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Mapping Clan?
So the prototypical gaming "clan" gets together for practice, scrims, matches and various other activities. They often have IRC channels to idle in and quite often forums to post in for additional discussion. The impression an outsider would get of gaming clans is that they are a dedicated and hard-working lot striving to complete a set of goals and ambitions.

So my question is; why not have a mapping clan? A mapping clan would not play games, but instead would gather 2 or 3 nights a week to (you guessed it) MAP!

I think some of us mappers out here have trouble setting aside a portion of time, on a consistant basis, to map. If we had a "clan" (a school class of sorts) to report to, we could potentially help boost the amount of content we push out significantly.

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I'd come out of "retirement" and together with JPL, we'd own you all. 
I Know 
if it was a popular spectator sport, Jago would be persuaded to get citizenship faster than he can say kissa. :) 
Time For Snide Comments 
Yeah lets speculate about the possible winner of impossible competition

I say you cant really proclaim a winning map if the are both of equal quality - it all comes down to personal taste. Its not a race or football.
But thats a minor problem. The major one - is to get atleast 2 teams (6 ppl?) interested AND commited.

btw thanks for calling my maps 'art' :)
yeah, I know u mean 'screenshots art' :) 
Getting in the industry is easy, you only need to put out a mediocre map and be in a country starved for good talent. (Like me). 
will be fired before next payday. 
For Competitions Sake... 
the mapper with the best attendance will be awarded an Offically Signed and Licensed #levelsource Mapping Clan "Most Dedicated Mapper" Certificate? 
Would That Be Kinda Like... 
the golden ticket and willy wonka? redeemable for one free tour of metlslime's home? im sure there will be midgets... 
Roger That 
and one free visit to Blitz's gay sexor room. 
go map already 
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