sprites ignore light, they're never black or invisible. 
Dark Cloud 
I tried to make a sprite look like an ink cloud,
but the disadvantage is they fade too fast.

Anyway, this one I don't see appear in game.
It will be my lack of coding. 
Make sense now, somehow 
Black Textures With Fresh Trenchbroom Setup 
I set up Trenchbroom on a new laptop. When I open it up I get this in the console:

"Could not load palette file 'gfx\palette.lmp': File not found: 'gfx\palette.lmp'"

When I add a WAD file all textures appear black.
This is the entire console log when I start Trenchbroom:

"Creating new document
Loaded entity definition file Quake.fgd
Loading palette file gfx\palette.lmp
Could not load palette file 'gfx\palette.lmp': File not found: 'gfx\palette.lmp'
Renderer info: GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Design/PCIe/SSE2 version 4.6.0 NVIDIA 445.75 from NVIDIA Corporation
Depth buffer bits: 24
Multisampling enabled "

Does anyone know what is happening?
It can't find the id1 .pak files. Either copy those over or reconfigure your paths in TB. 
Thank you! I deleted my .pak files and copied them in again. It all works now. 
Any Good 'cutscene' Tutorial For Quake 1 Or Hexen II? 
Hello, I've been playing around with Worldcraft/JACK for a while now and I'd like make a small map pack for Hexen II, but I'd like to have an opening cutscene to setup the story and world. However, I can't figure it out.

So does anyone know of a tutorial which shows how to setup a cutscene in Quake 1 or Hexen II?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you. 
There is a small map "visions of hatred" of Reign MacNeil, that has a "Capture Camera Kit".
It works a bit slow but it has a tut that will make you cutscenes. 
Thank You Madfox! 
This is just what I was looking for! Now I just have to get this to work in Hexen II... hmmm, well, time to carpe those diems! :D 
More About Cutscenes.., 
The same question came up a month ago in coding help.
There are some more answers and possibilties there.
hexen2 #2768 
Light Splotches 
So i am currently working on a map with lots of skylight, and i get this ugly bright splotches, due to bounce most propably:

I am using ericw-tools v0.18.1, phong, -bounce, a sunlight + sun2 for direct & indirect lighting.
My guess is this occures because the light stage stage creates pointlights for the bounce, is that about right?

How are you guys working around this? 
No Clues At All? 
The light process reports solid faces and lights created, seems consistent with your idea, though I don't know what exactly happens under the hood.
The docs are good, not much to recommend beyond that. Try extra4, try soft, try sunsamples. If that fails, try hiding it with ao (dirtmap).
Generally, if you avoid flat uniform colors it wouldn't be noticeable in the first place. 
Thanks for your answer chedap.
extra4, soft, sunsamples and dirt are already enabled on that screenshot.
Using that flat uniform coloured textures TO pronounce the lightmaps features is my intention all along, of course i could have guessed that that will pronounce any flaws as well.

I could try setting _bounce to "-1" as entity key to prevent light from bouncing off the nearby brushes, just found that feature, isn't in the documentation yet.

I will also try to play around with _anglescale, altough i dont fully understand what exactly what this keys effect is, yet. 
Is there a way to link two trigger_secret brushes so that if one is triggered, the other is removed, and they count as one secret? It's for a secret area that can be entered from more than one location. Obviously I can place the brush where the two paths link up but I'm curious. 
Each trigger secret counts as a secret.

You can killtarget one trigger from another, so you should be able to have two trigger_once which point at a trigger_secret to activate it.

Which might actually work without killtargeting anything.

id1 progs is kinda rough though and I haven't used it in years so this might all be wrong :L

