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Quake 10th Anniversary Thread
In honour of Quake's 10th birthday, I give you the Quake 10th anniversary thread!

Celebrate! Tell us your Quake stories... the first time you played... crazy deathmatch moments... your favourite Quake experiences... whatever, there's never been a better time to indulge in a little reminiscence!

What does Quake mean to you? What are your current and future plans for maps, mods, engines, etc? Do you see yourself playing or editing Quake in another 10 years time?

Talk about these issues and anything else Quake related. I expect to see some crusty old-timers come out of the woodwork to reflect on the past 10 years of Quake, but I want everyone else to comment too!
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I turned thirteen the day Quake Shareware was originally released [22nd of June]. :D I was going to release a Shareware Quake celebration map -- but then I didn't. 
i was like 12 when i first got quake... it barely ran on my 486 too. :P

at the time, i though sv_gravity was the best cheat code of all time. 
I never had the computer to run it when it first came out, and I actually got into Quake 2 first around 2000/2001. When I got sick of playing it I decided that I wanted to try and make some maps for it. This wasn't an easy thing for my feeble 14 year old mind, so I sent out a lot of pathetic e-mails asking for help and pretty much the only person who replied to me was a guy by the name of "Rush" who told me to check out both #terrafusion and

I was dismayed at first because most of #tf and Qmap were more into (and still mapping for) Quake, which I had never played before and knew nothing about. So in the interest of actually trying to get help with my maps instead of feedback like "Quake 2 sucks, map for Quake," I made the jump and started checking out the original Quake.

I'm very glad I did because there has been such a wealth of quality custom content compared to Quake 2 and even most non-Quake games. Also, I feel like I learned a lot about gameplay, balance, and what truly makes a game fun from Quake and all of the Quake enthusiasts who continued to play it and map for it.

Today I am making FPS levels for a living and I am happier than I've been in a long god damn time. I doubt I would be here if I hadn't met all of the great people I came to know through the Quake community, and I think that says more than anything else :) 
Played shareware Quake on 486 with the screen shrunk way down. Got to e1m7, and used impulse 9 followed by emptying all cells, nails, and half my rockets into Cthon and he still wasn't dead. He was one tough mofo. At that point I quit to try again later. I dunno when I figured out how to actually beat him. 
I Mentioned In Another Aniversary Discussion 
the first time I encountered the shambler in e1m5. I ran to the moat and dove in like a wee girl, and killed him by pecking shots at him from below. 
First time I played the quake demo, I remember thinking: "this game is ugly, Duke Nukem 3D is so much better!"... Fortunatly, I stopped being a blind idiot somewhere around my second shambler... ;)

Hurrah for quake! \o/ 
Violence Abounds 
I recall being confused that it didnt prompt me for a skill selection in the menu, and that I started with a shotgun.

I also recall being amazed at the explosions, that grenades bounced so well, and that the friggin ogres had chainsaws and grenade launchers!

I have more vivid of memories relating to registered Quake which I got on December 25th 1996, but I dont think that technically qualifies for this thread. 
Happy Birthday To The Q 
I still remember my first Quake session sometime in 97(?) on a friend�s pc, he just turned on god mode and let me play while he was shopping or something, I nearly wet my pants lol

weirdest: just recently played sm82 aka rubicondom, there�s a short part with a platform above lava near the end, and there are NO fireballs coming out of it, yet "something" pushed me off to my doom, and I was not able to reproduce it... 
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