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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Passive Enemy 
it seems a bit antithetical to the kill count to do this, but if I wanted to decorate a part of my map like a scene and have a passive Fiend just standing there, could I easily do this? I am basically looking for a way to make an enemy unaware of a player, as if they are notarget'd. thanks! 
If you're mapping for a mod, cleanest way is to just use misc_model. For vanilla there are a couple of hacky ways.
One is to use a func_illusionary point entity and set its "model" to "progs/demon.mdl", and then "frame" to the desired frame ("53" for a dead fiend). However you'll need to precache the model by using another live fiend somewhere else, and you won't be able to rotate the model.
Another way is to add a regular fiend and set its "nextthink" to "99999999" (see also). It will be frozen in its first frame and will contribute to the killcount, but won't be shootable.
Finally, you can just add a fiend and surround it with a func_wall made of skip. 
also check out this thread for many map hack techniques: 
Clever Ideas! 
thank you both!! 
I just made a passive spawnflag for enemies in progs_dump (unreleased at the moment) but I didn't take into account kill count. This post is a good reminder I need to address this. You can see the commit here if you are curious.

And I do agree that a misc_model is the way to go for mods that support it. The current version of progs_dump has misc_model. 
Glass Pane 
Hi, everyone,

I'm new to the forum and haven't found a search function here, so please excuse me if my question and request have been asked many times.

Can you tell me how I can make a pane of glass in Q1? saw this on a map ... also have a texture for it but i don't know how to use it. simply covering a brush with it does not work because the pane is then not transparent.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Make it a func_wall or func_illusionary and add "alpha" "0.5", tweak from there. 
Wecome, Vanisch! 
Like the previous poster said, you can add "alpha" key to any entity. One caveat that this is not supported in vanilla engines, but pretty much all modern sourceports support it.

We do have a search function, it's in the row of links at the top of the page. 
Thanks so much to anonymous and metlslime.

Oh my god ... completely overlooked the search button up there. Sorry ... 
Message Entity Key 
In the Steam rerelease's Kex engine, entity key messages stay on the screen for several seconds, quite a long time. In Quakespasm Spiked messages are lightning fast. Is it possible to make messages stay on the screen for longer? 
Yes In QSS At Least 
scr_centertime X default is 2 
Anyone know where jug.wad came from? It says the file was created on 10/18/1999. I can't find any information about it but I want to use its textures. It has a uniquely 90s techno-factory feel that reminds me of System Shock. 
Those textures may be from the unofficial Quake II add-on, Juggernaut. Have a look around for some screenshots and gameplay videos, to see if those are the same ones. 
That was it. Thank you. 
There doesn't happen to be a Halo mod hidden in the annals of the past, is there? I ask because I think the halo enemies would make sick quake enemies. 
Breakable Planks? 
I did a search for a variety of terms, but this was a hard question to search. Is there a way to create breakable brushes, like boards that break when smacked with a melee attack? To be honest I can't remember this in any vanilla quake level but I think I've seen it in quake somewhere... 
Kinda Broken 
You can make an brush destructible so that after it takes a certain amount of damage it disappears. It's not very visually satisfying but it's functional. You might have been looking for visible feedback when the object is broken, like little broken chunks to spawn. This is added in lots of mods (including mapping mods like Quoth/AD etc) but it isn't possible in unmodified Quake.

If the very basic disappearing object is good enough, there are two options. The classic approach is to make the plank into a func_wall, create a trigger_once around the plank, then give the trigger a health value and set it to killtarget the func_wall.

It's possible to use a map hack instead, where you set a health value directly on the func_wall, then give it a suitable th_die function. This is especially helpful for creating breakable objects with non-rectangular shapes. If this approach is particularly interesting I can fill the details into the outline. 
most big mods have a func_breakable entity. (for example: rubicon2, RRP, alkaline, AD, quoth.) However, vanilla id1 does not support the feature. 
In Vanilla 
You can make an object into a trigger_button, set the button speed to 999999 (so it disappears as soon as you shoot it), give it a negative "lip", so it completely disappears when shot. Then you can make a point entity of the type "info_notnull", and give it the key "use" with the value "OgreGrenadeExplode", and a "targetname" that matches the button's "target". This will cause an explosion effect when you shoot the button. You can even make some debris, but it won't be animated. You can make a pile of debris into a door, give the door a negative lip, flag it to be toggleable and flag it to start open (and set the "don't link" flag too). Set the speed to be super high, and give it the same 'targetname' as the explosion, so now when you shoot or hit the button, there will be an explosion, and the debris will appear. 
i'll give some of these a try. 
progs_dump has 2 types of breakables. One is really easy and features 32 commonly textures found in Quake and the other allows you to use any texture you need with a bit more set up.

Also we have func_fall2 that allows you to create spinning debris and similar brushes. None of the func fall stuff is intuitive but I have a sample map in the devkit that displays how it's done.

You can see all this on pages 55 and 61 here:

and more info here:

and this video covers both entities and much more 
Misc_model As Func_train In Progs_dump 2.0 ? 
Does someone know a way to move misc_models like a func_train? I tried it with path_corner and path_rotate but it doesn't work. Maybe I've done something wrong. Want to create some Monsters walking like ghosts in the background. 
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