I'm working from a Copper base now, which allows lots of entity manipulation without having to hack the level. I have coded up similar entities in the past, but didn't want to do it again and Lunaran's are better made than the legacy stuff I was going to resuscitate yet again. 
Anyone Remember My PyramidGav Map? 
Like ijed says. One trigger_secret somewhere (set spawnflags 1 for make it not touchable) and two trigger_once in each area. The trigger_secret can killtarget both triggers, but be sure to set a slight delay on it to avoid trouble. 
The trigger_secret removes itself after being triggered so there's no need to kill the other trigger_once. It'll be swinging at nothing if it ever goes off. 
I was thinking about cases where each area gives an individual message which would then be printed by the trigger_onces instead of the trigger_secret itself. 
Thanks Guys. 
Also does anyone know what map has a "bloodfall" texture? I think I recall playing a map that had one but I can't remember what map. 
Also does anyone know what map has a "bloodfall" texture? I think I recall playing a map that had one but I can't remember what map. 
Insomnia map3, end of Travail ep1, probably some Zerstorer/Zer.jam maps 
Ah sweet. Reminds me I need to replay Insomnia and Travail. I don't think Zerstorer has one because I'm already using zerstorer.wad. (Love those "viscera" water textures.)

Same Isue 
Hey mate, any luck with this one?
I have the same issue, trying to find a way to increase, I assume the hunk allocation of memory... so far no luck. Let me know how ya go / went... 
Hi, please ignore previous post :O
I’m well into my first level now, after following dump truck tutorials. Using AD current version. However, I’ve hit a snag re hunk_alloc when compiling completes. I’m using quakespasm and upon launch, Quake crashes with ‘hunk_alloc at #######’ - I’m fairly certain my level is far from optimised...And it’s quite large. (I will attempt to cut it down and split into multiple maps eventually) but for aesthetic reasons I can’t yet... as it’s a ‘hub’ city / difficulty select / start map and relies on line of site to buildings etc. outside of the play area.
Thanks in advance. I’m new to all this, so I’d also love to share some pics etc. - some of the maps here are AMAZING! I’ve a long way to go!!
Small Field Of Vision 

I have a very large room full of entities. When the player stands in the corridor leading to that room, the walls, floor and ceiling of it restrain considerably the field of vision: just a very small portion of the room is visible and 99% of the many entities are out of sight.

Here is a picture of the setting:
(the red thing is the cone of vision, and the red rectangle its projection onto the room's front face).

Yet there is one brush entity which should be seen because partly in the red and partly out of it, but it's invisible until it suddenly appears when the player approaches very close to it. As if until the very last moment out of sight entities were still taken into account and were to many to calculate, thus exceeding the rendering limits.

Does that make sense?
Is there a way to prevent the engine from calculating out of sight entities over supposedly visible ones?

Any clue will be very welcome...
I precise that I can't move to a more powerful game engine because I'm mapping for Hexen II, so there are so few compatible engines already that if I deliberately exclude some of them, almost nobody will be able to play my map! ^_^; 
How To Make A Conveyor Belt? 
Is there a way to make a conveyor belt? In newer doom source ports you can make a brush with a scrolling texture and it will carry entities. I want something similiar.

I tried making a brush with an animated texture and have a trigger push carry entities but with trigger push affects player's movement in a negative way. Another idea I had was to make lots of small platforms that move but that seems like a really hacky way to do it. 
Convoyer Pets 
It's been a hardbreaker from the moment I tried to lay hold on it. Conveyor belts and quake func_trains don't like eachother, that is what timing concerns.
When you're really as mad as me you might try a static like this.

On ther other hand I spend a few moments to get a solution for it. It isn't that hard, you can do with two func_trains. That is.., when you fine tweak it to the right moment.
Here is an example, although it still has a wig in it. I went really domino after a few houres, but I think it can be done.

"Four feather" has a fine way of doing it, but it are all statics. So no.., I don't have a real solution than tweaking two func_lifts. Size, distance, time. 
Hexen 2 Water 
Hey guys, I'm working on my map using trenchbroom and erics tools; I've got a body of water and I assign it to func_detail but this means the water is not transparent, despite any settings.
If I set it to func_wall, I can provide the spawnflag for translucency, but then it's not water any longer.
Any suggestions on what I do here? 
what if you don't assign it to func_detail? I don't see a good reason to make water "detail" 
Just like metlslime I wonder the reason why. Could you be more precise about what you're trying to do please? 
Doesn't need to be an entity to be transparent. You need to set 'wateralpha 0.5' or whatever number you prefer at the console. 
Like ijed said, set wateralpha to a value you like but remind that it's a key that has to be set in the worldspawn.
The wateralpha only has an effect on the texture "in game". You don't see it in trenchbroom.
For the brush, worldspawn and func_wall always work well. 
Why Am I Getting Full Bright Brushes?

