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Request To John Fitzgibbons
hi guys i love this page and i think is very usefull for mapper�s but i whould love to see a forum something like this one...

i kind of forum that u dont have to download 8 mb of text just to see a reply like in mapping help threat... in my case take ages to load :| general abuse most of times dont even open!

sorry for this post is just i try... :) is your page so :) is just a opinion!

P.S->thks for keeping this page up for all this years is very important for Q1 comunity!


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(my large 2cents) 
I wonder if the database was down becuase Trinca keeps loading the entire GA thread!

I'm talking to sleepy about a move, so sit tight. For now he's going to take a look at the php and sql for optimization ideas.

As for thread paging, this is a planned feature. I don't think it will clutter the interface too much.

As for the speed, it seems to have gotten faster in the past week, unfortunately the outages haven't stopped. 
Func In Phpbb Style 
would suck hard. wouldn't be the same at all.
the way it is now, it kind of feels more like a chat room / oldschool, with all the messages in no particular order - which is good.
func vs phpbb could be compared to quake vs nextgen games - the result is clear, isn't it? ;) 
I�m in south america - I�m always here on non-peak times. 
been to a party - forgettin what I want to say.

Bascily keep it like it is . . .

People always complain, its how we are, if it goes on for a donkeys age then fix it - but - why do so many people like this site in the first place? 
I thought that too. And then I thought; could the problems be caused by some evil forum attacks? 
I thought that too. And then I thought; could the problems be caused by some evil forum attacks? 
It's A Conspiracy 
by the g8.. or was it g7? Have you noticed ***** hasn't been here for a while? I bet they've captured him by now. 
This Forum Is The Best 
And it looks the best. And I love it. Please dont change it. Just make it work as before :)
About paging:
I sometimes load the full mapping help thread just to search if there are ready answers to my questions. With paging it won't be posiible I think. 
What are we saying here? (said with much panic in the voice) If I can't load the whole of the mapping thread I will simply... well... jeez, I don't know what I will do!

Don't do it... just... (I feel a song coming on...)

Stay as sweet as you are,
Don't let a thing
Ever change you.
Stay as sweet as you are,
Don't let a soul
Rearrange you.

Don't ever lose
The charm you possess,
Your loveliness, darling,
The way you say yes.

Stay as sweet as you are
Discreet as you are,
You're divine, dear.
Stay as grand as you are,
And as you are,
Tell me that you're mine, dear.

Young and gay or old and grey,
Near to me or afar,
Night and day I pray
That you'll always stay
As sweet as you are.

But give me access to the View All Threads and to the News Archive. 
should be optional in the user prefs if it gets added. I assume it would be easy to implement, but if it is, then a "posts per page" option is required. I like a lot of posts on the same page, since I can then use the inline find function in my browser to find what I'm looking for, rather than trawling through hundreds of pages one by one.

That's all.

Er, expect to say I love func but it's been a bit funced up recently ... BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!


HA! Oh GOD! 
If so many users load complete threads just to search in them, it might be good to implement a search feature, because that would put less load on the web server and database. 
Exactofuckingmundly :D 
Or That 
Yes, a search might be nice.

Search message title or title and text, username, date. Maybe an option to search for posts containing urls too. Display as posts with a link to the thread. 
We'll be having avatars and img tags before we know it. :P 
Use the Google, Luke!

Just add a textbox that injects the entered string into a google search like that. Blammo, instant search. Okay, not in finnish, but you get the idea. 
and not to forget wallpaper-sized signature images! 
I Say 
Bring back the red armor logo, peach text, and cyan links of the original Qboard.

Or put Floyd back in the title! 
cool, that's pretty badass :) 
With The Current 
growing amount of forum spam, I'm more and more convinced that the slowness is caused by bots ... 
not sure... it seems like they have a pretty small presense on the board, compared to human users. Most humans read more than they post. Bots probably don't read anything, so they would really only visit the pages they actually post to. And they've only actually posted about a dozen times this past month. But since i don't really know the behavior patterns of a bot, so this is all speculation.

P.S. I've done a little bit of testing, and it seems to be a database problem rather than a problem with the queries themselves. Not sure though, I'm still probing. 
Let's Hope 
that it's just a matter of optimization. 
If It's Of Any 
help, it appears as if accessibility is a bit window-like, i.e. after a long latency, you have the opportunity to make a few requests. Then it becomes unavailable again for a long time. 
I 'bin comin 'ere for years man...
'bin comin 'ere since before 'ere was 'ere ya know man...

da last cuppla weeks have 'bin the best they have 'bin for a long time...
not perfect, like it once was ya know now...
but once the first page, once she loads man, all subsequent pages are reasonably quick to load ya know...
hasn't 'bin like this for a long toke...

if ya done sumpum, it's a workin' rastas...

keep on peeps, keep the big Q alive!!! 
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