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Concept Art: Need It For Your Mod?
As some of you may (not) know I've gotten back into drawing recently and am on a challenging road to grow and improve as an artist in hopes to become a concept artist.

So what better way for me to get some work/experience/learning by doing concept work for your mod(s) if you need it.

If interested, contact me via

Thank ya.
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If you could do concepts for a space ship/ 3d fly-by video ... 
If you really think some conceptual designs for that would help (i.e. serious), by all means elaborate and I'll see what I can do! 
No No No 
Phait, if you're the concept artist, it's YOUR job to elaborate, not the art director's (aka Speedy).

Supposing you take up Speedy's offer, just draw a spaceship flyby story board and whatever pops into your head along the way! 
Sometimes it's the artist's job, sometimes it's the director's job. 
I hear the urban warfare team needs a concept artist..... at least there you'll know your work will be put to use. 
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