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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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Make A .lit File? 
Can you use an engine to edit create .lit without the map source and re-compiling?

I know you can make rt lights in DP but I am looking for a way to make a .lit file from existing bsps and hopefully add some colored lights here and there. 
There was a tool made by MH which would automatically generate colored lighting on existing BSPs from the greyscale lightmaps, by using nearby textures for color hints. It does not allow tweaking or editing AFAIK.

Called "MHColour", it's not easy to find. These seem like it: 
Whoa. That's pretty wild. Thanks. Will try this out. 
.ent Approach 
If the light entities are still in the map, could you:

1) extract the entities as plain text into a .ent file
2) add color keys to selected light entities
3) merge the .ent file back into the BSP file
4) run the BSP through a coloured-light aware light.exe tool to generate the .lit

I know there are tools out there that can do steps 1) and 3), but will have to let someone else remember exactly what and where they are. Also worth considering that without knowing the exact light.exe tool and settings used on the original compilation, you may not get exact fidelity when re-lighting the map. Probably can get close with some trial and error I imagine, and in some sense changing the lighting is the objective...

One last worry is that the .lit file may only be compatible with your recompiled map, but not the original BSP file - please don't assume that without testing! 
Thanks Preach 
Good info. Yeah there are quite a few options to extract and "inject" .ent files into BSPs. EntEd, AdQuEdit and Quark to name a few.

Over on Discord Woods made me aware of a commandline option in ericw's tools to extract .lit data from a BSP. I'll be working on this over the weekend so I can report back.

All of this might make it into a video as well. 
Leaking Map 
Hello! I was wondering if someone could take a look at my map to figure out why it's leaking. I've read through the Quake 1 Tool Tips and have tried replacing the broken brush, but it still leaks at the exact same spot, no matter how I change the brush.

The QRK for the map and QuArK's output files (.map, .bsp, .lit, etc.) and a tool log can be downloaded from here: 
Sometimes it's not the leaky brush itself that's the problem, but the brushes surrounding it.

In this case, the brush that the pointfile travels through (the north wall in the nailgun room) looks fine. But there are a few brushes nearby that don't seem to be on-grid, notably the little octagonal recess housing the flame, as well as the cylinders in each corner. If you set your map grid to the lowest setting and zoom in on the vertices, or the points where the cylinders intersect the wall, they don't always line up:

This doesn't always break things on compile, but it can do. Assuming QuArk has some kind of vertex tool it might be worth tweaking them. Moving each cylinder so the center of the brush lines up with the corner of the room might help, too. 
Thank You Rj! 
As the title says, thank you for your response! Once I finish my homework, I will do the changes that you have suggested. One question that I thought of when I read your reply was that QuArK's grid can go below what I assume is 1 map unit, all the way down to .1 units. I was wondering if I should set my grid to .1 as you said ("...set your map grid to the lowest setting...") or to 1 unit. I'm not necessarily concerned about vanilla compatibility, so I'm assuming I should set it to .1 units? 
Apologies, I did not know QuArk's grid went down to .1 units. I would not go lower than 1 unit personally 
Actually I'll expand on that. Where possible, I personally would not go lower than 1 unit for anything structural (or even 2 units, since I spent many years in WC1.6a with that as the minimum grid). That's not to say you can't of course, but it can lead to various issues

I'm sure it would be fine going lower/off grid for detail brushes 
To The Map! 
Thankk you! Using what you have said I will try to fix the leak! Once I finish my assignments it's off to the map! 
does anyone know if is able to export a GLTF or FBX model, with the level textures and lightmap? 
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