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Busting Out The (Valve) Hammer?
I like Worldcraft 1.6a quite a bit, but the lack of quality rotation is a real time killer. I did some experiments creating a cube and copying it and rotating it 180 degrees and recording everything I had to do to make it a mirror image and it was too much work.

I've done some reading on aguirRe's site on all of the features his map compile tools support and basically I am wondering this ...

1. Does anyone know from A to Z everything it takes to setup Valve Hammer for doing a Quake map? I've tried but get very intimidated by the configuration screens.

2. Is there any major disadvantage in Valve Hammer that is a reason to not switch to it from Worldcraft?

3. Not quite related, but at Func_Msgboard some ppl talk about using Wally over TexMex. Is there any reason to do that, I've not heard that tool talked about here.

4. What texture manager is a good fit with the WAD3 format Hammer uses and how do you convert it.

5. Currently I use CZG's fgd for Worldcraft. Will that still work?

If I can get the answers to these questions, I'll aggregate all of this into a tutorial, post it here and anyone can do with it what they wish -- mirror it, modify it to make a better one, whatever -- I'd just like for this information to be available as it seems like it requires a great deal of learning/setup to get things started with mapping and maybe with the information more readily available that would change.
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Is This A WC Bug? 
- I have a map done in WC1.2 back in the day.I have another done in WC3.3 with Qadapter.

- The first map has a button that opens a door. The second has a button that targets a light to turn off.

- The first ap was compiled with the tools that come with WC1.2. The second map was compiled with txqbsp and MH colured lighting tools.

- In the first map, the door dissapears. In the second, the light dissapears, or the light is off at the beginning and turns on when triggered. This can change every time i compile the map even if i haven't touched a single thing.

- Even if i delete all the entities involved into this and redo them from scratch (new entity--inputing the data manually) the problem is still there. haven't tried to change the variables (Ex: targetname ''door1'' for ''poor2'').

- I have seen similar things happening with other entities but less annoying. 
...are you using killtarget instead of target? 
No, No 
And that doesn't explain why it goes and comes back on random when i compile it again. 
You might have to bite the bullet and upload the map file, there's not enough to go on from the symptoms... 
I'll try to get the error to show up again, and upload both a .map and .bsp.

*Distrans, forget what i said in #53. But i want to ask you something: I don't see how using killtarget there instead of target can lead to that kind of error, as the issue is about things that happen when the map loads, not when you trigger those entities. Could you explain, please? 
depends if the killtarget is on the door. doors fire their targets (and killtargets) when they open. 
Hi Cocerella... 
...what necros said plus I assumed (probably wrongly) that In the first map, the door dissapears. In the second, the light disappears happened after the button was pressed. My mistake... 
Case Solved 
While trying to reproduce those issues again to send you guys the files, i noticed which were their causes.

In the case of the WC1.1.2 map it was that there was a hidden triger_once triggering to the door hidden in a secret (the MH one) afar from the door, so that explains why sometimes the door wasn't open and sometimes was. It was hidden near some busy brushes so it took me 17 years to find it.

In the case of the recent map, it was just a case of cross-connected entities, which plagued too my second map for sm175. Since them i stopped placing simmetrical rooms in 0,0,0 
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