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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

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Ilumination Bugs On My Map 
I'm making a Quake map, and on testing the ilumination on floor looks very rare, I'll provide few screenshoots to show you what I mean:

An idea why happen that and how fix it. Im using Jackhammer. I'll give jackhammer map file to see if there is something wrong on map. 
Those pillars are floating 1 or 2 units off the ground. I would make them touch the ground (or even intersect with the ground).

If you are using current tools then you can make the pillars into a brush entity func_detail_wall, or func_detail, give them "_shadow" "1" as keys/values (I would also give them "_phong" "1" for a smoother shading).

You can also add dirt mapping for baked ambient occlusion - run:
light.exe -extra -dirt

The tools I would use are here: 
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