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To Die Or Not To Die?
mangling shakepseare aside, here is a gameplay issue that i was recently thinking about, triggered by a few recent Q1SP maps and comments.

Is it 'better'/more desirable in a given map that

[1] a player should be able to play through a Q1SP map(presumably the principle would apply to any FPS game) on their first go without dying?
how about even on hard skill?


[2] is it ok if there are very hard sections which have a very high probability the player will die the first time(s) and have to save/replay to progress?

My opinion is [2] is a fine (and indeed in some ways preferable) part of the gaming experience, ie the learning curve of the map.

NOTE: [2] should NOT be confused with instant death syndrome, where the player dies unavoidably (ie 100% probability) the first time, which i am sure most can agree is bad map design and annoying.
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i guess i should clarify this is a 'general principle' question, obviously different people's skill levels vary a lot which will affect how many times they may (or may not) die whilst completing a given map.

Also, thinking about it a bit more, i am neutral as to a personal preference for [1] or [2] but i am interested to hear other peoples thoughts. 
Depends On The Map 
If it's a glorious map with intriguing gameplay, I wouldn't mind dying a few times while completing it. If it's a yawnfest with hordes and hordes of hellknights I probably wouldn't bother and just go with godmode instead.

Also note quicksaving and lalalala 
if we speak about q1sp than [2] is fine on 'hard' skill. Though I think there are players (not me) that will manage to survive in a hard situation even the very first time.

But if we speak about fps games in general, then if there's no possibility to save during the level, it's bad.

PS if anyone says that the map I'm working at atm is too easy (when I release it), I'll cut him into pieces. 
I've Always Found 
it to be a bit weird that players would expect not to die in a first person shooter. There are a few shooting gallery and target practice type games out there if you don't like things shooting back at you. 
PS if anyone says that the map I'm working at atm is too easy (when I release it), I'll cut him into pieces.

what about if i say that when i review it? :p 
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