I've deleted every light entity and light related worldspawn setting I can find but still get it :/ 
Fullbright's & Comments Textures 
Texture of brushes are divided in opaque and fullbright's. Opaque are all brushes that won't reflect light as wall texture. Ornaments like light bulbs or flame mouths are fullbright. They don't need lightning of a map to reflect light.
Like a doormark they glow from themselves, so.., an unlighted map will still make a fullbright texture glow. 
Possibly some accidentally-set _minlight field on some func_detail or func_group? 
hmm I couldn't find anything like that in the map file but I saved it under a different filename and that fixed it hah 
Could have been an outdated .lit file then. 
It's Like Madfox Says 
Those red light textures in particular are from the 'fullbright' section of the palette and ignore lighting, always showing at full.

Listed as 'Brights' here:

If you want a dark version, copy then edit the texture in Wally, substituting the colours for ones not on that particular row.

Then you can toggle the textures on it, if you make it an animation and the brush a func_wall.

You can also make those textures actually emit light using EricW's tools: 
He Wasn't Talking About The Red Lights, Though 
I like negke's lit file theory.@zqf did you check for that and delete it? 
Saving under different filename fixed it, i too do think old lit file is the cause. 
Doesn't appear to be a lit file. It isn't present in the directory I'm testing from.
There is an error about a mismatching 'texinfo flags' during compile, could it be that? 
Sorry - saw the image on a phone so blanked on the glaring obvious.

And the incognito name got me :) 
Stop blinking headphone! 
Hiding Brush Edges In TrenchBroom 
It's been years since I last touched TB, but I clearly remember being able to toggle viewing brush edges when I used it back then. In the latest version, I can't for the life of me find this option in any of the menus.

Never Mind 
Found it. Of course, TrenchBroom still for some reason has two separate menus called "view". 
Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey - Part 1 
(Sorry to post here since it's not asking for help actually, I already made 2 attempts in the 'News' threads but my post was thrown out :-((( )

Hello everybody,

I am specialized in mapping for Hexen II but some of you kindly offered precious help, advice and even benevolent participation during my mapping process, so I thought you might be interested in having a look at the brand new expansion pack I just released for Hexen II.

Let me glady introduce you my very first mapping work: 'Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey'
Downloadable here:

It is a sequel to the official 'Portal Of Praevus' expansion game (which is therefore needed) which focuses on storyline, puzzles, a somewhat out-of-the-box touch, unexpected revisits of familiar entities and even a light RPG flavour...

Here is just Part 1, it will be a full campaign of about 20 to 30 maps probably, but I'll release it bit by bit over time.

Please don't hesitate to give tons of feedback: very rewarding for a beginner mapper, and will help me to fix issues in the next releases.
(And sorry in advance for the very amateur touch of the architecture and designs compared to the visual awes you're used to)

Screenshots here (if the link works):

(uhexen2.exe is the only known engine correctly handling the mission pack to date, you'll have to put it in your Hexen II directory) 
Inky: I just approved your news submission. I guess all the mods were asleep at the same time, so nobody saw it until now. 
Oh, great! Thank you! 
Teleport Help 
New to Quake mapping and I'm running into an issue where every time I teleport a wizard it telefrags! I have separate teleport destinations per-wizard. I tried adding different relays per wizard with different delays and it still doesn't work. I tried just teleporting one wizard and he still telefrags.

Is there something I'm missing like maybe my monster closet setup is busted? 
Loveschach - is there any chance you've accidentally got two wizards stacked together? 
Teleport Help Cont'd 
Preach - The teleport destinations aren't stacked. Do they telefrag if they're stacked on the other end? There may be slight overlap. 
the trigger_teleports need to be spread apart and the monsters themselves spread out, one per teleport 
Teleport Help Cont'd 
I confirmed with a little noclip and notarget that the teleports will work as long as the monsters don't aggro. For some reason, even though I have the ambush flag set they're always aggroing due to the sounds of shooting. I switched the wizards to ogres and confirmed the same thing happens.

I'm not sure why ambush flag isn't working, is this easily fixable, or if not, is there a way to set an enemy hearing range so I can hack around it? 
The ambush flag not working is a surprise, what mod are you using? Or just standard id1?

