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Mapping Help
This is the place to ask about mapping problems, techniques, and bug fixing, and pretty much anything else you want to do in the level editor.

For questions about coding, check out the Coding Help thread:
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What If.., 
Quaddicted had a 37000 downloads of Abandon. 
Textures Not Rending 
I'm working on my first map and suddenly a chunk of my level is not rending textures. This wasn't an issue until now. I don't think it's a vis issue because it happens whether I run vis or not. Any ideas? 
Did you delete the earlier lit file?
Is the wad file in worldspawn updated?
You could check the bsp log file, it says if all textures are in the wad file.

Just guessing. 
Which engine are you using? Also, are the polygons missing entirely, or are they drawn as checkerboards? Or plain white? Does anything visually change as you walk around the level? 
The textures just don't draw at all and I can see through them entirely into the grey void, but only in one specific part of the map. I found that replacing the slime and slimeskip textures in the map fixed the issue, but I couldn't find which brush specifically was causing the problem. I ended up removing all the slime brushes and will recreate them. The weird part is I made no changes to the slime brushes or textures before this started happening, so I'm curious as to why it suddenly started. In any case, I found what was causing the issue and hope it won't happen again when I add the slime brushes back to the map. 
Once Again 
Hello again. I am once again asking for some leak help on my map. Even though I have both the tooltips and rj's grid suggestions (see posts 20903 - 20908), my map is leaking in a new spot, and I cannot figure out why. I've manually forced every vertex on any "see-through" brush and its neighbors countless times, but the leak persists.

Once again, everything that could be needed (.qrk, .map, etc.) can be downloaded here:

I won't be surprised if this is just me being blind, but I don't think it is. 
Searuching. ., 
Here You Go..,

You made the secret entrence a bit complicated.
I used the QuakeLab exploding_wall to simplify it.
Maybe not the best solution, but it works.
Realy take care with lightning. Not smart to use delay 2 on small places with such amount of light, they'll get overlightened.
This because the last part is such a dimm place.

Keep mapping!
You're on the right track. 
I wonder if it's a problem with QBSP handling skip textures -- the missing polygons behavior is what would happen if they had a skip texture on them, maybe it's a compiler bug? If you run into it again you could try a different QBSP or see if there's a command line option to disable skip removal, and see if either of those things makes the problem go away. 
Thank You! 
Thank you so much! Is there anywhere I can find an archive of more QuakeLab stuff? I tried going to the website in the text file, but it seems to be long gone. Any functioning crawl on the Wayback Machine just points to in2net's 404 screen and the crawl database for the site is full of unreachable 4XX errors. 
You're Welcome. 
I made the mod Abandon, based on each map of the QuakeLab.
And yes.., that's all gone because of these files were archived from the Bill Board Service from 1998.
I placed them on Quaketastic and you can find them here:

Happy mapping. 
Non-solid Waterfall Brushes 
I would like to let players and projectiles or bullet patterns ignore certain faces with the waterfall texture applied to them. Is there a cool trick to do this sort of thing in trenchbroom? 
that's the ticket. 
I am having a similar problem and have had no success either. Any update? 
No Prt File Found 
whenever i try to use vis.exe on my .bsp, it says "LoadPortals: couldn't read map_name.prt". It was running just fine a second ago, so what happened? 
or your directory is changed with the last qbsp compiling.
Compile again and see if there are no leaks. 
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