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Mapping Clan?
So the prototypical gaming "clan" gets together for practice, scrims, matches and various other activities. They often have IRC channels to idle in and quite often forums to post in for additional discussion. The impression an outsider would get of gaming clans is that they are a dedicated and hard-working lot striving to complete a set of goals and ambitions.

So my question is; why not have a mapping clan? A mapping clan would not play games, but instead would gather 2 or 3 nights a week to (you guessed it) MAP!

I think some of us mappers out here have trouble setting aside a portion of time, on a consistant basis, to map. If we had a "clan" (a school class of sorts) to report to, we could potentially help boost the amount of content we push out significantly.

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Isn't This It? 
Func_, I mean? There's an IRC channel too!

...except noone here actually bothers with the mapping bit. 
Best Idea Ever! 
i vote shambler for the leader 
Cool Idea 
...but the desire to map comes and goes, and inspiration is an important factor. I assume it would end up feeling more like a job if we had to just sit down and force ourselves to map on a given night even when we might not feel like it. 
:\ i think Blitz said everything... :) i just map at work at home i try to make company to my wife and child, sometimes i play a few online and write some shits in #terrafusion :) so for me at home there isn�t much mapping time! 
Well, thats kinda the point (for me at least). I want to experience what it would be like to map on a consistant basis, whether I feel like it at the time or not. Much like a job in the games industry (or any industry for that matter).

Since it's my (and other potential clan members) ultimate goal to get in the games industry, would not having to map at set times be a good "warmup" for things to come? Just thinking.

I see it as more of a way to help mappers push more content, if thats there goal from the beginning. 
I kinda like this, because I really wanted to have a World War 3 mapping thingie, where basically you make teams of mappers from different parts of the world (like Team UK would be Kell, Daz, and Kinn, as an example), set up various challenges/themes, and let em go. (I personally think Team Russia would win.) Since that will never ever happen, this could be the next best thing. 
Sounds Like You Should Join A Mod Team... 
or gather a few intersted and make an episode or something. 
Sucks To Be Kell 
...getting stuck with those two faeries. 
I don't want to join a mod team. :P

The goal of the clan would be to simply meet and map at a set time and day[s], on a consistant basis. Members of the clan would be free to map on whatever they choose. 
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