I’m guessing the teleported triggers are all next to each other and the awoken monsters are walking into their neighbors teleport trigger. One fix would be confining each one into separate boxes so they can’t walk out of their triggers. 
Teleport Help Cont'd 
I'm using Quakespasm with Trenchbroom, I believe this is standard id1 so I'm gonna say yes!

Putting them in separate boxes is a good idea, I'll try that solution. Thank you! 
Teleport Help Final 
Well, I was looking at the output from the compiler and there were some warnings about empty target properties so I decided to take a shot in the dark and it fixed the issue. So for any future people who might have this problem, there you go! 
Disappearing Doors 
Hi, I'm new to quake mapping.

I was very close to finishing my first map and suddenly my func_doors started disappearing. This isn't just a visual problem, the collision is disappearing as well. I have a lot of doors in my level, is there some kind of limit? I tried different tool sets and the same thing still happens. Any advice would be appreciated. 
Do all doors have seperated targets? It can happen when one of the door initials is not corresponding.
Are there any compile errors? 
I noticed I had some dangling targets then noticed I had a bunch of doors on top of each other that I didn't know about. Deleted the extra doors and it seemed to work, I'm not sure if it was because of the targets or doors. Thanks for the help! 
Teleport Out Of Map 
Hi, Please I have a problem with the map I'm currently working on, it's really strange...
When I get to a certain point the map "teleports" me out of the map in a strange way... I have recorded a video if someone knows wtf is happening...

I have check entirely the log and all its fine

thank you very much!! 
The playable area of a Quake map can't be further than 4096 Quake units from the centre of the world (where the x, y and z axes intersect). When you move beyond that, you see the kind of thing happening like in the video you posted.

Either your map is too big (i.e. bigger than 4096^3), or more likely it's simply off-centre. If the latter, select everything in your map and move it so it extends more or less an equal distance in all directions.

If the map really is too big, there are solutions for that too, but try centring the map first. 
Thanks!!!!!! It works!!!!!!!!!!! Very grateful 
Sorry, I Meant 8192^3 Of Course 
No problem; happy to help :) 
Fun Fact 
Try firing a grenade out of the playable area and the engine will drag it to the opposite side of the level, dragging its particles after it.

Got this in one of my levels now, but unfortunately no way to fix it without rebuilding lots of map :P 
I came upon the same "duce" when I tried to make the fishing ogre walk for several spots.Then it started walking from the side level to the other. No idea how it came back again in an endless loop. 
Vis doesn't ignore func_illusionary, right? Or does it? I'm a little confused by the fact that ericw-tools includes both func_detail_illusionary and func_illusionary_visblocker. I would have thought that one of those would be superfluous. 
Vis ignores func_illusionary the same way it ignores func_wall or func_door. 
Thanks. So what's the point of func_detail_illusionary, then? 
func_detail_illusionary becomes part of the world bsp, like func_detail, so it costs no static entities and is more efficient to render. 
Ah, ok. Thanks for the explanation! 
X Entities Inhibited 
When running a map with "developer 1", what does the warning "[some number] entities inhibited" mean? I understand the "walkmonster in wall", "item fell out" and "exceeds standard limit" messages, but this one has always thrown me. 
Whoops, That Was Me ^^ 
Just A Thought.., 
I think it's like the "no deathmatchplayer" warning, when compiling a map with only a player_start. Something like a maximum entity warning that is obvious. 
The inhibit count records the number of entities which were prevented from loading of their spawnflags and the current gamemode/difficulty. So for example, when playing on easy, any "not in easy" entities are added to the inhibited total, and likewise for "not in deathmatch" when playing in deathmatch mode.

Note that if the QuakeC code removes an entity, that doesn't count as an inhibition. Standard QuakeC removes all monsters from deathmatch, even if they don't have the "not in deathmatch" flag set - but only monsters with the flag count as inhibited. 
Thanks, Preach! 
I'm trying to edit a mdl model in the blender, but whenever I enlarge or stretch a place in a frame, the part of the model that I stretched or expanded in the next frame does not look properly. Is there no way to prevent this? I'm using blender 2.8 thank you 
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